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Summer Along Shorelines.
June 19, 2014

Whether it be the shore of a lake, a bay, or essentially an ocean, the New England summer is on its way and accompanying it are a handful of vibrant exhibitions with all the energy of the season packed into their gallery walls. From Cape Cod Bay up to Lake Champlain, art is in the air, the sun and the temperature, so be sure to get out and soak it up.

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The Teeny Tiny Territory at Bowersock Gallery
in Provincetown, Massachusetts June 20th through July 1st

Duality by Cindy Rizza, oil on panel.

Bigger is not always better, just ask the folks behind the upcoming exhibition at Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown. The Teeny Tiny Territory will feature quality art on small canvases, done by four renowned regional artists. "Our goal for our tenth year is to put art in more homes. There is no better way to start or augment a collection than buying small," says Steve Bowersock, curator and co-owner of the gallery, "It's a 'take two, they're small' affair; an art collector's dream." Though exhibitions featuring small works are typically reserved for the winter holiday season, they have always proven to be one of the gallery's most popular, and the reasons to host one at the start of the gallery's season are manifold. Firstly, it is more than fitting to begin the season-long celebration of the gallery's 10th anniversary with one of its most popular formats, explains co-owner and gallery manager Michael Senger. An exhibition like The Teeny Tiny Territory also allows a larger number of people to attend the event and, of course, is more affordable. The exhibit features gallery regulars Cindy Rizza, Donna Baldassari and recent additions Kim Ferreira and Carey Armstrong-Ellis. Other than the size of the canvas and skill of the artist, the exhibited works have little in common; each artist has their own distinct story to tell. These women offer windows into whimsical worlds, dancing bears and pure, sun-drenched nostalgia. The show's criteria is simple, Bowersock says, "Size mattered, but quality trumped. We want to get art in as many homes as we can, but it has to be of value to them." The catalyst behind the exhibition was getting original works into more homes—and size was the solution. The Teeny Tiny Territory will be on view in Bowersock's Middle Gallery Friday, June 20th through Tuesday, July 1st. An artist reception will be held Friday, June 20th from 7-9pm. Stop by and see what you might want to take home with you.

Sponsored by: Museum of Russian Icons, DownStreet Art, Richard Kattman, Boston Sculptors Gallery, artscope Newsstand App, A.R.T. Resource Trust, Maud Morgan Arts, MassArt and Art Night Bristol Warren

Museum of Russian Icons


With Russia in the world news, the new exhibition, Darker Shades of Red offers visitors a rare opportunity to reexamine and analyze the Cold War period through the exploration of the Soviet Union's official government propaganda posters. Strikingly graphic and explicit in its socialist message, the collection reveals the economic, social and political ideology of the Soviet Union from the mid 1940s to 1990. The objects in Darker Shades are drawn from the private collection of Gary Hollingsworth, a Florida art restorer who traveled extensively in the former Soviet Union. The exhibition includes 55 original Soviet posters (with translations) and assorted ephemera like medals and orders, statuettes and factory banners.

Museum of Russian Icons
203 Union Street
Clinton, Massachusetts 01510

DownStreet Art


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' (MCLA) Berkshire Cultural Resource Center (BCRC) will kick off the Seventh Annual DownStreet Art summer public arts festival on Thursday, June 26, from 6 to 9 PM, with the opening of nine new exhibitions, the unveiling of a new, 60-foot-long mural created by Egyptian artist Alaa Awad, as well as pop-up performances throughout downtown North Adams.

Richard Kattman


Join Richard Kattman, Artist-in-Residence at Fruitlands Museum main art gallery, June 29, 2014, 2-4PM for an insightful presentation of abstract landscape painting. A plein air painting demonstration and light refreshments are included in this afternoon spent exploring the intersection of art and nature.

Boston Sculptors Gallery


Ovid's Girls - Boston/Berlin

Artist's Reception: Thursday, June 26, 6-8pm

Talks by the artists, the curator Anette Schwarz, Kelley Bennett (Massachusetts Cultural Council) and the German Consulate General

Refreshments provided by Karl's Sausage Kitchen

First Friday Receptions: July 11 & August 1, 5-8pm

Boston Sculptors Gallery
486 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA
(617) 482-7781

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Renascence at Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery
in Shelburne, Vermont June 27th through August 5th

Waterscape Series #47 by Barbara Wagner, oil on linen.

Creating art is akin to creating life: pumping a blank canvas full of color or giving texture and story to a forgotten object. This is the process that will be taking place at the upcoming exhibit at Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery. Renascence is a group show with featured artist Barbara Wagner, whose artwork is spotlighted above. Wagner is an abstractionist inspired by the orchestration of a painting: the variations of shapes, colors and textures. Though she is often inspired by the world around her—water imagery, textiles, places visited such as the colorful floating villages of Cambodia, the patinas of old Italy or the myriad patterns and textures of Botswana wildlife—it is her infatuation with the process that brings her to the studio. "I love beginning on a blank, white canvas. I work in oil but frequently add bits and pieces of collage, and the two mediums become interwoven on the canvas," Wagner says. "As the painting proceeds, a dialog is established that is on-going and dynamic—a giving and taking, an adding and subtracting—an intimate partnership between canvas and artist, until the painting 'works' and feels complete." The definition of renascence is as follows: the revival of something that has been dormant, which is exactly what's happening in Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery's group exhibition. Alongside Barbara Wagner, Renascence also features seventeen additional artists: Miriam Adams, Bonnie Baird, Annelein Beukenkamp, Cynthia Lee Bowler, Kevin Fahey, Kerry O. Furlani, Betsey Garand, Brenda Garand, Dan Gottsegen, Kate Hartley, Karen Henderson, Julia Jensen, Virginia McNeice, Gail Salzman, David Smith, Frank Woods and Joyce Zavorskas. Renascence is on view Friday, June 27th through Tuesday, August 5th. The public is invited to an opening reception on Saturday, June 28th from 5-7pm to celebrate the start of a breathtaking exhibition, as well as the beginning of the bountiful Vermont summer.

Natural Current: Mountain & Water at Tao Water Gallery
in Provincetown, Massachusetts now through June 26th

Hidden Dragon by Karen Krieger.

The sophistication behind Chinese art traditions often matches the sophistication emitted by their natural subjects: majestic mountain ranges, rolling tree lines, vibrating bodies of water. The Tao Water Gallery will be featuring an artist who marries these sophistications through her contemporary vision, material, experience and technique. Natural Current: Mountain and Water is a solo show featuring the contemplative paintings of Needham artist Karen Krieger. Ancient Chinese painters developed a technique over 1,000 years ago that Krieger herself has mastered quite gracefully—using ink and paper to capture the feeling or spirit of a landscape rather than simply recreating the outward appearance of the mountains, trees, rivers or other subjects. Krieger's paintings mirror the natural visual balance of an empty sky with a full tree line, the mist on a mountain or the simple contrast of dark and light. The focus of the traditional Chinese paintings was not the appearance of the painting itself, but the idea that it transmitted. By integrating the traditions of poetry, calligraphy and painting in the manner of these ancient artists, Krieger's works reflect the soundless poems that brought the feeling of nature onto tangible works of art. "We are very excited to have found such a rare gem as Karen's work, and are looking forward to hosting the upcoming show," says Dian Tong, co-owner of the Tao Water Gallery. "Karen's paintings are very sophisticated, like their natural subjects because the order and rhythm of her work when viewed from a distance, on closer inspection is actually composed of many layers, both with the pigments and Karen's own intellectual and philosophical approach." Using Chinese brush painting techniques combined with western traditions and materials, Krieger lets the ink enjoy the organic flow onto the paper instead of exercising complete control over every brushstroke. The resulting paintings beckon the essence of the natural landscape for the viewer through a modern soundless poem. Natural Current: Mountain and Water is on view at Tao Water Gallery now through Thursday, June 26th. If you'll be in Provincetown within the following week, be sure to drop by the gallery for an exhibition full of meditative finesse.

A.R.T. Resource Trust

August 1 Deadline for Artist's Resource Trust (A.R.T.) Fund

Grants available in painting, sculpture, printmaking, or mixed media to mid-career artists with financial need in New England and Columbia and Northeast Dutchess counties, NY. Non-profit organizations wishing to show, commission, or purchase work by mature artists living in New England may also apply. Grants range from $2,000 to $10,000. Applications and artwork must be submitted through our online grant portal at Deadline August 1.

Maud Morgan Arts


At the Chandler Gallery, Ruth Daniels' "Progression" Springs From Many Sources

When asked what inspires her as an artist, Ruth Daniels answers, "Everything from A - Z inspires me. Art, books, candy, detritus, entertainment, fractals, games, horses, images, Japanese prints, knowledge, labyrinths, magnetic fields, nature, optical illusions, patterns, quilts, rakes, Stonehenge, tools, UFO's, Vikings, wavelengths, x-rays, yarn, Zen." She is also motivated to save the planet: ever since she read Linda Weintraub's Cycle-Logical Art: Recycling Matters for Eco-Art, Daniels has been busy using up her art supplies. "Once this inventory is depleted," says Daniels, "my intention is to make the most of fewer supplies focusing on less is more." Because Daniels won first prize in the 2013 3D Small Works Salon, the results of her past year's inspiration and motivation are now on display at the Chandler Gallery.

"Progression" will be on display at the Chandler Gallery from June 20 through August 1, 2014 with an opening reception on June 27 from 6-8pm.
Gallery Hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 5:00 PM

Preview At


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