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Winter Whether.
January 17, 2013

Whether or not you enjoy the winter months and everything that comes with them, we know three things of winter that everyone is a fan of: the three exhibitions featured below! So bundle up in boots and scarves and make your way to these wintery wonderful shows. If you're looking for the right outfit, check out the brand new artscope t-shirts, perfect for any gallery outing!

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Surface Matters at Brickbottom Gallery
in Somerville, Massachusetts January 24th through March 2nd

Spillway #1203 by Jessie Morgan, 2012, m/m on aluminum.

Whether you believe the surface is the epitome of beauty or simply a layer of it, the artists showing at Brickbottom Gallery in Somerville will show you why the surface matters. Opening Thursday, January 24th and showing through Saturday, March 2nd, Surface Matters will exhibit four mid-career painters who "explore the riches of paint surface and texture from luminous veils of color to earthy layers of crusty impasto." The show brings together artists with distinct visions and perspectives who share an interest in the physicality of paint, a loyalty to abstraction, and a very personal approach to color- a central aspect of all their work. Adria Arch, Ron Brunelle, Jessie Morgan and Diane Novetsky celebrate the tactile, corporeal, sensual joy of applying paint to a two-dimensional surface. The work of Adria Arch is driven by a force: an explosion of shapes, edges, color and energy that suggest boundless limits and spatial expression. Her practice grows out of the tradition of mark making: drawn to the expressiveness found in unself-conscious doodles, Arch finds or elicits drawings from others and uses them as source material for her work. The juxtaposition of intention and chance is alive and vibrant in Rob Brunelle's textured surfaces. Brunelle creates lyrical paintings that stand as evidence of his mastery of skill in pours, drips and heavily painted layers that emerge in shallow relief. Jessie Morgan uses her layered textures and surfaces of paint to lure and captivate viewers, holding them hostage to the organic depths of nature and art. Her repetitive marks evoke natural rhythms and systems and simultaneously reveal a macroscopic and microscopic perspective. With layers upon layers of acrylic-based mediums that echo the gritty character of sand and stone, Diane Novetsky's paintings conjure up notions of imaginary landscapes or the shifting of geological plates of the earth's crust. Her strokes and strata evoke a cyclic rhythm, one that recycles and refreshes itself over time. An opening reception for Surface Matters will be held on Sunday, January 27th from 2-5pm. Make sure to come out and be witness to these abstract creations and their insightful surfaces.

Sponsored by: McGladrey Gallery, Museum of Russian Icons, North Bennet Street School and New Art Center in Newton

McGladrey Gallery


ArtBeyond is a juried exhibition highlighting art therapy. The exhibition will focus on breaking down barriers set by illness and injury through creative expression. A percentage of proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Travis Roy Foundation. The exhibition will be hosted by The McGladrey Art Gallery, Charlestown, MA.

ArtBeyond will run June 10th through September 27th, 2013.

Submissions are due February 25th, 2013.

Visit for more information and entry form.

Museum of Russian Icons


Extended through 4/27/13!

Imaging the Invisible: Angels, Demons, Prayer and Wisdom incorporates 60 icons and artifacts from the Museum of Russian Icons collection depicting uncanny, ethereal subjects and concepts. It includes a mix of new acquisitions and previously unrevealed icons. This unique and creative exhibition is curated by Museum Registrar, Laura Garrity-Arquitt.

North Bennet Street School


Make 2013 the year you do what you love. Sign up now for a workshop at North Bennet Street School. One-day workshops, short courses and weekend intensives in bookbinding, jewelry, calligraphy woodworking and carpentry. Interested in turning your craft into a career? Consider one of the eight full-time professional programs in bookbinding, carpentry, cabinet and furniture making, jewelry making, locksmithing, piano technology, preservation carpentry and violin making. Monthly information sessions for full-time programs.

Learn more at

Makoto Fujimura at Yale Institute of Sacred Music
in New Haven, Connecticut now through March 8th

The Golden Sea by Makoto Fujimura, mineral pigments & gold on Kumohada paper.

Whether you prefer art, music or religion as your form of leisurely relief, the Yale Institute of Sacred Music is combining them all in an original fashion. This winter, ISM will present two overlapping exhibitions showcasing the work of venerated international artist Makoto Fujimura at the ISM Gallery of Sacred Arts in New Haven. Born in the US and trained in Japan, Makoto Fujimura is renowned for his fusion of traditional Japanese painting (Nihonga) with Western painting traditions. His luminous abstractions in metallic pigment evoke the physical and spiritual aspects of nature, grounded in the artist's deep Christian faith. The Four Holy Gospels and the Golden Sea features a collection of paintings commissioned by Crossway Publishing to pay homage to the four hundred year anniversary of the King James version of the Bible. This exhibition spotlights five large abstract paintings Fujimura created for the volume's frontispieces, along with the "initials" designed to begin each chapter. It is within these paintings that Fujimura blends the Western form of devotional painting and illuminated manuscripts with his unmistakably nonrepresentational illuminations. Also included in the exhibition is a new series of large canvases called Walking on Water, as well as Golden Sea (featured above), a milestone work culminating Fujimura's artistic and autobiographical journey. To accompany the exhibition, ISM will offer repeated screenings of the retrospective documentary, also entitled Golden Sea, which offers a profound perspective of Fujimura's bicultural career, his developments in Nihonga and contemporary art and his Christian faith. The Four Holy Gospels and the Golden Sea is on view now through Friday, March 8th, with an opening artist reception tonight, January 17th from 4:30-6:30pm. In February, this exhibition will be joined by QU4RTETS, a collaborative multimedia project based of T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, with works by Fujimura along with figurative painter Bruce Herman, and the music of Yale composer Christopher Theofanidis. QU4RTETS will be on view starting Thursday, February 21st and will close with The Four Holy Gospels and the Golden Sea on Friday, March 8th.

Source at Helen Day Art Center
in Stowe, Vermont January 18th through April 14th

       Featured work by David Hurwitz.

Whether you consider yourself well-versed in the art of furniture-making or just a novice, Helen Day Art Center is hosting an exhibition that is sure to teach everyone a little something about the medium. Source: Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers focuses on the source of all elements that collaborate to make the final stage or piece of furniture. This exhibition of creative fine furniture from Vermont craftspeople maps the origin of materials and the relationships between forester, mill and craftsperson. By emphasizing the connections between a hand-built piece of art and the artist's story, this exhibition also sheds light onto the life-paths of these furniture makers. Who influenced them? Where do they come from? How did they learn the skills they know now? These and many more of your compelling questions can be found behind the artwork and the artists' stories and journeys that make up this show. Featured guild members include George Ainley, James Becker, Hugh Belton, Richard Bissell, Dave Boynton, Tim Clark, Doug Clarner, Johns Congdon, Bob Gasparetti, Erin Hanley, Steve Holman, David Hurwitz, Bill Laberge, Mario Messina, Dan Morsheim, Pete Novick, Walt Stanley and Paul Wilson. Source: Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers is on view Friday, January 18th through Sunday, April 14th. The public reception is set for Friday, January 18th from 6-8pm. So, if you're looking to learn more about your beloved Windsor or searching for some sort of inspiration, you'll want to give this show a good look.

New Art Center in Newton


January 14-February 22
Opening Reception Friday, January 18th, 6-8pm

Curated by AJ Liberto & Kate True
Including the work of: Seth Alverson, Nick Cave, Robert Colescott, Marcus Kenney, Eli Kessler, AJ Liberto, Clifford Owens, Joyce Pensato, Tara Sellios and Summer Wheat.

61 Washington Park
Newtonville, MA 02460

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