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Let the Countdown Begin.
December 6, 2012

With December already underway, we've started our countdown to the end of the year--not because we want 2012 to be over, but because we're excited to see what galleries and museums have in store for the year's end. This blast! gives you a taste of 2012's final exhibitions.

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Christopher Chippendale at Gann Academy
in Waltham, Massachusetts now through December 11th

Selected work of Christopher Chippendale.

Art requires a level of trust, a relationship between the artist and viewer that is held in the highest regard. This means that as the audience, we are trusting that the artist is giving us his most honest instances of perception. Observational painter Christopher Chippendale finds meaning in his search to establish the truth of his experience before a given motif, as registered and expressed through a material language of paint over a given period of time. With that said, his paintings are steeped in perception, reflecting an implicit trust in what his eyes actually see. Chippendale works in a modernist tradition of perceptual enquiry and representation based upon the raw data of sight (optical sensations of color and light prior to the censorial, parsing role of knowledge). It is an approach to painting based more in finding than in making, in perception more than preconception, which gives us a window into his explorations as an artist. As a painter, Chippendale is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, and is represented by Soprafina Gallery, Boston. He has published critical essays on art, curated and juried many exhibitions, and has had a distinguished professional teaching career. Chippendale has also been a member of the Painting faculty at Mass Art for twenty years. Christopher Chippendale: Selected Works is currently on view at the Gann Academy in Waltham and displays thirty-two of his paintings selected from work done in the past twenty-five years. The exhibition will run through Tuesday, December 11th, so be sure to see it soon. Come out and show your "trust" for artists and let Chippendale show you why seeing is even better than believing.

Sponsored by: Concord Art Association and Newport Art Museum

Concord Art Association

The Concord Art Association presents Holiday Originals: Artful Gifts to Give Or Receive through December 20, 2012. Looking for that special gift that's unique yet affordable? Look no further! Paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, handcrafted jewelry, cards, fiber and wearable art are just some of the treasures you'll discover at Holiday Originals - there's truly something for everyone! Free and open to the public Tuesday­-Saturday 10:00am­-4:30pm and Sunday 12:00noon­-4:00pm.

Concord Art Association
37 Lexington Road
Concord, MA 01742
Visit our website for updated info on exhibitions,
classes, lectures, demos, trips and tours.

Newport Art Museum
Basic CMYK
Holiday Workshop
December 7, 6 - 9pm
Make paper ornaments with Lisa May Tobin. Please register. $20 - $25.

A Dickens Christmas Feast
December 7 & 8, 7 - 10 pm
Victorian seasonal merriment. Dinner, dancing, carols, and a classic twist on A Christmas Carol. Tickets $100 - $145.

76 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, RI

All Pi-ed Up at Sharon Arts Center
in Peterborough, New Hampshire December 7th through January 21st

             Pretty & Nice by Eli Epstein, Somerville, MA.

Art as a conversation is not a new concept, but who says we can't remind you from time to time? Through challenges and frustrations often come great works of art, and with them come dialogues and narratives discussing things both new and old. A perfect example of this is the upcoming exhibit at Sharon Arts Center, All-Pi-ed Up: Experiments in Letterpress Broadsides. The exhibition is co-curated by gallery assistant Zachary Green and Assistant Manager Kate Lenahan and will feature artists from the region as well as throughout the United States. All Pi-ed Up will showcase broadsides which began as proclamations of important events and have now entered into the realm of fine art, re-envisioning typographical challenges brought by poet Stepháne Mallarmé and mid-century European Modernist designers such as Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Shwitters-all of whom were aided by master type-cutters who made this art form even a possibility. "To 'pi' one's type is to spill or displace set type intended for print, thus causing frustration and hopefully radical revisions," said Green. "We hope this show will demonstrate that letterpress continues to be a practice of discovery and also a conversation, regarding printed matter as fine art while moving alongside the growing fascination with printed consumer goods--i.e. greeting cards and invitations." The exhibition will run from Friday, December 7th through Monday, January 21st. An opening reception will be held this Friday from 5-7pm at the Sharon Arts Center downstairs gallery, 30 Grove Street & Depot Square. The reception is free and open to the public.

Winter Extravaganza at Hope Gallery
in Bristol, Rhode Island on December 8th

Koi by Lorraine Trenholm, mix media with resin 6" x 6".

Amidst all the holiday traditions and family bonding, December also brings with it a close to the year and final shows at galleries and museums. Before you decide this is something to be sad about, listen to what Hope Gallery has in store for their last open house of 2012. Winter Extravaganza will be held this Saturday, December 8th from 1pm-8pm where they will be merrily celebrating eight years of business and the end to a terrific season. This open house will feature represented artists, as well as invited guest artists showcasing various mediums of original fine art and master artisan works: oils, acrylics, pastels, miniature mixed media paintings with resin, designer jewelry, mixed media figurative sculpture, hand blown glass and hand blown shell glass ornaments, miniature art paintings, pottery and ceramic ornaments, stoneware and so much more that we can't even squeeze into this blast! Hope Gallery is known for its range of fine arts and crafts that reflects its roster of diverse artists. The gallery offers great artwork for an affordable price, something that's hard to argue with, especially this time of year. An example of the quality of work we're talking about is featured above in Lorraine Trenholm's Koi. Her tendency to mix and experiment with materials always produces images that combine light, texture and effects in the most aesthetically pleasing of ways. So if you haven't been able to get anything for the art lovers on your shopping list, Saturday is the day to do it. This way you can make part of your "to-do" list a "to-done" list all while being a part of Hope Gallery's finale to 2012. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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