Spring/Summer 2016
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At the recent annual meeting of the Oregon Community Foundation, Nicholas Kristoff eloquently stated "We shouldn't be pointing fingers, we should be holding out hands..." to support parents in raising their children to fulfill their potential and create healthy communities. At Parenting Now!, this is what we do!
I applaud all the hardworking parenting educators, home visitors, teachers and social workers in our field who work with families.  These are some of the most compassionate, resilient and dedicated people I have ever met.  I especially applaud our families who are courageously going after the support they need to meet their goals for their families.  I'm inspired by these families every day.

In this newsletter, you'll hear about families with the courage to change and the parenting educators who reach out in creative ways. I hope you will join me in celebrating their efforts.  

Lynne Swartz
Executive Director

Parenting Now!'s Healthy Families Program
by Claire Davis, Program Manager, Healthy Families at Parenting Now!
One of the primary goals for Healthy Families is to support the attachment between parents and children in order to build Protective Factors. Protective Factors help make families safe, secure and happy, even when faced with risks and challenges. Protective factors include parents learning about and practicing how to develop a strong bond with their baby. Sometimes small changes in a mom's behavior toward her baby can spark that relationship and make a big difference in how mom and baby grow together. This is one story of a mom, "Diane" (not her actual name), who is making sure her baby has a different childhood than she experienced.

Diane's mother was an alcoholic. Diane was disciplined with a belt. When asked to describe her childhood, she said "painful." Diane spent her childhood alone and tried to stay out of her mother's way. She was removed from her home when she was 17 because of abuse.

One way Healthy Families promotes the parent-child relationship is by encouraging parents to do parent-child activities together. Read more
summerfunSummer Fun With Parenting Now!

Have fun while supporting Parenting Now! at these summer events. 

  • June 8-9: Dickie Jo's Restaurant Fundraiser - Find out more and get your flyer now
  • July 27: Eugene Emerald's Game Gathering for Parenting Now!
  • August 11:  Agrarian Ales Farm Fest
  • Sept 10: Family Scavenger Hunt, a Benefit for Parenting Now!
  • Sept 13:  Ninkasi Pints for a Cause, PN! night

News and Updates

Sustainer Fund: Did you know we have a monthly giving program called the Sustainer Fund? These reliable monthly gifts allow Parenting Now! to respond to the urgent needs of our families and children as they arise. Become a new Sustainer at the $10 or more level before June 30th, and you will be entered into a drawing to win either a Burley bike trailer or four tickets to our Agrarian Ales event in August!

Foundation Update: We are so grateful to the following foundations for recent support of our work: Collins Foundation; Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation; Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation; Ford Family Foundation; Helmstetter Family Foundation; Jubitz Foundation; McKay Family Foundation; Quest Foundation; Umqua Bank Community Giving; University of Oregon Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics; and the Windermere Foundation.

Wondering where our current grants go to? This chart lets you know.

New Staff: Parenting Now! welcomes our newest staff member,  Maren Peterson-DeGroff, Healthy Families Outreach Screener, who started working this spring. 

Ana Maria (right) offers healthy food to Crecer familiescrecerradioProgram Highlight: Crecer Hits the Radio Waves

If you were awake on Sunday, May 8th (Mother's Day) and listening to the new McKenzie River Broadcasting all-Spanish language radio station, 97.7, La Que Buena, at 7 am, (that's a lot of if's!), you heard a voice familiar to many Parenting Now! families -- Ana Maria Dudley, a Crecer Parenting Educator. Dudley and La Que Buena's on-air talent, Lupe Cureno, talked about Crecer, our program for Spanish speaking families, the Program for Young Parents ages 12 - 21, and more. When the 20-minute conversation was over, both agreed there is much more to talk about! Lupe invited Ana Maria to make frequent return visits - stay tuned to find out when the next scheduled interview happens. Many thanks to La Que Buena's Lupe Cureno and Ana Maria for your time and effort to make it happen!

Meet Our Board and Staff 

We'd like to start introducing you to some of our amazing board members and staff. We'll have them answer a few questions so you can get to know them.  

This newsletter we are featuring current Board President, Katherine Gallagher. She coordinates the Lane County Adverse Childhood Experiences Community Education and Engagement Project for Lane County Health & Human Services and has two children, ages eight and ten.

1. When did you join the board and why did you?

I joined the board in January 2012. I was invited following my participation as a community member in a strategic planning process. I was impressed with the board's collaborative approach and deep commitment to ensuring Parenting Now's mission is met. It was an honor to be asked.

2. What's your favorite thing about being on the board?

I am board president this year. This role gives me an up-close view of the unique skills... More

Thank You for Your Support!

Whether you refer parents to us, have joined our Sustainer Fund, shop for us on Amazon Smile, have designated us as an eScrip beneficiary, or are one of our steadfast donors, we thank you for your belief in us and our mission to create a world where all children are raised by nurturing, supportive parents.

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