Bike wheels, pinwheels, the wheels of the bus...Childhood should include lots of happy wheeling.
   Instead, child abuse and neglect can destroy a happy, healthy childhood. In Oregon, children who experienced abuse in 2012 could fill 170 school buses! Clearly, we must do more for our children.
   April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We have partnered with Oregon Community Credit Union and the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon to plant pinwheel gardens around town, beginning with one at Parenting Now! The gardens help the community remember to do our part to prevent child abuse and give our children healthier childhoods.
   Parenting Now! continues to offer parenting groups that address some of the causes of child abuse, including stress and lack of knowledge about child development. Thank you for participating and supporting our mission!
   You may also want to learn more about how to recognize and prevent child abuse. 
   We'll share more information with you throughout April. 
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