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Fall 2013
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Meet Lynne Swartz!
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   Our new executive director, Lynne, comes to us with a background in management, leadership and entrepreneurship, and she is an alumnae of our groups!
   Read more about her, then join us on Friday, Oct. 11, for a reception to welcome her. It will be from 5:30-7 pm at our office, 86 Centennial Loop in Eugene.
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   Here are two opportunities to be ready for any gift giving. You'll be helping  Parenting Now! while you find great artisan items for yourself or others and provide educational toys for children in some of our families. 
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"My husband is a physician. We thought we knew everything parents could possibly need to know about successful parenting. We did not realize how much parents need other parents."
(Anonymous Alumnae)

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   We're pleased to announce the new executive director of Parenting Now! Read about Lynne Swartz in the column to the left.
   Meanwhile, is technology making your parenting easier or more convoluted? In this issue, we look at the ways our families can be helped or hurt by gadgets and connectivity.
Parenting Well Despite (and with) Technology
The popularity of smartphones has been fueled by their instant access to texts, e-mails and the internet. Cell phones are no longer just for talking! Meanwhile, the internet is a wild, wild West.
   What's a parent to do? Child cell phone use
   Here are some resources and research that may help you find a thoughtful path through parenting in this high-tech age.
   More research and commentary pops up online all the time. Parenting Now! will post articles on our Facebook page or you can do a search for information.
TV: Boob Tube or Boon Companion?
TV watching
   Almost every home has at least one television, which means parents need to decide on the appropriate amount of screen time. Are videos OK? What makes sense?
   The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has ideas for children's TV time, plus here's a report on the impact of TV on readiness for school. Also, read this article about making the most of TV viewing.
   3-year-olds who watch two or more hours of TV daily are much more likely to be overweight. Here is information to help parents decide how much TV time is healthy for their children.
Financial Literacy and Technology
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To help your child learn about budgeting and banking, try the useful tips in this article.

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