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The world turned purple this month for a sleeping Prince. We meet a TV composer who offers his key to success and visit a film composer in his new studio. 
Learn what Adele, U2, and Arcade Fire have in common. Recording Industry comes together to play - golf and tennis - save the date in June. We stop by Silver Lake for a tasty break and serve you a special blend of lemonade made by a R&B Goddess.
Join studioexpresso this week in beautiful Malibu where Guitar heroes and their fans gather to eat, drink and play under the sun.  Our goal: Raise a whole lotta friends and funds for good causes.

Thanks for our 24,000 + readers and community of studios, composers, arrangers who create music that lives and moves.  Congrats to all of you who have renewed and enjoying work, industry networking and more.. Renew today. Thank you!

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TV Music Composer Key To Success
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Malibu Guitar Fest April 28-May 1
Lemonade by Beyoncé
SAVE THE DATE: Golf + Tennis...June 20
Meet PlugIn Producers
7X Grammy winning Tom Elmhirst
New Composer Studio in Glendale
Meet Hammond Artist: Scott Sheriff

TV Music Composer Devin Powers 
Keys To Success and ATCs in Powers' Massive Arsenal of Tools

You've undoubtedly heard the music of Devin Powers, even if you don't recognize his name. Powers is arguably the world's most prolific recording artist turned composer for modern television. He's written, performed, and recorded literally tens-of-thousands of songs in every genre and style imaginable for all manner of TV shows. His clients include the pioneering reality show Blind Date, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, and Naked & Afraid, the ground breaking #1 survival show for Discovery along with others for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The History Channel, MTV, A&E, and more. In fact, Powers has had music in over four hundred TV shows over the last seventeen years. He's earned numerous awards from ASCAP, including "Most Performed Television Underscore" in 2006.
The three keys to his success are a limitless wellspring of musical inspiration, the capacity to perform every aspect of his compositions, and the professional tools to nail the sound of the target genre and deliver a perfect mix on deadline.
For the last two years, Powers has relied on ATC SCM25A active near-field monitors to craft those perfect mixes in an enjoyable, non-fatiguing way, day-in and day-out.
Powers didn't start out aiming to be top dog in the world of television underscores. Instead, he was a bona fide rocker; an ace on guitar and vocals, with plenty of chops to spare on everything else. He wrote for and led the Universal Records band The Vents in the 1990s. With top-10 radio hits saturating the airwaves, The Vents toured the USA, opening up for bands like Smashmouth, Matchbox 20, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, and Wilco. Clearly, Powers had arrived. But alas, the vicissitudes of corporate mergers and steely boardroom decisions saw The Vents dropped from the label despite radio hits and an undeniably ascending trajectory.
It was a blessing in disguise. "My goal had never been to be a rock star, per se," Powers said. "I live and breathe music. It oozes out of my pores. My goal was always to make a living making music. I started producing for younger bands when I met up with an industry friend who was looking for an authentic rock guy to write songs for a 'reality TV show.' This was back in 1998, and no one knew what a 'reality TV show' was! He explained the concept, and I thought it sounded like a fun opportunity to sit in one place and write punk, funk, rock, R&B, metal, you name it. I signed on, and it was way more rewarding in many ways than working in the rock world with no touring! In Blind Date's first season, Powers wrote and recorded over 1,500 tracks, and at the end of five seasons, he had 7,000 tracks.
Now eighteen years later, Powers has a group of writers working under him, but his main focus is still on writing, recording, and mixing music for his biggest clients. And he has amassed the resources to be a true master of tone. He has all the guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, microphones, vintage outboard gear, and all the deep know-how to pick and choose among that massive arsenal of tools to get just the right sound for a piece. And he does it at a breakneck pace, often starting with nothing in the morning and leaving eight hours later with several completed mixes of songs he wrote and recorded that day!

"Only the biggest primetime scripted shows master or sweeten the music tracks before they're incorporated into the show. On unscripted shows it's on the composer to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before it goes out the door," Powers said. "I have found that my ATC 25s reveal everything that's going on in my mix, and they do so at any volume. Their midrange is fantastic, and overall, they have the right combination of rock, detail, and punch. And I can listen to them all day and not leave feeling fatigued."

Powers notes that there are a few differences between mixing for traditional music outlets and for television. First, there's no unity volume in TV, so Powers typically mixes in the green, leaving more room for dynamics than you might guess. Second, the effects of low volume on sustained sounds (e.g. synth pads) versus transients (e.g. drums) can wreak havoc with a mix. Although he doesn't want to give away too many secrets, Powers always checks his mixes at low volume on Auratone Sound Cubes. "I listen carefully to the transients," he said. "My mixes have to work well and translate at all volumes."

"I know it's cliché to say, but it's true," he concluded. "The most important piece of gear in my studio is the monitor system. My ATCs are the best overall loudspeaker that I've ever heard."

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.

 For more information on  ATCs contact  Brad Lunde at  www.transaudiogroup.com  or call  702-365-5155.  

Trans Audio Group Introduces the Boutique Analog Compressor 
TransAudio Group, Bettermaker's U.S. distributor, introduced the path breaking Bettermaker C502V at the AES's 139th Convention earlier this year in New York City. Like the rest of Bettermaker's catalog - which in just a few short years has earned numerous TEC, Resolution, and Prosound award nominations and wins, the C502V combines a boutique analog signal path (newsworthy in its own right) with intuitive, musical controls and complete parameter recall and automation from a linked DAW-based plug-in - high-end analog sound paired with a superior digital workflow. The C502V is the first compressor from Bettermaker, although with three distinct VCA flavors in one 500-series chassis, it could just as easily be described as the first three compressors from Bettermaker! Stereo, dual mono, or M/S modes, as well as USB or analog side-chain with adjustable high-pass filtering and "look ahead" functionality expand the C502V's universe of possibilities.

Gate your tracks and unlock your mind with this useful, incredibly innovative and creative tool.
  This incredible plugin does everything you ever wanted a delay to do, as well as a myriad of things you never imagined a delay could.

Trans Audio Group 
Mixing with Brainworx Pan EQs
The New, Optimized Combinations of Center Frequencies Bandwidths designed by Grammy winning mixer/producer Craig Bauer (left) and Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich (right) are making waves with producers.  
According to respected experts this revolutionary panoramic equalizer will forever change the way you sculpt stereo tracks.
Hear what Dave Audé (above far right) Richard Chycki, Adam Collins and more have to say about Brainworx, the pioneering company that created the first
Mid Side equalizer plugin, has once again launched a game changer: bx_panEQ.  Why? These settings span across six genres and 181
modules to dramatically open up the options for source treatment in any mix.
It's like having 181 different 500 series modules, each designed by a top pro for a particular purpose, in your studio rack!  
Listen to producers discussing it
For top bundles from PlugIn click here 
The Brainworx bx_opto compressor combines some of the best colors, character and features from what Brainworx has learned modeling the optical circuits of some of the world's best-loved compressors. With intense experimentation and listening tests, Brainworx has found a way to adjust the compression envelope by allowing users to adjust the speed at which the Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) regains its dark resistance, producing a sonic character impossible to replicate with a hardware optical compressor. Combine that with the sweepable sidechain filter (20 Hz - 20 kHz) and you have a potent way to smash and pronounce your way to a most unique sound.  This responding differently to different input signals (often referred to as "program dependency"), has made optical compressors a favorite of professional engineers and producers for decades. The Brainworx bx_opto not only delivers that musical quality, but opens up new sonic possibilities with its variable speed knob, simulating changes in speed at which the photo cell in an optical compressor reacts to light. This gives you control over release times that shape transients in such a manner no hardware optical compressor can match. Download the 14-day full function demo today to try out this amazing new compressor from Brainworx on your tracks. 

7X Grammy winning Tom Elmhirst Welcomes Aurotone Re-Lauch 
Aurotone 5C SOUND CUBES at Tom Elmhirst's control room  at Electric Lady, New York   
 Mix engineer Tom Elmhirst's high profile projects include mixing Adele's 19, 21, and 25, David Bowie's landmark farewell Blackstar, and Beck's Morning Phase. The list could go on: Amy Winehouse, Arcade Fire, U2, The Black Keys, The Kills. Within the last eight years, Elmhirst has won seven Grammys.
Clearly, he knows how to craft a technically-perfect mix that magically connects the emotional intension of the artist with fans all over the world; fans who consume his work on ear buds, laptop computers, car stereos, hi-fi systems, and everything in-between.
Although he clearly has access to more expensive options, Elmhirst has long relied on Auratone 5C Sound Cubes to help shape mixes that successfully translate. "Having used Auratones all of my career, I was thrilled to see them back," said Elmhirst, alluding to the company's re-launch under the direction of Alex Jacobsen, grandson of the Sound Cube's inventor, Jack Wilson. "They're my preferred near fiel
Alex Jacobsen of Auratone 
d monitor, and I use them every day." 

The TEC-nominated Auratone Super Sound Cube reference monitor is a legend in the recording, broadcasting, and motion picture industries for its unfailing ability to represent mixes as they will so often appear in the "real world" - on small-format, zero-crossover loudspeakers.     
For more information on Aurotones visit  www.transaudiogroup.com  or call  Brad Lunde at 702-365-5155.   

Bettermaker, the Poland-based maker of high-end analog equalizers with plug-in control and recall, earned two nominations: one for the Bettermaker EQ502P 500 series module and one for the Bettermaker EQ232P MKII rack-mount.

Drawmer's 1978 Tone Shaping Compressor, which incorporates different analog character circuitry and variable saturation, and Tube-Tech HLT 2A, which pairs high and low shelving with an innovative "tilt" midrange filter, earned nominations as well. Finally, ATC earned a nomination for the ATC SCM45A, three-way compact near-field monitor with unparalleled midrange fidelity. The winners will be determined by online voting via Mix, Pro Sound News, Pro Audio Review, and Electronic Musician and via professional audio and sound production organizations. 

"All of these nominations go to inventor-owned companies, the kind of companies where innovation is king. We're proud to have these exciting new products recognized with TEC Award nominations," said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. It's easy to imagine that there's nothing new under the sun in the world of pro audio, or that anything new is a gimmick, but that's simply not the case. The sound quality of Bettermaker's equalizers would have earned TEC nominations by itself, but the fact that their fully-analog circuitry can be recalled and automated via a plug-in interface has obvious advantages in a modern workflow. The Drawmer 1978 and the Tube-Tech HLT 2A prove that traditional compressor and equalizer topologies are not the only way to inspire fantastic mixes. Taking a different tack, ATC's SCM45A gives engineers a beefier three-way ATC nearfield with fidelity that ensures mixes will translate outside of the studio. Obviously, we encourage folks to cast their votes for these innovative tools!" adds Lunde.
For more information on Auratones, Bettermaker EQ232P MKII, Drawmer's 1978 Tone Shaping Compressor,Tube-Tech HLT 2A and  ATC SCM45A For the latest info on Tube-Tech contact  Brad Lunde at www.transaudiogroup.com  or call  702-365-5155.

Trans Audio Group  
tag crew
l-r: Richard, Todd, Janis and Brad at Trans Audio Group    
 For the latest info contact   
Brad Lunde at  702-365-5155 [email protected]
TransAudio Group, founded by industry  veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA), ATC Loudspeakers (UK),
Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email [email protected]

Malibu Guitar Festival 
Thursday, April 28 -- 6:30 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.
Opening Night Charity Benefit 
Dinner, Silent Auction and performances by
Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Albert Lee, Robert Randolph,
Randy Jackson, Steve Ferrone and more...
photo exhibit by renowned rock photographer Robert Knight and Maryanne Bilham.
Benefiting Mending Kids, Boys & Girls Club of Malibu and Therasurf.
CASA ESCOBAR   22969 Pacific Coast Highway 
Ticket here 
Friday, April 29 - 9:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. 
Hot Licks 
Featuring RSO with Richie Sambora and Orianthi, and special guest Albert Lee. Additional performers include, Laurence Juber, The Costello Band with Elijah Wood, The Maze with Michelle Wolf, Stone Age and Lyric Dubee.
CASA ESCOBAR   22969 Pacific Coast Highway 
Tickets here 
Saturday April 30, Noon 
Main Festival
Malibu Village 3939 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA
Unbelievable line-up...Kenny Wayne Shepherd (5 time Grammy nominee and  blues player), Robert Randolph (one of Rolling Stone's Top 100 guitarists of all time), The Empty Hearts (super-group with members of Blondie, The Cars, & The Romantics), and more...
Tickets $40-80  kids $20 here

Sunday May 1
, 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
Beatles Brunch 
Sunset Restaurant  6800 Westward Beach Rd, Malibu, CA
Tickets here

 Please visit the main web site for updated schedules
Tix to all 4 days here
General Weekend Pass $70 - Early Bird Special ($150 - Regular Price)
VIP Weekend Pass $110 - Early Bird Special ($200 - Regular Price)

2016 Recording Industry  
Golf Tournament™  
+ Tennis clinic & Tournament
MountainGate Country Club
Monday, June 20, 2016
Registration 10:30 a.m.
Shotgun Start Noon
Come Play!!
For sponsorship information and to register, visit
here  or call Karen Dunn
at 925-708-0307.

July 28-July 31, 2016 · Grant Park, Chicago 
Bands announced for Chicago to-date: Radio Head, Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Snails, Lettuce, Zhu and more...here 

studioexpresso and Trans Audio Presented Production Panelists at 2015 Hot Zone at NAMM 
l-r: Claris Sayadian-Dodge,
Cheche Alara (Latin Grammy Awards,The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Bonnie Hunt Show) 14x Grammy-winning Rafa Sardina (Lady Gaga, Placido Domingo, Calle13), Ellis Hall  "The Ambassador of Soul" (Ray Charles, Boston Pops, Tower of Power) and  Grammy-winning Brent Fischer (Usher, Clare Fischer Big Band, Elvis Costello & The Roots).   
Alex Acuna (Randy Newman, LA Phil).
23x Grammy-winning Dr Al Schmitt (Diana Krall, Paul McCartney, Jefferson Airplane)
 Kenny Aronoff (The Smashing Pumpkins,  Bob Dylan, Uncommon Studios ).


Malibu Guitar Festival
April 28-May 1
For four days starting today, Thursday April 28- Sunday May 1,  Malibu will be taken over by guitars, concerts, charity events, gear swaps, you name it!  studioexpresso is pleased to be a media sponsor at Malibu Guitar Fest 2016.
Line up of musicians at this year's Malibu Guitar Festival include: Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Albert Lee, Richie Sambora and Orianthi, Cocy Simpson, Eddie Money, Randy Jackson, to name a few.  These outstanding performances aim to bring the community together and support local charities.     

Kevin Costner and his band Modern West played with Tom Petty and Heartbreakers' guitarist Mike Campbell and drummer Steve Ferrone last year and raised over $30,000 for Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, Little Kids Rock and the Malibu Special Education Foundation.  

Frontman Robert Randolph (right) was trained as a pedal steel guitarist who makes prominent use of the instrument referred to, in many African-American Pentecostal churches, as Sacred Steel.  Randolph 's family is made up of many talented musicians who all grew up playing together in New Jersey. They collaborate as Robert Randolph and The Family Band. Dancing shoes optional! 
Kenny Wayne Shepherd  (left)
Utter the phrase "young blues rock guitarist" within earshot of anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the modern musical vanguard and the first name they are most likely to respond with will be Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The Louisiana born axeman and song-smith has sold millions of albums while throwing singles into the Top 10, shining a light on the rich blues of the past and forging ahead with his own modern twist
Event producers are Doug DeLuca, co-executive producer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and John Watkin, co-owner of Planet Grande Pictures.
Local producer Matt Diamond is the festival's director of operations.
studioexpresso encourages our community to get out there and connect with some amazing talent this weekend and support good local causes!
Order your Tickets and see you at Malibu Guitar Fest! 

Greg Thompson Named President At Maverick Music 
Founded by Madonna and U2 manager Guy Oseary in partnership with Live Nation,  Maverick Music has brought together globally renowned artist managers such as Scott Rodger (Sir Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire), Shawn Gee (The Roots, Jill Scott) Ron Laffitte (Pharrell Williams, One Republic, Alicia Keys), Clarence Spalding (Jason Aldean), Larry Rudolph (Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears) and Cortez Bryant & Gee Roberson (Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne) with a roster of over 350 artists.  This month, it was announced that Greg Thompson will be the new President at Maverick. As EVP at Universal's Capitol Music Group under Steve Barnett, Greg Thompson oversees sales, promotion, marketing, publicity, creative services and video production, digital planning and production plus strategic research & insight.
Thompson will report to Guy Oseary at Maverick.
Before joining Capitol, Thompson, a respected record industry veteran, was EVP of Marketing and Promotion for EMI Music North America.
He was first hired by EMI as EVP of North America in 2008 after three years as EVP of Promotion for Island/Def Jam.
Prior to this period he held senior positions at Elektra during an 11-year tenure with the label, while his CV also includes stint as SVP of Promotion at SBK Records and Chrysalis Records, where he began his career in 1985.
Thompson's career has seen him work with artists such as Katy Perry, Coldplay, Sam Smith, Beck, 5 SOS, Bastille, David Guetta, Rihanna, Kanye West, Mariah Carey and the Killers.

Pensado's Place Launches STRIVE 
A Multi-format Educational Initiative

Hal Leonard Corporation invited VIP guests on Sat April 23 for launch of STRIVE, an Educational Series, at Pensado' Place in North Hollywood.   Pensado's Place hosts Dave Pensado (left) and Herb Trawick (middle) talked about their shared vision of creating educational content of the highest quality for musicians, engineers and producers.  The official launch is a partnership between Penwick Media (the team behind Pensado's Place) and publisher Hal Leonard. Together they want to bring an innovative new multi-format educational initiative involving high profile leaders in recording industry.
STRIVE Content will come not only from Pensado and Trawick, but also from many other industry leaders, such as The Blackbird Academy, Usher's New Look Foundation, and international engineering, performing and coaching gurus like Kuk Harrell (vocal producer: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, others), Yeuda Ben-Atar (Ableton-certified trainer, Beat Lab Academy founder), Bobby Borg (educator and author) and others. Special guests attended included John McBride, Hal Leonard's John Cerullo and Vincent Berry II (seated far right). Mr Berry who spoke highly of Dave and Herb's support was homeless just two weeks before, until "Sandcastles" the song he co-wrote on Beyonce's new album Lemonade hit the charts this week! Well, how's that for learning to apply your knowledge?! 

RIP Prince
June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016 
The world turned purple for him this month after his untimely death. Niagara Falls fell purple, The I-35W Bridge reigned purple, NASA unveiled a purple nebula, in his honor and Google doodle turned into purple rain moments after he left this earth. Visual tributes poured in for Prince, a true master of imagery.
He gave us Under the Cherry Moon, sign of his name, the way he dressed and played...all so different, all so original.
Prince Rogers Nelson dominated the music scene starting the 70s.  He sold over 100 million records worldwide, won seven Grammy Awards,  a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award.  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.
Prince was innovative and like all good musicians he was a truth seeker. 
He expressed himself fearlessly and it resonated with people. Prince blended sexuality with fashion, spirituality with music. He blended genres (funk, blues, pop, jazz...) with his immaculate taste for musicians, engineers, and studios. Prince was a powerful song-smith, actor, dancer, vocalist, guitar player, producer and entrepreneur.  
Prince set his bar high. When he spoke (softly and on rare occasions), you listened and when he played you were, well, hooked. This intensity translated into his work and his life inspiring generations of musicians and fans alike.

"A sobering week...how fragile life is and how to create with abandon--lessons to cherish from Prince. I remember when he walked into a session, wearing a long cape, as if he was to walk on stage! He cared for his music, image and fans. 
We met when he was working with engineer Susan Rogers in the 90s. Soon 2" tapes (with Paisley Park labels) filled the vaults at Ocean Way. His music moves and lives," says Claris Sayadian-Dodge of studioexpresso.
Prince Fought for Musician Rights. Prince succeeded as an independent artist in the new music paradigm. "Record contracts are just like - I'm gonna say the word - slavery," Prince said as recently as August while speaking to a group of reporters at Paisley Park. "I would tell any young artist ... don't sign."  Prince chose how to distribute his music. This week, you could not find Prince on mainstream services such as Spotify and Apple Music.  Instead, online users could turn to the smaller high fidelity Tidal, where much of his music streams exclusively. You can also purchase his music by downloading it through the iTunes Store or as a physical CD.
Prince Loved Women and Women Loved Prince. From his earliest days, women were front and center with Prince on stage as Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman played guitar and keyboards, respectively, in his band The Revolution. He hired women engineers like Susan Rogers. But Prince's most enduring legacy with women might be in the songs he wrote for them to record. In some cases, his compositions helped land them the biggest hits of their careers, like Sinead O'Connor (Nothing Compares 2 U), Sheena Easton (U Got The Look) and Chaka Khan (I Feel For You).  
Prince Gave Generously. According to Prince's close friend, Van Jones, Prince was a quiet philanthropist. He founded or was major supporter of two organizations: Yes to Code , a national initiative to help 100,000 young women and men from low-opportunity backgrounds find success in the tech sector and Green4All , building a green economy that fights poverty and pollution. 
Prince Received Watch this most memorable Super Bowl performance of Purple Rain by Prince under pouring rain provided by none other than mother nature here .  A giant rainbow appeared in the skies above his Chanhassan, MN home after he passed away there earlier in the day on Apr. 21 - perhaps a sign from the heavens to mourners gathered there.
"The meaning of the word loss has taken on new meaning this day. Thank God, love lives 4Ever," Twitted friend and collaborator Sheila E. "I make music because if I don't, I'd die...," said Prince in a '91 interview with GQ. Our prayers are with Prince's family.  His life was short but full.  Tributes came from Stevie Wonder, Elton John and President Obama among many others who agreed he will be missed deeply. Following the completion of an autopsy, his body was cremated and released to family members. A cause of death has yet to be revealed.  

Prince's Vault 
by Mike Snider of  USA Today - full story here 
Prince and Beyoncé during 46th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2004 

U.K.'s The Guardian last year interviewed several music industry collaborators of Prince's who confirmed an actual bank vault at his Paisley Park studio stuffed with unreleased music. "I would imagine there are hundreds of songs in there," Brent Fischer, who along with his late father Clare Fischer wrote orchestral arrangements for songs sent by Prince for much of the last 30 years, told USA TODAY. "He was absolutely prolific. He would think nothing of recording a hundred songs to get the ten to fit on his next album."
Prince's former manager Alan Leeds told The Guardian last year that Prince said he one day planned on burning everything in the vault. In 2012, Prince posted a YouTube video in which he promised to release "every good thing in the vault" in 2013 -- but that never happened. In addition to arranging music beginning with 1986's Parade album, a soundtrack to the film Under the Cherry Moon, Fischer played percussion in the orchestra on that work. (A multi-instrumentalist, Fischer also performed in the orchestra for Prince and Beyonce's 2004 Grammy performance.)
Prince with Brent Fischer on the stage during
2004 Grammy Rehearsal with Beyoncé
Staples Center, Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 2004  

Photo: Afshin Shahidi   
Right after that, Fischer remembers writing orchestral treatments for what would become Crystal Ball. However, it wouldn't be released until 1999. "We never really knew if a song was going to be released or not. And it turns out a lot of songs were not and we just never heard about them again," Brent Fischer said. "But other people who would hire us (including D'Angelo and Questlove) would say, 'I heard this one,' or 'I heard that one. It was unbelievable.' He was playing them for his friends who came to hang out with him at home."  

I Feel For You

Yes, we are gathered here to celebrate Life.
Still, one can't help to feel the great loss, surrounding the circumstances of his death. Prince performed a concert in Atlanta one week before his passing, last Thursday, and threw a party at Paisley Park on Saturday.
 You can't help to think how his death could have been prevented. How life of a 57-year-old, seemingly healthy individual, could end so suddenly? Can anyone be really prepared? The fact is that there were signs following a series of canceled shows and a reported emergency plane landing for medical treatment. So, what broke down?  
1. Health Care or lack thereof. Given, personal choices rule here, but what type of doctor or hospital would release a patience who has just emergency landed a jet plane for non-responsiveness?
2. Personal Choices. Would things be different if he had a health advocate he trusted.  Lesson may be, always question health experts and research any/all prescription drugs. Get a second opinion. 
Surround yourself with people you trust and accept good advise.  
When you choose to live by yourself, set things up so help can reach you.  Prince had been at the compound alone, found unresponsive Thursday morning in an elevator at Paisley Park. His hard work ethics may have taken the driver seat. Sources say he was battling the flu and had a medical issue on April 15th that forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Illinois. Nevertheless, he appeared at a concert the next day to assure his fans he was okay. 
At his last show, Prince prophetically told the crowd, "Wait a few days before you waste any prayers."
3. Communication. Prince left no will, according to documents filed Tuesday by his sister, Tyka Nelson, in probate court for Carver County, Minn. Prince guarded his intellectual property.  It must have been gratifying to control his song catalog, own his masters and publishing while he lived.  What would have been his wishes? So much talk about unreleased material and Prince's vault. But who will control his estate now? Under Minnesota probate code, his sister, Tyka (also a musician), half brothers and sisters, Omarr Baker, John R. Nelson, Alfred Jackson and Sharon L. Nelson are the eligible beneficiaries, in absence of a will. Prince's fortune (estimated at $300 million+) will come with a hefty estate tax, which is applied to anything over $1.6 million in Minnesota, and, at the federal level, to any estate over $5.4 million. In the case, however, that Prince left everything to charity, the taxes aren't applied. That also means the beneficiary receives full control over Prince's lengthy musical library.
And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give (in Paul McCartney's words).
With respects and gratitude, let it be.  And may all of you who read these lines know that you're magnificent simply because you're here and you're making a difference in our lives more than you know. Thank you.

 Moby's Tasty Little Pine, Silver Lake   

Do more of what makes you happy.  This could be the philosophy of this Vegan restaurant in Silver Lake. For me, it's do more dining out! 
Little Pine
is a cozy place in trendy Silverlake serving organic and delicious dishes The egg salad sandwich is a personal favorite favorite of mine and the coffee is to die for! This is European-casual inspired food with an extensive wine and Icelandic beer list. The restaurant is owned by Richard Melville Hall, better known as Moby. He has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. AllMusic considers him "one of the most important dance music figures of the early 1990s. Moby has also co-written, produced, and remixed music for Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Mylène Farmer,   Britney SpearsMetallica, Soundgarden, to name a few.
As of late, Moby has new music for those of you who like to yoga. "It's quiet music to listen to when I do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic. I ended up with 4 hours of music and have decided to give it away," says Moby who is an advocate for a variety of causes, working with MoveOn.org, The Humane Society and Farm Sanctuary, among others.

Lunch and Dinner menu, and weekend brunch is popular here. Try the smoky flavored, creamy macaroni and cheese! Noise level is just right.  You could carry on a conversation but also not so quiet that you feel you can be heard!
The bread is crusty delicious  (from a local bakery) and the David Lynch coffee gets a thumbs up from Claris who likes supporting organic farmers, plus all proceeds from the restaurant go to animal welfare organizations. "At the end of the day, hopefully we're generating some attention for animal welfare," says Moby. Put this one on your Vegan diner list and enjoy! 

Until next month... life is just a party.
So, eat, drink and play!
Don't forget Mom on Sunday May 8th... next weekend!  I'll be at Malibu Guitar Fest all day Saturday and will be looking for you.
Order tix today!

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Music lives and moves. 
Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Founder I Editor studioexpresso
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Beyoncé Knowles
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For those of you thirsty to hear the female perspective on today's culture, relationships and life, Beyonce serves a special blend of Lemonade, on her new album, out April 23, 2016 by Parkwood Entertainment and distributed through Columbia. 
Lemonade may have been inspired by husband, Jay Z's grandmother, Hattie White. She can be heard on one of the songs, "Freedom", speaking to a crowd at her 90th birthday party (April 2015). During the speech, Hattie says "I had my ups and downs, but I always found the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade."
It seems the R&B chanteuse has done just that with lyrics that deal with pain, revenge and infidelity: "You ain't married to no average bitch, boy..."   Sandcastles is a beautiful love ballad about broken promises.  
Another song Daddy Lesson plays upbeat
first until it c
onjures  Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles (betrayed the family's trust through philandering).    Twelve songs are sprinkled with pointed lyrics and heavy themes, but she comes across emotional, intense but sincere.
Her collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, Jack White and The Weeknd offer mash up of experimental electronic music, reggae, dance hall, rock, blues, and country. Inserted is a sample of Andy Williams's pop gem "Can't Get Used to Losing You," a throw back to the '60s vibe. This is a "visual album." It was first presented to the public as an hour-long art film on HBO, available for streaming on the Tidal platform and now it's being widely released.   Much like a short film, you remember the imagery and each time you watch the film, you find new hooks.  Cameos from Serena Williams, Amandla Stenberg, Zendaya with Veteran music-video mavens Jonas Akerlund and Mark Romanek, Parkwood creative director Todd Tourso, ascendant visionaries Melina Matsoukas and Kahlil Joseph make up the film's dream team. Visually, it shows the strength and beauty of black women, mothers, daughters, friends, and superstars. 
Beyoncé tells her story of how women (and specifically, black women) are always treated with disregard in this country. But, it's as much about triumph where out of darkness comes strength, growth, self-respect, and forgiveness. 
Expect explicit Lyrics. The "Formation" world tour will begin April 27.

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ATC SCM45A 3-way compact near-field monitor  

 "ATC founder, Billy Woodman, and his team of R&D engineers never tire in the pursuit of perfection, and our request for a smaller monitor has led them to develop the SCM20PSL Pro MkII, based around the ATC 6.5-inch "Super Linear" LF driver with integrated midrange, utilizing the same ATC developed SL technology used in our larger nine-, twelve- and fifteen-inch based monitors," says Brad Lunde of www.transaudiogroup.com 

Ben Lilly of ATC 

Brad Lunde with Dave Hill 

Tom Elmhirst (Adele, David Bowie, Amy WInehouse)


Subwoofer Pros Join Trans Audio Group
NAMM 2016 
The folks behind TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of boutique, high-end, professional audio recording equipment have filled an unmet need in high-end control rooms for music and film.

Primed for its first public appearance at Winter NAMM (January 21 - 24, Anaheim, California), SUBWOOFER PROS  provides subwoofers with best-in-class bass response and functionality for mission-critical recording and mixing environments. Subwoofer Pros' first two products, STUDIO 12 and STUDIO 18 use a 400W integrated amplifier to deliver precise linear performance down to 8Hz at SPLs of 105dB and 113dB, respectively. A comprehensive set of inputs, outputs, and bass management protocols allow both subs to optimally integrate with an enormous range of existing professional monitoring setups.   Learn more here 


250 W Duarte Rd. Suite B Monrovia, CA 91016

The Sound . The Soul . The One 
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 Featured Hammond Artist 
Who Plays With Scott Sheriff?
Carrie Underwood, Kenny Loggins, Steven Curtis Chapman
Sheriff Plays Hammond SK2 

Scott Sheriff studied Music Production and Engineering, as well as taking voice and piano lessons. "I sang with the Gospel Choir, and played in various shows put on by my college as well as student recitals," says Sheriff who serves as keyboardist/vocalist in Carrie Underwood's band since June 2015. "It has been a thrilling ride and a blessing to work with such great people," says Sheriff who
moved to Nashville in 1989.  While waiting tables and working in a bank, Scott recorded demos for people which helped hone his production skills and put food on his table. Later he landed a job  as a full-time producer/engineer for McSpadden Smith Music Publishing where he began playing with the Christian band Allies, featuring Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas, who would later author a little tune called "Butterfly Kisses." "That opened the door to audition for Steven Curtis Chapman in 1992, and I have played in his band on several tours with him," says Sheriff. 
In 2006, he began playing shows with Kenny Loggins and became his full time Music Director and keyboardist from 2007-2010.  While working with Kenny, he was introduced to David Foster's music supervisor, and invited to his team of engravers for David's records and live shows. "If you're attending one of David's live shows, chances are they are playing one of my transcriptions. Kelly Clarkson's Musical Director is another one of my repeat engraving clients," says Sheriff who 
"I have even dabbled in songwriting and have had cuts with Christian artists Bryan Duncan and Kim Boyce," he says.
Add traveling to teach and play for various worship conferences and seminars, and Mr Sheriff has a busy life that includes creating
Classic Tribute Bands (CTB), a Nashville music collective dedicated to developing top notch tribute shows like Eaglemaniacs (a tribute to Don Henley and the Eagles) for Convention, Casino, Theater, Club, Festival, Fair or other private events.  
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2016 Recording Industry
Golf Tournament™ Details Announced

Recording Industry Golf (RIGT)  will be held Monday, June 20, 2016, once again at MountainGate Country Club, with the shotgun start at 12:00 noon. This year's event is enhanced with the addition of a tennis clinic taught by a Country Club pro as well as a tennis tournament, catering especially to non-golfers. 
The RIGT is again being organized by seasoned event producer Karen Dunn of KMD Productions, LLC and will support the music program at A Place Called Home, a dynamic community center and safe haven in South Central Los Angeles where underserved youth 8-21 years old are empowered to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives through programs in education, arts, and well-being.
Recording veterans Ed Cherney and Al Schmitt will return as Honorary Co-Chairs for the afternoon's festivities.
Dunn is now accepting participation entries, whether as sponsors, golfers or both.
In addition to the 18 holes of pristine golfing, the day will include a $1 million shoot-out opportunity, a Hyundai hole-in-one giveaway, a hole-in-one Harley Davidson motorcycle giveaway, great food, putting contest, a silent auction and raffle, a reception and awards dinner, and more. The picturesque course, designed by legendary golf course architect Ted Robinson, is centrally located, not far from downtown L.A. The course features beautiful views, a driving range, putting and chipping greens, and much more. Dunn and the industry veteran Rose Mann-Cherney will be driving the "world famous tequila cart" to make sure all of the day's participants are playing their best.
Considered one of the best competitive tennis venues in the L.A. area, MountainGate Country Club boasts 16 pristine courts that will be put to great use as this year's RIGT.  
The list of confirmed sponsors include the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Audio-Technica, Bartels' Harley-Davidson, Bob Hodas Acoustical Analysis, Clyne Media, Hyundai, JBL, Music Connection, Record Plant, Slate Digital, studioexpresso.com, The Recording Studio Insurance Group and United Recording, Lurssen Mastering with more being added. Hyundai will once again be taking two players from the winning foursome to their Hyundai National Invitational.

"studioexpresso is pleased to support a good cause as media sponsor, our 5th year in a row!  I'm specially excited that Karen Dunn has added tennis clinic and tournament to June 20th golf tournee. Hands down, one of the year's best Modays to hang with recording and music industry friends," says Claris Sayadian-Dodge. 
Please don't miss the opportunity to become a sponsor or simply register to play/attend here https://2016rigt.eventbrite.com, or call Karen Dunn at 925-708-0307.   

GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends

This is the first time The Recording Academy has celebrated the Special Merit Awards with a stand-alone event and musical tribute. The concert took place on Saturday, April 23, at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.  Paying homage to the multifaceted and uniquely talented producer/businessman was six-time GRAMMY winner and fretboard virtuoso Ry Cooder, Chicago bluesman GRAMMY nominee Henry Gray, and Cajun music jewels and GRAMMY nominees Magnolia Sisters." GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends" is produced in partnership with THIRTEEN as part of the "Great Performances" series on PBS, set to air later this year.
This year's Lifetime Achievement Award honorees were Ruth Brown, Celia Cruz, Earth, Wind & Fire, Herbie Hancock, Jefferson Airplane, Linda Ronstadt, and RUN DMC. John Cage, Fred Foster, and Strachwitz are Trustees Award honorees; and EMT and Dr. Harvey Fletcher was Technical GRAMMY Award recipients. Also  honored is Phillip Riggs, this year's recipient of the Music Educator Award™.
A production of THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET, "GRAMMY Salute To Music Legends" was written by David Wild and directed for television by David Horn, with Mitch Owgang as producer, and Horn and Neil Portnow as executive producers.
Don Was listed as music director.

Congrats to Republic Record's The Weeknd
The Weeknd swept this year's JUNO Awards with five big wins and you guessed it,
he won't mind!

Elbo Studios, Glendale, CA
studio bau:ton has completed tracking and scoring space for renowned film composer,
Theodore Shapiro

From the upbeat, jazzy sounds of The Devil Wears Prada to the jungle-adventure send-up of Tropic Thunder and the sentiment of last year's hit Marley & Me, composer Theodore Shapiro has consistently delivered memorable music for some of the funniest movies of the past five years. But in a corollary to the old acting bromide "dying is easy, comedy is hard," Shapiro steps gingerly when adding music to the antics of a Jack Black, Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson: "If you're ever making a gesture that gives the audience permission to laugh, you have to be very judicious with it," he explains, "because the worst possible thing you can do is to push the comedy too hard." 

Tracking and scoring space includes two isolation booths and an adjacent control and mix room, as well as a main writing and composition room with its own recording booth for the project's owner

The new film music composition facility occupies a former industrial warehouse near the Metro station in Glendale, demanding excellent soundproofing and vibration controls.
A second music composition suite and several smaller production rooms complete the build- out. The smaller half of the building houses an archive of film scores, while another section of the building is set aside for future expansion. The entrance courtyard, lobby and lounge, and its kitchen area were designed in collaboration
with Barbara Bestor of Bestor Architecture.

The main tracking room and its piano booth are treated with perforated maple panels and a main gypsum wall with a diffusive pattern. The floating concrete slabs are polished and the remaining wall and ceiling areas are treated with absorptive fabric surfaces. A large drape can be pulled across the back wall to adjust the acoustic properties and area rugs are used to customize the floor reflectivity.

studio bau:ton is a division of nonzeroarchitecture founded by architect Peter Grueneisen, FAIA
celebrating over 25 years of cutting-edge media facilities design

April 28-30
Visit The 11th Annual ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO  full conference schedule 

There's nothing like hearing a song you love from the person who wrote it! Our favorite:  
"All About That Bass," "Lips Are Movin," "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life," "Wordplay", Songwriter, Producer
Kadish who co-wrote "All About That Bass" with singer Meghan Trainor says he made just $5,679 (£3,700) from 178 million streams of the song.

Other quotes from the Expo 
"In this era of streaming platforms, I feel compelled to speak out on behalf of a new generation of artists who are not being treated or compensated fairly."
"YouTube is paying out about a sixth of what Spotify and Apple pay artists....YouTube is hiding behind this safe-harbor loophole. That is allowing them the freedom to not take care of artists."
--Nikki Sixx 

Little Pine
2870 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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