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 Let It Glow! Laura Dickenson (above) sings "Let It Snow" arranged and conducted by Brent Fischer at Capitol Studio A, Hollywood this month. The Big Band featured stellar LA musicians with Gabe Moffit at the console. But, you have to wait until 2016 to hear the album!

With every studioexpresso eZine I write, I think of all the good music and friends -- YOU, our readers and members!  May your days be merry and bright filled with love, music and peace.  While Studios, east to west, are filling up with last-minute projects, hope you are making time to enjoy holiday parties, sweets and family/friends.  This month our sponsors are offering a cool deal every day through Dec 25!  No time like now to stock up on toys for your studio and fill up those stockings!  studioexpresso has a stellar line up of producers at NAMM 2016. Be sure to mark your calendar.
Happy and Safe Holidays from all us - Awaken the force & Celebrate!  
As always, big thanks to our 24,000 + readers and studioexpresso's community of studios, composers, arrangers who create music that lives and moves.  Congrats to all of you who have renewed and enjoying work, industry networking and more.. Renew today. Thank you!

In This Issue
Ruffin Sessions at East West
It's Christmas at Capitol!
14x Grammy Winner Sardina on the Cover
Win A Deal A Day through Christmas!
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Hammond Corner: Visit New Showroom in Monrovia, Cali

Tracking at East West 2
Ruffin Sessios featuring Kenny Aronoff, Rafa Sardina and Andrew Spence

L-R:  Kenny Aronoff, Chris Ruffin, Rafa Sardina, Andrew Spence and Fabian Fernandez at East West Studio 2

Chris Ruffin, Andrew Spence and Belinda Capol are the songwriting team who bring many years of experience to create an album that smells like a big release. "Writing a great song is really an art. Chris brings us the initial idea and then the team expands on it and refines the lyrics," says producer Andrew Spence about the debut by Ruffin. "The sound has a great rock vibe and is really high energy, think Jimi Hendrix meets Jimmy Page meets Miles Davis!  I wanted to keep the album, raw, organic and somewhat under produced to capture a live vibe and showcasing Chris's amazing guitar chops on his array of vintage guitars, amps and cabs," says Spence.  Hammond organ B3, vintage keys and background vocals complete the sound. "Chris's voice can be gruff and sensitive all at the same time and is very unique. His guitar playing is fiery and exudes his own energetic guitar techniques that he has developed over the years," adds the producer. 
The line up on the album is first class--  enter the Uncommon studios' Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins, John Mellencamp) on Drums, Fabian Fernandez on Bass, Andrew Spence on Keys/Trumpet.   Grammy-winning engineer Rafa Sardina (Elvis Costello & The Roots, D'Angelo, Lady Gaga) helmed the sessions at East West. "After much guitar and vocal tracking at my studios with some great mics (m160, Peluso P49, U87i, Rode stereo room mics) Neve and UAD mic pre's we moved on to drums and bass at East West studios engineered by the amazing Rafa Sardina helping us capture the vintage sound that we were looking for on this album," says the producer Spence.
"Rafa had a great handle on using the fantastic array of vintage mics (like the Neumann  M50) and equipment working in the infamous  studio 2. A real treat and great acoustics," says Spence.

Innovation Keeping Good Company at Abbey Road
Abbey Road Studios where ATC SCM25A Pro monitors  are housed in the control rooms needs no introduction.  You could say this historic rooms have the pulse on innovation and cool gear.  Did we say Pulse? Recently Pulse was demoed at Abbey Road.  You can use it as a 3D music controller which can be a DJ scratch deck, control a lightshow or be used as a musical instrument.
The company behind the device, Titan Reality, is the first start-up to join Red, Abbey Road Studios' music technology incubator program.
BBC Click's Spencer Kelly finds out more.   
watch Pulse on BBC Click here!  

ATC too is a story about innovation. It's about one man named Billy Woodman, who spent his young working life as an engineer working side by side with the greatest speaker engineers of his day. Billy would go on to found ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company in England, to try and keep the ideas and the inventions coming when the rest of the industry decided it wanted to cut costs instead.

For more information on  ATCs contact  Brad Lunde at  or call  702-365-5155.

Drawmer 1978 As Christmas Giveaway!
Enter between now and Dec 22

"Winner will be announced on Christmas eve," says Brad Lunde of Trans Audio Group. Below, how to enter to win.
1. VISIT Drawmer on Facebook or @DrawmerPro on Twitter and "LIKE" the Giveaway post.
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That simple. Good luck! 

Trans Audio Group Introduces the Boutique Analog Compressor 
TransAudio Group, Bettermaker's U.S. distributor, introduced the path breaking Bettermaker C502V at the AES's 139th Convention earlier this year in New York City. Like the rest of Bettermaker's catalog - which in just a few short years has earned numerous TEC, Resolution, and Prosound award nominations and wins, the C502V combines a boutique analog signal path (newsworthy in its own right) with intuitive, musical controls and complete parameter recall and automation from a linked DAW-based plug-in - high-end analog sound paired with a superior digital workflow. The C502V is the first compressor from Bettermaker, although with three distinct VCA flavors in one 500-series chassis, it could just as easily be described as the first three compressors from Bettermaker! Stereo, dual mono, or M/S modes, as well as USB or analog side-chain with adjustable high-pass filtering and "look ahead" functionality expand the C502V's universe of possibilities.

Plug Me In

Über-standard, PlugIn Alliance supports all major plugin formats and unites some of the best-known international audio companies under one roof. Now, just in time for holidays, PlugIn Alliance is offering deals from their major brands to include accusonus, Brainworx, Chandler, elysia, ENGL, Lindell Audio, Maag Audio, Millennia, Noveltech, ProAudio DSP, SPL, Unfiltered Audio and Vertigo...
Every promotion starts when a new day starts in New Zealand, and they end it when the day is over on Hawaii!  "It´s the only way we can make sure everybody can make use of every deal. No matter where he or she might be, or what time it is on that day," says Matt Ward, Plugin Alliance, CEO. So, check this link twice and pick today's deal!

The roster of elite engineers and producers joining the PlugIn Alliance network is growing rapidly. GRAMMY Award winning mixing engineer, Craig Bauer, Khaliq Glover (Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake) and Rafa Sardina  (Calle 13, Placido Domingo, Lady Gaga - watch interview here) among them.
Now bx_console introduces a new paradigm in analog realism, Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT), which models individual component tolerances.

Plugin Alliance invites you to experience bx_console running on various systems and controllers, and witness the plugin's ability to map to various Avid console controllers, such as the Pro Tools | S6 and Pro Tools | S6L.

Sandman 1.1 and G8 1.2 now with major upgrades add AAX native and VST3 format support, a redesigned preset menu, touch automation in Apple Logic Pro, as well as other bug fixes and enhancements: 
G8 1.2 Dynamic Gate ($69 MSRP) adds native AU sidechains, a new Dark UI mode and improved waveform drawing. While its interface is unintimidating, G8's functionality far exceeds  that of a  standard noise gate. It can perform polyrhythmic beat slicing, AM/granular synthesis, MIDI instrument triggering or fractal auto-panning and tremolo. With four-channel output and complex in-DAW routing, it can even split the amplitude of a single source to route to different tracks.
Sandman 1.1 Delay ($49 MSRP) makes its Dry/Wet mix a lockable parameter and adds a Ping-Pong delay mode and a Kill switch. This deceptively simple plugin starts with all the essentials of a host-synched delay. Then the Sleep button throws your audio for a loop, freezing it and repeating it based on the delay value. From there, synch-able LFOs, a variable sample rate, loop reversal and other parameters send you on a wormhole ride of endless sonic possibilities.  


Trans Audio Group 

Edy Lan
Multi-award winning composer and arranger Eddy Lan has worked internationally in diverse areas of music to include film, concert, advertising, and arrangements for pop and rock albums.
Lan who is a classically trained composer, has received numerous awards to include Best Music for Orchestra, and the prestigious International Antonin Dvorak Composition award at  Competitions in Prague. 
His music scores have appeared on feature films to include:   The Bohemians (adaptation of Puccini's La Boheme in contemporary New York), a film currently in post-production with Placido Domingo; Isaac Ezban's film, THE INCIDENT (won over 10 awards worldwide) Edy was nominated in the "Hollywood Music In Media Awards" in Los Angeles. for his work on the The Incident.  CANON directed by Mauricio Walerstein and "The Güeros's" BEHIND THE POWER  and "Los Parecidos/The Similars the latest Isaac Ezbán film soon to be released. 
Mr Lan's album credits include arrangement work for Antonio Orozco's double platinum album "DOS ORILLAS" and Argentinian band TAN BIONICA's álbum "HOLA MUNDO" with music producer and engineer and 14x Grammy winner Rafa Sardina.  Read more here 

Ross United With Top Players

Pictured in United Recording's Studio B are Jim Keltner, drums; Jim Cox, keyboards; Tim Pierce, guitars, arranger; Ying Tan, producer Michael C Ross engineer, producer; Wesley Seidman, assistant engineer; Vanessa Fernandez, artist; Chris Chaney, bass; Charlie Bisharat, violin. (not pictured Luis Conte, percussion. Photo by David Goggin.
Top engineer/producer Michael C Ross (Christina Aguilera, David Sanborn, Pussycat Dolls, Lisa Loeb, Queen Latifah) returned to United Recording for a pure analog audiophile project experience, recording to 2-inch tape, which will be mastered by Bernie Grundman to lacquers cut through a Vintage Neve desk direct to the lathe.  Recording artist Vanessa Fernandez is covering a selection of Led Zeppelin songs performed in mostly "unplugged" acoustic arrangements, with a few hard rock surprises. Tim Pierce, the guitarist/arranger of Fernandez's debut album "Use Me" is providing the guitar and arranging honors.  
LA-based session musicians include Jim Keltner on drums, Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction) on bass, Luis Conte (James Taylor, Santana, Eric Clapton, Al Di Meola) on percussion, and Jim Cox on keyboards. The Groove Note Records album will debut in 2016 at Munich High End in Europe and domestically at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach.

TEC Awards are on Sat January 23  
Four Trans Audio Designers Recognized For Innovation
When it comes to gear design and performance Tec Awards recognizes innovative features and solid sound quality.  Four of the manufacturers distributed by TransAudio Group have earned NAMM's 31st Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award nominations.
Bettermaker, the Poland-based maker of high-end analog equalizers with plug-in control and recall, earned two nominations: one for the Bettermaker EQ502P 500 series module and one for the Bettermaker EQ232P MKII rack-mount.

Drawmer's 1978 Tone Shaping Compressor, which incorporates different analog character circuitry and variable saturation, and Tube-Tech HLT 2A, which pairs high and low shelving with an innovative "tilt" midrange filter, earned nominations as well. Finally, ATC earned a nomination for the ATC SCM45A, three-way compact near-field monitor with unparalleled midrange fidelity. The winners will be determined by online voting via Mix, Pro Sound News, Pro Audio Review, and Electronic Musician and via professional audio and sound production organizations. 

"All of these nominations go to inventor-owned companies, the kind of companies where innovation is king. We're proud to have these exciting new products recognized with TEC Award nominations," said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. It's easy to imagine that there's nothing new under the sun in the world of pro audio, or that anything new is a gimmick, but that's simply not the case. The sound quality of Bettermaker's equalizers would have earned TEC nominations by itself, but the fact that their fully-analog circuitry can be recalled and automated via a plug-in interface has obvious advantages in a modern workflow. The Drawmer 1978 and the Tube-Tech HLT 2A prove that traditional compressor and equalizer topologies are not the only way to inspire fantastic mixes. Taking a different tack, ATC's SCM45A gives engineers a beefier three-way ATC nearfield with fidelity that ensures mixes will translate outside of the studio. Obviously, we encourage folks to cast their votes for these innovative tools!" adds Lunde.
For more information on Auratones, Bettermaker EQ232P MKII, Drawmer's 1978 Tone Shaping Compressor,Tube-Tech HLT 2A and  ATC SCM45A For the latest info on Tube-Tech contact  Brad Lunde at  or call  702-365-5155.

 Trans Audio Group  
tag crew
l-r: Richard, Todd, Janis and Brad at Trans Audio Group    
 For the latest info contact   
TransAudio Group, founded by industry  veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA), ATC Loudspeakers (UK),
Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email

Join us at NAMM!
Presented by TransAudio Group, PlugIn Alliance & studioexrpesso
co-moderated by Brad Lunde &  Claris Sayadian-Dodge

Sat Jan 23, 2016 
Prior to Tec Awards 

2-3 PM

Engineering Forum: Orchestrating A Jazz Session +Recording Techniques

Curt Bisquera (Sarah McLachlan, Lana Del Rey, Josh Groban)
Brent Fischer (D'Angelo, Elvis Costello & The Roots, Clare Fischer)
Al Schmitt
(Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Diana Krall)

3-4 PM 

Production Forum: Big Releases: Follow your Timeline, A&R and Budget!
Peter Asher
(Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Steve Martin & Edie Brickell)
Larry Klein(Joni Mitchell, Melody Gardot, Herbie Hancock)  
Rafa Sardina (Placido Domingo, Estopa, Katherine Jenkins)   

studioexpresso and Trans Audio Presented Production Panelists at 2015 Hot Zone at NAMM 
l-r: Claris Sayadian-Dodge,
Cheche Alara (Latin Grammy Awards,The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Bonnie Hunt Show) 14x Grammy-winning Rafa Sardina (Lady Gaga, Placido Domingo, Calle13), Ellis Hall  "The Ambassador of Soul" (Ray Charles, Boston Pops, Tower of Power) and  Grammy-winning Brent Fischer (Usher, Clare Fischer Big Band, Elvis Costello & The Roots).   
Alex Acuna (Randy Newman, LA Phil).
23x Grammy-winning Dr Al Schmitt (Diana Krall, Paul McCartney, Jefferson Airplane)
 Kenny Aronoff (The Smashing Pumpkins,  Bob Dylan, Uncommon Studios ).


Designing An Album Cover

Jess Severn, Art Director and Lead Designer at Scooter Braun Projects. SB Projects manages some of todays biggest artists, notably Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Who is Fancy.
How she landed a dream job at SB projects and what it takes to make it as a freelancer?

Severn spent several months freelancing out of her parents' home post-graduation and  put together a portfolio of her work. "Late one night I found a junior designer job
listing on a website and somehow managed to muster the energy to submit the application around 1am. And thank God for that--I heard back from the company the next day, moved up to LA for the position two days later, and have been with SB Projects ever since. Two years later, I am now the art director and lead desi
gner for the company," says Severn. First project at SB? 
The Justin Bieber Believe movie poster.    

Recently Jess worked on "Purpose" (left) with LA artist Retna on board brought by  Bieber's manager Scooter. "My work involved taking the cover artwork and creating a full set of album packaging and graphic looks for all external media, based on what I'd been doing in the album cycle prior to this, and including the
Retna-type styling's," says Jess who spent all-nighters project managing teams and elements. "Tough, but ultimately the work I'm most proud of in my career so far. I mean, I got to hand paint/hand write the entirety of this album and the surrounding cycle--and even create a typeface out of my handwriting. I'm stoked," says Jess Severn.  She also worked on Tori Kelly (right) with an entire year of lead-time coming into the artwork execution. "I knew what I wanted her album look to be based on a number of conversations with her, and she was super on board with the concept when it was all laid out. I prefer to keep the overall aesthetic unified for each album cycle, so while posters/singles/albums won't be identical to each other, they should look like they came from the same family," adds Ms Severn.

Hillary Win!
Presidential candidate and former secretary of state, U.S. senator, and first lady Hillary Clinton was chosen by her classmates to be Wellesley's first student commencement speaker. Delivering a fiery speech about coming of age in the era of Vietnam and the struggle for civil rights, got Hillary a profile in LIFE magazine. After college, Hillary spent a summer working her way across Alaska, washing dishes in Denali National Park and sliming salmon in Valdez-removing guts from salmon with a spoon. She was fired when she pointed out that some of the fish being packed for processing looked like it had gone bad. Did you know she won the 1997 Grammy for best spoken word album for the audio version of her book, It Takes a Village (while she was first lady)?  It's easy to see why Hillery wins!

RIP Scott Weiland
October 27, 1967- December 3, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots (STP) toppled such mega bands as Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses on MTV and the Billboard charts. Lead singer Scott Weiland (also with Velvet Revolver) became an iconic front man in the tradition of Mick Jagger, and David Bowie. Weiland, 48 was found dead on his tour bus on December 3, 2015 in Bloomington, Minnesota, the day before he and his band The Wildabouts were scheduled to go on stage. 
Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, calling Weiland one of three "voices of the generation" alongside Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. We recommend Not Dead & Not for Sale , a hard rock memoir, insightful, and at times humorous with extraordinary narrative force. Our thoughts and prayers are with Scott's family, friends and fans around the world.

"I see Love, like art, as an obsession."
--Scott Weiland

Bring on the Red

Roger Smith's Bump City Red Wine for The Holidays

Tower of Power keyboardist Roger Smith has incorporated his lifelong passion for music and wine by celebrating with his inaugural release of BUMP CITY RED, a select RED BLEND from the premier Sonoma, California wine region.
Since 2008, Roger Smith and his longtime friend and business partner, Mike Smolich, have been making wine under the "Four Couples, Eight Friends" and "Jazz Rosco" labels. Their mutual love for sharing their wine with friends inspired them to open BUMP CITY WINE CO.
Our Sonoma County red blend seeks a harmony of varietals including  Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah. Grown in Sonoma and Mendocino County from lots specifically hand-selected by our winemaker Carolyn Craig for their quality and character.
The ripened grapes were hand-picked and de-stemmed with a portion of the whole berries left intact, fermented with inoculated yeasts, and pumped over daily. After completion of fermentation, the wine received a short extended maceration and was gently pressed. Malolactic fermentation followed pressing and the wine was then transferred to French and American oak barrels for aging. The wine was then racked multiple times, yielding a delicate balance of silky fruit and oak complexity.
Bump City Wine is custom crushed at Larson Family Winery, Sonoma, CA.
This Sonoma County red is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah. Aromas of clove, cinnamon, cedar and plum give way to soft red fruit, blackberry, cherry and currants with soft tannins, dark mocha, cranberry, vanilla and hints of fresh ground black pepper. Enjoy with BBQ, pasta, and pizza.

Bump City Red or Pinot Noir $29.95 Save when you become a Club member! Merch too, yeah!


Coming to a Theater Near You!

Holidays Spell going to movies and this year, there's many Oscar contenders.  
Straight Outta Compton has been the runaway sensation of the year. A two-and-a-half-hour cultural time capsule made for a $29 million budget, the film has gone on to gross over $200 million worldwide so far. Neil Brown Jr., Aldis Hodge, Jason Mitchell and O'Shea Jackson Jr. star in Straight Outta Compton. One of the original members of N.W.A. and an iconic figure of American music, Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) is a producer on the film with  F. Gary Gra directing. The film is a tribute to Eazy-E, who dies of HIV at the end of the film. Like the music, the film is about art reflecting reality. Inspiring slogans like "I got somethin' to say," "You got to stand up," it's story of a group of determined artists overcoming adversity and changing the landscape of music. Kendrick Lamar (To Pimp A Butterfly), D'Angelo (Black Messiah) and The Roots (Wise Up Ghost) are doing the same by putting deep cultural impact, above awards and charts. Those are the albums under my Christmas tree!  

The force has awakened for Star War lovers. When Kathleen Kennedy became Lucasfilm's president (she reports to Walt Disney Studios chair Alan Horn) back in 2012, Disney bought the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas for a cool four (4) billion in cash. They then announced plans for new "Star Wars" film  to come out every two to three years. Fast forward 2015 and voila, it's The Force Awakens.  It is expected to open in 4000 theaters and play on 10,000 screens. Starting with the day of release, the film also has dibs on every IMAX screen in the U.S., for a month.   You could say the force is with Walt Disney Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Iger for  landing deal of a lifetime.    

May the force also be with you, this month and throughout 2016.  
Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas! 
Until next year, surround yourself with Light, Love, and Music.

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Until next year, Safe and happy New Year!
Music lives and moves. 
Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Founder I Editor studioexpresso
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14x Grammy winner Rafa Sardina is on the cover of Guitar Center Pro Magazine this month.  Sardina will be featured at TecTracks during NAMM on Sat Jan 23 (see Calendar section for details)

 Big Congrats to D'Angelo & The Vanguard for Black Messiah
"Really Love"
Record of The Year
Brent Fischer, Arranger
Rafa Sardina, Engineer

Full list of Nominations here

A Blue Note Records
Worldwide Release
#1 Radio Single Japan
(Strike Your Light)
#2 iTunes Rock Album Chart Japan
#14 Top 20 UK Album Chart

He dresses the part, he sings the part and he dances the part. He's Vintage Trouble and I want him to come to my party!  Vintage trouble is raw blues,  soulful Marvin Gaye meets gospel James Brown energy and he's made in Los Angeles, California. 
Earlier in the year VT released an EP,  "Swinghouse Acoustic sessions" (pluggin Taylor guitars) They have played 100,000+ stadiums opening for AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and more... After four years of being on the road, the band has amassed enough songs to go in the studio with legendary producer Don Was (The Rolling Stones;  Bob Dylan; Roy Orbison; John Mayer;  Elton John; Bonnie Raitt). The result is their new album,  '1 Hopeful Rd.' with single "Run"  out on August 14th on Blue Note Records . If you've lost someone dear to you, you'll dig "nobody told me," it makes you pick up the phone and tell people who matter to you, how much you love them.  
watch Vintage Trouble at Glastonbury 2015 here


What Numbers Say?
"25" continues to break sales record both in the U.S. and abroad. Adele sports first week album sales of more than 3 million
She holds another U.S. sales record - 21 is the only album in history to be the top-selling album for two years. It was the best-selling album of 2011, with sales of 5,824,000; and it was also the best-selling album of 2012, with sales of 4,414,000.

Congrats to Leslie Ann Jones!

Producer of the Year, Classical
 Leslie Ann Jones recorded at
Skywalker Sound
Tempo do Brasil
solo & chamber works
Marc Regnier, guitar

Tacy Edwards, flute
Natalia Khoma, cello
Marco Sartor, guitar
Volodymyr Vynnytsky, piano

Grammy® nominated classical guitarist Marc Regnier has won the attention and respect of critics, producers, and musicians for over three decades as a performer, recording artist and educator. He has been described as that of "a master of his instrument" and "a musician of intelligence, lyricism and subtlety." Since his concert debut at the age of fifteen, Regnier has performed and given master classes in major series and festivals in Canada, South America and throughout America from San Francisco to several solo performances at New York's Carnegie Recital Hall. Mr. Regnier has had the privilege of working with Grammy winning and nominated engineers and producers in his numerous recordings. This is his first release with Reference Recordings
Regnier is joined on this album by world-class musicians and dear friends Marco Sartor, guitar, Volodymyr Vynnytsky, piano, Natalia Khoma, cello and Tacy Edwards, flute. Tempo Do Brasil is In produced by six-time Grammy® nominees Marina and Victor Ledin, and engineered by multiple Grammy® award-winning Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound.
In Marc Regnier's own words: " My goal was to include repertoire that demonstrated the various styles and moods of Brazilian music. It was also important to showcase the versatility and beauty of the guitar as a solo and ensemble instrument. Naturally when selecting classical repertoire of Brazil, Heitor Villa-Lobos' music is usually at the forefront. He is described as "the single most significant creative figure in 20th century Brazilian art music". The challenge here was to present music that is not over recorded, which is impossible when speaking of Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, Villa-Lobos' most famous piece and a must to include in this CD. Laurindo Almeida, Sergio Assad, Paulo Bellinati, Radames Gnattali and Baden Powell are all prominent Brazilian composers and performers, with Assad and Bellinati very active on the international stage today."
Marc Regnier is currently Professor of Guitar at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, and lives with his wife, Jane, and their many cats.

Reference Recording Category may not get top attention, but that does not mean the music is not superb.
RR's latest nominations include Best Engineered Classical for Saint-Saäns' Symphony 3, "Organ," an audiophile demo blockbuster which both men recorded as a team, and both Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance and Best Classical Compendium for Nadia Shpachenko's Woman at the New Piano, on which both men did post-production. A fourth nomination, Producer of the Year, Classical, goes to the venerable team of Marina A. and Victor Ledin for three RR and RR "Fresh" recordings-Dances For Piano & Orchestra (Joel Fan, Christophe Chagnard & Northwest Sinfonietta), which both Johnson and Martin recorded; Tempo Do Brasil (Marc Regnier) which Leslie Ann Jones recorded at Skywalker Sound, and on which Johnson did a fair amount of post-production work; and Woman at the New Piano. Others nominations are Best Orchestral Performance for Bruckner: Symphony 4 (Manfred Honeck, conductor; Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra); Best Choral Performance for Paulus: Far in the Heavens (Eric Holton, conductor, True Concord Voices & Orchestra); and Best Contemporary Classical Composition for Paulus' "Far in the Heavens" from the same eponymous Paulus album.

  GRAMMY®-nominated pianist/composer/arranger David Benoit and GRAMMY®-nominated vocalist Jane Monheit continue their synergy from 2 In Love to create Believe, a Christmas album full of holiday favorites that will inspire and warm the heart throughout the holiday season. Renowned jazz flautist, Tim Weisberg and The All-American Boys Chorus are featured on the album as well. Also congrats to David who played on "The Peanuts Movie," which has just been nominated for a Golden Globe in the Animated feature film category!
Catch DB on Dec 19,  Christmas Tribute to Charlie Brown (order tix) with Special Guest Jane Monheit at Carpenter Performing Arts Center

bx_refinement's intuitive controls let you adjust various aspects of the sound with ease. it combines several characteristics found in ultra-musical tube-based equipment to give you an effective tool that is easy to operate with  precise visual feedback. The Harshness Control allows you to eliminate unpleasant high frequencies from complex signals and mixes.


Brainworx bx_opto Pedal Simplified
Version of BX Opto Comp FREE until July 22nd then $49. So don't miss out!


PlugIn Alliance announces Accusonus ERA-D, The first restoration Plugin that simultaneously removes noise and reverbration with patented single or multi-channel joint de-noise and de-reverberation plugin
ERA-D is the product of 10 person-years of R&D and comes after more than 30 scientific papers and technology book chapters.   
Available now in AAX native, VST2, VST3 and AU formats for Mac OS 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or 8, ERA-D will change your view of audio restoration for $299 MSRP, distributed through Plugin Alliance. All Plugin Alliance products are available for fully-functional 14-day demos from a single downloadable installer. Watch the demo here





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ATC SCM45A 3-way compact near-field monitor Gets A Tec Award Nom

 "ATC founder, Billy Woodman, and his team of R&D engineers never tire in the pursuit of perfection, and our request for a smaller monitor has led them to develop the SCM20PSL Pro MkII." The ATC SCM20PSL MkII is based around the ATC 6.5-inch "Super Linear" LF driver with integrated midrange, utilizing the same ATC developed SL technology used in our larger nine-, twelve- and fifteen-inch based monitors.

Ben Lilly of ATC 

Brad Lunde with Dave Hill 







David Bock has now captured the sound of the vintage Neumann U47 tube microphone in the new Bock 407. As with Bock's other products, TransAudio Group will distribute the Bock 407 in the United States.  





at Church Keyboard Center

The Sound . The Soul . The One 
The Hammond  Corner 
250 W Duarte Rd. Suite B Monrovia, CA 91016
watch here 

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Free Leslie Studio 12 with XK-3 package

Come check out this powerhouse package, suitable for studio, stage or worship center.  We'll throw in a Leslie Studio 12 (a $1,495 value) when you purchase a complete Hammond XK-3 package (includes bench).  Please call Nelson at 909-599-7899 to schedule an appointment to audition the XK-3
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Free Hammond Accessory Pack
with SK1-73 or SK-2
These Hammond accessory packs include an EXP-20 expression pedal, cables and a Hammond cap (a total value of $300)....and lots of space in the backpack for your stuff, including a laptop computer.  Free with purchase of an SK1-73 or SK-2 during the month of December, 2015.

Featured Hammond Artist    

Peter Keys (L) with Gregory Gronowski, National Sales and Hexx Henderson (R) at NAMM. 
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Alfred Wertheimer
Elvis Presley Reading His Fan Mail, 1956
Silver Gelatin Photograph
16 x 20 Inches   
Available at Fahey Klein Gallery

Phil Stern
Frank Sinatra, Capitol Records, Hollywood, 1956
Silver Gelatin Photograph
20 x 16 inches
Available at Fahey Klein Gallery  

Win TIX to Grammy Museum at LA Live
 Sinatra: An American Icon
through Feb 15, 2016
simply write to us with your
best Sinatra greeting!

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