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Summer is here...time to take your session to an exotic studio destination featured in Expresso 7    We've made it easy for you to plan your work +  holiday in style! 
Summer spells Music Fests and we've got three! Two is released by a new artist. Come visit a historic studio where good vibrations were recorded. View a new studio where two hit-maker producers 
play. We go on the road to learn about a new kind of Hollywood studio, discover new gear and music. Listen to why Hi-Res is always better. Listen to a buzzworthy artist and meet a diva on the rise.  

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Where exceptional Acoustic Spaces and Good Vibrations Meet ATCs   


Many stories have been written about the pivotal role that EastWest Studios has played in the history of modern music. Located in Hollywood, California at 6000 Sunset Boulevard, the facilities opened in 1957 as Western Recorders, became Ocean Way Recording in 1985, Cello Studios in 1999, and finally EastWest Studios in 2006.  Frank Sinatra's My Way, The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, and Michael Jackson's Thriller are among the countless high-profile recordings at East West.  

In fact, the studios have produced more Grammy-winning recordings than any other studio in the world. However, the story of EastWest Studios is also one of technical innovation. Many of today's modern recording practices can be traced back the studios' founder, Bill Putnam (Sinatra's personal engineer).

Bill completely overhauled the studio when he first acquired it, converting it from a radio broadcast center. Putnam is widely credited for inventing many of the essential modern recording techniques and technologies, including the recording console, multi-band equalization, and artificial reverberation. Under the banner of his manufacturing company URIE, Putnam designed the still-ubiquitous LA-2A and 1176 compressors. Putnam's genius carried over to the design of the studios' live rooms, which he considered his crowning achievement. In 1985, Putnam sold the studio to engineering marvel Allen Sides (Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, and so on), who not only maintained all that Putnam had built, but introduced new technological advances.


Visionary producer and Renaissance man Doug Rogers purchased the facility in 2006, almost surely saving it from the wrecking ball. Rogers is best known for founding EastWest Sounds, the pioneer - and the unassailable leader - of professional-grade sample libraries. Rogers spent three years renovating the space before opening it as EastWest Studios in 2009. "Doug left the acoustics of the live rooms alone, and most of the vintage gear remained, including Studio 1 and Studio 2's Neve consoles," explained Candace Stewart, manager of

EastWest Studios. "Studio 3 needed a new console and after a lot of research, Doug replaced it with a vintage Trident 'A' Range. In addition, he upgraded the ancient electrical infrastructure to hospital-grade and repaired much of the wiring in the control rooms. It was a huge undertaking."


Meanwhile, famed French designer Phillippe Starck completely redid all of the studio's lobby, artist lounges, and added a state-of-the-art kitchen. He redesigned the structure of the hallways to promote more interaction between artists, producers, and engineers. "Creative cross-pollination is one of the things we're happy to promote," said Blake Rogers, EastWest's chief marketing officer. "We love hearing stories of old friends bumping into each other on the way to the bathroom - 'Oh, you're here! Come check out the song I'm working on!' And the next thing you know, they're working on each other's tracks. It's a real source of creative inspiration."

One puzzle that Doug Rogers faced was what monitors to put into each of these legendary control rooms. Doug did his research. He talked to all of his respected industry contacts, and ATCs kept popping up among the favorites. Rogers ultimately decided to install ATC's largest monitor - the ATC SCM300ASL. "The ATC monitors have served us very well," said Lawrence Malchose, chief engineer at EastWest Studios. "We've had them in place for nearly a decade and they've been flawless. They satisfy the needs of our very diverse group of clients and genres. In addition to rock and scoring work, we now get more hip-hop, R&B, and EDM. Across the board, and without exception, people come away commenting on how much they love those monitors!" EastWest Studios also makes ATC SCM150ASL and SCM25A mid-field and near-field monitors available to clients upon request. And as Stewart noted, "Doug has a personal pair of SCM25As just for himself!"  

Now six years after opening its doors to outside clients, EastWest Studios is bucking the industry trend toward project studios and suggesting, perhaps, that the pendulum is swinging back to a more sensible middle ground. "The advantage of booking at EastWest is that we give our clients the ability to do things they simply can't do in their home studios," Stewart said. "First and foremost, the acoustic spaces we have are the best in the world. Many people have tried to replicate Bill Putnam's acoustic designs, to various degrees of success, but there's an intangible perfection in the rooms that Bill built at 6000 Sunset. Like Studio 3 for example: it's smaller than the other tracking rooms, but it's where the Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds and the Mamas and the Papas recorded all their hits. The room has some sort of magic in it. Vocals just sound amazing in there!"

"More and more, people are realizing that there's just no substitute for a great acoustic space," added Malchose. "And they're also realizing that there's no digital substitute for a great front-end signal path. A lot of young engineers and producers have struggled with plug-ins their entire careers trying to replicate the results that come naturally with a world-class microphone fed through world-class preamps on a world-class console. Then they come here and boom, it sounds fantastic. Another realization that folks have is that 'vintage' does not mean, "obsolete." We maintain all of our vintage equipment in perfect working order and interface it with the latest Pro Tools technology. So we've got fifty-year old consoles in perfect shape working in conjunction with the latest digital technology."

Stewart concluded, "We feel fortunate to be the curators of a fully-functioning museum. We feel protective of the spaces and the gear, and we're so pleased to be contributing to the modern music industry. We want to provide the services, creative infrastructure, and proven technology that will make our client's music better. We take that responsibility very seriously."


For the latest info on ATCs  contact  Brad Lunde at  www.transaudiogroup.com    
702-365-5155. For booking info at East West Studios, call
Candace Stewart 
(323) 957-6969 

Join TransAudio at the  139th AES Convention on October 29-Nov 1,  at the Javits Convention Center in New York.  Booth 3132 in the main exhibit hall!    

"Once again, we'll have a unique assortment of audio gear from some of the top manufacturers around the world and a well-informed staff to answer all your audio-related questions." says President Brad Lunde. 






Plug Me In

Beatport Remix Contest Winner
Brazilian producer duo, Gui Arruda and STIW like to use bx_digital V2 when correcting something in a master.
Winners of Beatport's Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS "Gold Skies" remix contest,
Arruda  works in Logic  Here's an exherb from a PlugIn Alliance interview where he talks about his hometown, Itu, Brazil known for its DJs at the Anzuclub 
"My creative process is based on how I'm feeling when I'm working, or what feeling I would like to convey through my music. I start with the main melody, I spend a lot of time creating song parts parts on piano, and after that I start with the beat. I like to make everything work together. For example, my hi hats need to fit with the melody etc... We've just finished producing 3 tracks together, including Gold Skies, and these productions were all very collaborative. Read more here

PlugIn Alliance just released the AllBundle V3.3. As always, customers can try every plugin with a fully functional, 14-day demo through a single download.  Each plugin works in AAX Native, AU, VST2 and VST3 formats. Avid Pro Tools HDX users also can enjoy 34 of the products in AAX DSP format.  "It's so exciting to bring our customers quality brands like Chandler, elysia and Brainworx, providing world-class studio processing and guitar sounds," says Plugin Alliance CEO Matt Ward.  All Bundle V3.3 supports the vid Live Sound System, and all of its plugins run on Mac OS10.6 or higher and Windows 7 or 8, 32- or 64-bit.  Customers can pay off the AllBundle in 12 monthly, interest-free installments. Existing users receive credit for previous Plugin Alliance purchases toward the All Bundle cost, and they can upgrade as future plugins come out for a reasonable price.
Starting at $49-up and available here  


If you've already downloaded your free bx_opto Pedal, you're already entered in the drawing; if you haven't redeemed your voucher yet, click here to get your free plugin and your chance to win!  
First prize: All Bundle V3.3 | MSRP - $3,335
Second prize: 100% BX Bundle V2.2 | MSRP - $1,299 
Third prize: 100% elysia Bundle V1.1 | MSRP - $599

Winners will be announced by August 1st, 2015.


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The roster of elite engineers and producers joining the PlugIn Alliance network is growing rapidly. GRAMMY Award winning mixing engineer, Craig Bauer, Khaliq Glover (Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake) and Rafa Sardina  (Calle 13, Placido Domingo, Lady Gaga) among them.  full PlugIn Alliance interview with Rafa Sardina here 

ATC SCM20PSL Passive 2 Way Monitors in studio G, Brooklyn where Puss N Boots perform "Don't Know What It Means 

" was recorded live  





MSRP: $1,825.00
The Drawmer 1973 is now shipping.

Ivor Drawmer, veteran designer and manufacturer of boutique high-end audio processors, has earned a 2014 Resolution Award for the new Drawmer 1973 three-band stereo FET compressor. The Drawmer 1973 benefits from Ivor's deep, thirty-plus years of experience building best-in-class signal processors and is unique in its combination of three critical attributes: its controls are remarkably easy to use, its price is low, and its sound is, of course, beautifully musical. "The Drawmer 1973 multiband compressor is the kind of tool that mix and mastering engineers will find so useful they'll wonder how they ever got by without it," said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group, Drawmer's U.S. distributor.  


For the latest info on ATCs or Drawmer contact  Brad Lunde at TransAudio Group 702-365-5155
Trans Audio Group 


The Dream Asylum 4
Danja and MS Lago    


Two of the contemporary music scene's most prolific hit producers,
Nate 'Danja' Hills and partner, Marcella Araica have added a cutting edge, Walters-Storyk Design Group  - WSDG recording studio to their  N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars) label. Recognized for their work with artists ranging from Britney Spears and Madonna to Justin TimberlakeMary J. Blige and Jay-Z,
Danja and Araica will now have the luxury of working in a studio ideally suited to their creative needs.

WSDG Project Manager Romina Larregina reports, "We worked closely with Marcella (partner of Nate 'Danja' Hills) to find the most appropriate site for the studio, and formal design work on Dream Asylum Studio began in 2011. She is extremely savvy about design and acoustical issues, and having knowledgeable clients who can articulate their design and technical goals is always a plus."

Carved out of a nearly 4000 ft2 former warehouse in one of the South Florida's most beautiful cities, Dream Asylum is a sophisticated amalgamation of first tier technology, impeccable acoustics, and inspirational accouterments. The complex includes a comfortable lounge/screening room, and a solarium to provide a relaxing respite. Two oversized in-wall tropical fish tanks offer additional creative inspiration.







Scotty Simpson was only eleven years old when he picked up the bass, and he was only fourteen years old when he started playing regular gigs in clubs. His guitar-playing brother, ten years his senior, served as a "guardian" when he played the clubs, though Simpson admits (with a wink) that his parents may have held a different view of the arrangement if they knew the full story. By the time he could legally attend his own shows, Simpson was playing six nights a week in his hometown of Dallas, Texas and amassing bass and vocal chops upon which he would build a successful career. After a year playing bass on cruise ships ("which got old quick," he noted), Simpson relocated to Nashville and played for Tanya Tucker and Pam Tillis, and then landed at job as Travis Tripp's bandleader. When that gig ended thirteen years later, Simpson signed on to play bass for the Oak Ridge Boys on the road, which he currently does using a Tube-Tech CL1B Compressor. "It's like the Rolls Royce of compressors, and I've got that perfect Tube-Tech sound 150 nights a year!" he said.


"I've been doing session work for most of my life, and nine times out of ten, the engineer puts my bass through a Tube-Tech CL1B," said Simpson. "What a sound!

For the latest info on Tube-Tech contact  Brad Lunde at
www.transaudiogroup.com  or call 

Join TransAudio at the 139th AES Convention on October 29-Nov 1,  at the Javits Convention Center in New York.  Booth 3132 in the main exhibit hall!   




 Trans Audio Group  


tag crew
l-r: Richard, Todd, Janis and Brad at Trans Audio Group    

 For the latest info contact   

Brad Lunde at  702-365-5155 [email protected]

TransAudio Group, founded by industry  veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA), ATC Loudspeakers (UK),
Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email [email protected]




LATIN JAZZ on the Green 
Free concert  at  LACMA  , Hancock Park, LA 

Sat Aug 29 I  5-7pm

Brent Fischer + The Clare Fischer
Latin Jazz Group 

Alex Budman - Woodwinds

Luis Conte - Timbales

Brent Fischer - Bass

Quinn Johnson - Keyboards

Kevin Ricard - Congas

Enzo Todesco - Drums 




studioexpresso and Trans Audio Presented Production Panelists at 2015 Hot Zone at NAMM 
l-r: Claris Sayadian-Dodge,
Cheche Alara (Latin Grammy Awards,The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Bonnie Hunt Show) 14x Grammy-winning Rafa Sardina (Lady Gaga, Placido Domingo, Calle13), Ellis Hall  "The Ambassador of Soul" (Ray Charles, Boston Pops, Tower of Power) and  Grammy-winning Brent Fischer (Usher, Clare Fischer Big Band, Elvis Costello & The Roots).   
Alex Acuna (Randy Newman, LA Phil).
23x Grammy-winning Dr Al Schmitt (Diana Krall, Paul McCartney, Jefferson Airplane)
 Kenny Aronoff (The Smashing Pumpkins,  Bob Dylan, Uncommon Studios ).





Enter Your Song To Win
studioexpresso is pleased to be a media sponsor for the 2
015 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) which gives away more than $150,000 in cash and prizes, including a Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and over $40,000 in prizes.
Judges for this year include: Tom Waits, Kesha, Boys II Men, Moby, Pat Metheny, Lorde, Sara Evans, Bastille, Avicii,
Craig Kallman (Chairman/CEO, Atlantic Records); Sylvia Rhone (President, Epic Records); Dan McCarroll (President, Warner Bros. Records); Jeff Castelaz (President, Elektra Records)
 and many, many more.  Click here to enter 

Sony and Foo Fighters Partner Up

Sony Corporation and Foo Fighters have agreed to work together to deliver convincing, premium quality High-Resolution Audio experiences to audiophiles worldwide. Band members Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear - has sold over 20 million albums to date and won countless awards, including no less than 11 Grammys. Foo Fighters has always been uncompromising in regards to audio quality and is renowned for proactively demonstrating the highest standards in audio technology live on the road, at the band's own 606 Studios (featuring the immortal Neve console featured in Grohl's Sound City documentary), or in the various legendary studios in which the band's current album Sonic Highways was recorded. Meanwhile, since 2013 Sony has been expanding its lineup of Hi-Res compatible products loaded with unique audio technologies, and establishing collaborations across the music industry in order to spread the growth of Hi-Res Audio - a format which faithfully reproduces the original recording, and enables users to enjoy music the way the artists truly intended. Learn about High Res Audio here
DECO Gets Around
'Don't Even Know Your Name' by Nottingham electro-alt act DECO has had over 7000 hits on SoundCloud. 
The single 'TOKYO' comes off DECO's second EP 'Minus'. Completing a mini UK tour this year, the band have recently performed venues including The Barfly, London, O2 Academy Birmingham, Rescue Rooms Nottingham and Kasbah Club Coventry. They opened for Depeche Mode at the LG Arena in Birmingham. Big things in store for DECO. 

Singer-songwriter Liza Anne's latest album, Two, is a marriage between audio and visual storytelling. So when it came time for her bring to life "Lost," a deeply introspective track about self-caused and self-contained misery, she turned to the equally self-contained medium of dance. Choreographer Kendall Walker, the sole onscreen performer in the video, created an expressive, inventive piece to layer over Liza Anne's searing reflections. Liza Anne's new single is called 'Take It Back' off of her independently released sophomore album, TWO. Liza Anne has shared the stage with Marc Scibilia, Sea Wolf, Leighton Meester, among others. She will support David Ramirez on the West coast leg of his upcoming Fables Tour. NPR Music called Liza Anne a, "...singer-songwriter with a gift for haunting infectiousness." watch the video here


ASCAP EXPO - April 28-30, 2016
The world leader in performing rights and advocacy for music creators, has announced that its 11th annual ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO will take place April 28th - 30th, 2016 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. The conference will kick off with ASCAP's General Annual Membership Meeting, free and open to all ASCAP members, on April 28th.    

The EXPO and conference for songwriters, composers, artists and producers in all genres of music features creative and business-focused panels, workshops, master classes, keynotes, one-on-one sessions, networking events, state-of-the-art technology demonstrations and performances.
Previous master sessions, performances and panels have featured an impressive list of music creators:  Fergie,  Wyclef Jean, Rufus Wainwright,  Seth MacFarlane, Jason Mraz, Don Was,  James Newton Howard, to name a few. 

Cruise To A New Kind of Hollywood Studios


Credit: Christian Black/Paramount
Tom Cruise, 53, is as game as ever reprising his role as Ethan Hunt in summer  film Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. 
To help promote the film, he stopped by the Tonight Show joined by Fallon on the Lip Sync Battle in July. Meantime, he's helping build the home of what will be Scientology's new 50 million-dollar global media center, just minutes from major film and broadcast companies such as Paramount Studios and ABC Television.  The five-acre studio lot has two sound stages and 150,000 square feet of production facilities.   
Scientology Media Productions will also be used to make movies to recruit more followers while celeb member Tom Cruise himself is set to film his Hollywood blockbusters at the glittering base, which has facilities that are set to rival Paramount studios.

The church proclaims on its website: 'The world population of 7 billion is growing by more than 250,000 daily. With 3,000 opportunities to reach each person on any given day, the technological power to reach out exists at unprecedented orders of magnitude. The global media center that will revolutionize the Church's communications footprint throughout the print, broadcast, and internet media worlds as a state-of-the-art hub helping beam Scientology's message all over the globe.'



Summer MUSIC Fests   

July 31st-September 26th
Mad Decent  --  Atlanta, GA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Brooklyn, NY; Detroit, MI; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; Nashville, TN; Toronto, ON; Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; Berkeley, CA; Eugene, OR; San Diego, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, MI
It began in May and it continues....Mad Decent has been reaching new audiences with viral videos from artists like Baauer and a Major Lazer cartoon on FXX. But the label's bread-and-butter remains their annual block party, which roves the States and Canada throughout the summer. Diplo will no doubt be there, but the ever-shifting lineup also big-ups soca and regional club music. Must-See Acts: Diplo, Dillon Francis, Jack Ü, Cut Copy, ILoveMakonnen, Skrillex, T-Pain, Tyler the Creator, Zeds Dead, Vic Mensa, Knife Party, Mija, Nadus, Major Lazer, Dillon Francis

July 31st-August 2nd

Lollapalooza  -- Chicago, Illinois


Three generations headline Lollapalooza this year: a Beatle from the Sixties, metal masters from the Eighties, and the Kate Bush of the 21st century. That wide-ranging eclecticism runs through this year's edition of the venerated festival from top to bottom: Besides McCartney, Metallica and Florence and the Machine, there's new guitar god Gary Clark Jr., rock revivalists Alabama Shakes, bass music madman Flying Lotus, future-R&B diva FKA twigs, plus cosmic country upstarts like Father John Misty and Sturgill Simpson.

Aug 7-9 
Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival -- San Francisco

Split across five stages (including a comedy stage and an EDM tent), this festival of music, art exhibits, gourmet food and wine tastings usually overwhelms both the senses and the wallet. Still, three-day passes to Outside Lands sold out within hours. (One-day passes remain available.) Keep your eyes and ears peeled for surprises: In 2012, Jack White pulled off a secret concert at his Third Man Records truck, playing alongside Boots Riley and Tom Morello. Must-See Acts: Mumford & Sons, Wilco, D'Angelo and the Vanguard.


Amy premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May - where it inspired an emotional outpouring from critics and fans alike. This month, after just three weekends, Asif Kapadia's Amy is quickly becoming one of the top-grossing documentaries in recent years estimated to earn $7 million or more in the U.S. alone.  In the U.K., Amy has earned north of $3 million.

"I don't think I'm going to be at all famous. I don't think I could handle it. I would probably go mad," said the late Amy Winehouse  in an interview that appears in the first teaser for the documentary about her life.

The words are haunting considering the fact that the six-time Grammy winner died of alcohol poisoning at 27 when her career was taking off in 2011. Asif decided not to put any of Winehouse's friends, family, or co-workers on camera. Instead, he recorded audio of more than 80 interviews, many of them taking place in a dark, quiet room. "There's no book to adapt, not one person that was there for the whole journey. [But] all of the answers are there in her lyrics," said Asif.    Watch the teaser here  



2015  Recording Industry Golf Tournament on June 29th received a lot of support from the industry golfers who gathered at Mountain Gate Country Club to support A Place Called Home.
Veterans and co-chairs Al Schmitt and Ed Cherney were on hand with Rose Mann-Cherney and tournament organizer Karen Dunn.   
 Transaudiogroup  and studioexrpesso hosted hole 7 where thirsty players stopped by for refreshments.
"Think of it like an annual retreat to relax and meet industry friends! Plus we all feel good helping support the good cause of music education," says Dodge. "Participating in the Recording Industry Golf Tournament was the highlight of the year for our students. The event definitely made an impact on everyone," says Charyn Harris, Conductor of Music Programs, APCH
For post event coverage click here, or call Karen Dunn at 925-708-0307.  
Yeah, Yeah and YEAH! - Happy 75th Birthday Ringo!!!!


This year, Ringo Starr and his team set up a #PEACEANDLOVE Facebook page to further spread peace, asking fans to post details about where they planned to note the noon confluence of birthday messages.  

Filmmaker David Lynch, actor Bud Cort and comedian Richard Lewis were on hand, along with musicians Edgar Winter, Jim Keltner, Matt Sorum, Glen Ballard, producer Giles Martin and "Breakfast with the Beatles" radio show host Chris Carter joined Starr outside the Capitol Records Tower after cheery performances of several of his songs by roots band Spirit Family Reunion and Adam Arcuragi.

Remember to check out our summer studio destinations picks at  studioexpresso home page One of my favorite quotes by the Dali Lama:
"The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it's open."  Musicians get this more than most people. Thank heaven for musicians!  


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Music lives and moves. 


Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Founder I Editor studioexpresso
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Kenny Aronoff at NAMM HotZone


"The A Range Trident in East West Studio 3 is the recording console that we used to record two Missing Person's albums the "EP" and "Spring Session M", Kansas "Vinyl Confession" album and Atlantic Starr "Radiant" album featuring the classic love songs "When Love Calls" and the quiet storm staples, "Send For Me" and "Am I Dreaming." This A Range is one of six in the world and is in great condition.
--- Ralph Sutton 

bx_refinement's intuitive controls let you adjust various aspects of the sound with ease. it combines several characteristics found in ultra-musical tube-based equipment to give you an effective tool that is easy to operate with  precise visual feedback. The Harshness Control allows you to eliminate unpleasant high frequencies from complex signals and mixes.


Now at Summer NAMM
July 9-11 Booth 358, 359

 "ATC founder, Billy Woodman, and his team of R&D engineers never tire in the pursuit of perfection, and our request for a smaller monitor has led them to develop the SCM20PSL Pro MkII." The ATC SCM20PSL MkII is based around the ATC 6.5-inch "Super Linear" LF driver with integrated midrange, utilizing the same ATC developed SL technology used in our larger nine-, twelve- and fifteen-inch based monitors.



Brainworx bx_opto Pedal Simplified
Version of BX Opto Comp FREE until July 22nd then $49. So don't miss out!

PlugIn Alliance announces Accusonus ERA-D, The first restoration Plugin that simultaneously removes noise and reverbration with patented single or multi-channel joint de-noise and de-reverberation plugin
ERA-D is the product of 10 person-years of R&D and comes after more than 30 scientific papers and technology book chapters.   
Available now in AAX native, VST2, VST3 and AU formats for Mac OS 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or 8, ERA-D will change your view of audio restoration for $299 MSRP, distributed through Plugin Alliance. All Plugin Alliance products are available for fully-functional 14-day demos from a single downloadable installer. Watch the demo here





YouTube Chl  

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Ben Lilly of ATC 

Brad Lunde with Dave Hill 







David Bock has now captured the sound of the vintage Neumann U47 tube microphone in the new Bock 407. As with Bock's other products, TransAudio Group will distribute the Bock 407 in the United States.  





at Church Keyboard Center

The Hammond  Corner 
The Sound . The Soul . The One 
250 W Duarte Rd. Suite B Monrovia, CA 91016


watch here 

 Sign Up here for Hammond Workshops here

Free Leslie Studio 12 with XK-3 package

Come check out this powerhouse package, suitable for studio, stage or worship center.  We'll throw in a Leslie Studio 12 (a $1,495 value) when you purchase a complete Hammond XK-3 package (includes bench).  Please call Nelson at 909-599-7899 to schedule an appointment to audition the XK-3
 Click here to
Free Hammond Accessory Pack
with SK1-73 or SK-2
These Hammond accessory packs include an EXP-20 expression pedal, cables and a Hammond cap (a total value of $300)....and lots of space in the backpack for your stuff, including a laptop computer.  Free with purchase of an SK1-73 or SK-2 during the month of April, 2015.

Featured Hammond Artist      
This month's Hammond artist, Gregg Rollie (Santana, Journey) tours as a member of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band performing Santana hits Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways and Everybody's Everything. Earlier this year the band performed in Louisiana, Texas, Birmingham, South Carolina, and Orlando before traveling throughout Latin America with shows in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. The tour continued through March ending with 3 shows in California in Santa Ynez, San Francisco and San Diego and a show in Las Vegas. He was joined by pals Steve Lukather, Todd Rundgren, Mark Rivera and Gregg Bissonetteand, Richard Page and of course, Ringo Starr! This incarnation of the All Starr band was the same line up he has played with since 2012.

Rollie is a proponent of music education for children. In 2005, he signed on as an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides free musical instruments and instruction to children in underserved public schools throughout the U.S.A. He sits on the organization's Honorary Board of Directors  

Artist's Gateway To Top Music MakersHammon SK2  from CKC in Pasadena  

For Hammond and Leslie products in Southern California contact


Concord Signings  

l-r: David Lai, Co-President, Park Avenue Artists; Glen Barros, President and Chief Executive Officer, Concord Music Group; Kate Davis; Mark Wexler, Chief Operating Officer, Concord Label Group; Ross Michaels, Co-President, Park Avenue Artists; Mike Wilpizeski, VP of Publicity, Concord Label Group

Photo by Kurt Williamson  


Chosen by MTV Buzzworthy as one of the "15 Fresh Females Who Will Rule Pop," Kate Davis has signed with Concord Music Group. The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is currently writing material for her debut album. The yet-untitled set is slated for release in spring 2016.
Davis' "All About That [Upright] Bass" -- her engaging take on the Meghan Trainor hit -- has drawn more than 13 million views on YouTube. In addition to the bass, Davis plays the piano and guitar. Managed by Park Avenue Artists, the Portland, Oregon, native has thus far shared the stage with Alison Krauss, Josh Groban and Ben Folds, among others.  Concord Music Group President and Chief Executive Officer Glen Barros agrees: "Kate has it all - she's a great songwriter, a virtuosic and versatile instrumentalist, and an amazing vocalist.  We can't wait to see how she evolves and are grateful to play a role in launching what promises to be a fantastic recording career."

Davis has performed at such illustrious venues as The Kennedy Center, The Bowery Ballroom, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall-as well as pretty much every noteworthy club in NYC. Her accolades include a Robert Allen Award from the ASCAP Foundation, and her arts advocacy work includes a presentation at TEDx Portland and participation in the 2010 National Arts Policy Roundtable. Kate is a Silver Winner of the National YoungArts Foundation.  



 Interscope Release 

Interscope artist, Ivy Levan  just dropped the title track to her upcoming debut album 'No Good'.

Diva On The Rise

For René Marie, success means shining attention on important issues in America and on bold artists.  Her Grammy-nominated album "I Wanna Be Evil...With Love to Eartha Kitt" pays tribute to legendary Kitt.  It's hard to believe it all started after she turned 40.
Marie recorded the first tribute album to Eartha Kitt, helping to keep her memory and spirit alive.  "These classic songs deserve to be heard and loved by all generations," says Marie who is accompanied by seasoned musicians: Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, trumpeter Etienne Charles and Australia's Adrian Cunningham on saxophone, clarinet and flute.
Ms Marie offers clever interpretations, playfullness, sultry affection, mischief, all in one delicious package.
She even designed an online vocal therapy workshop to tackle the most troubling issues you may have about your singing. "The goal of SLAM! is to reconnect you with your voice and learn how to listen to what your voice is telling you, listen to where it wants to go and what it wants to do. And then finding the courage to do it," says Marie. It's indeed this courage that she generously shares with her growing audience.
Marie puts her scintillating touch on "Peel Me A Grape" - featured on her 1998 recording debut - before giving a classic rendition of "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." The title track is another barnburner showcasing René's vocals. She closes the album with her haunting original, "Weekend," a favorite with fans, who adore René for her ability to enthrall. Produced by René and veteran producer/writer/programmer Mark Ruffin, I Wanna Be Evil features René's longtime band: Quentin Baxter (drums, percussion, washboard); Kevin Bales (piano); and Elias Bailey (bass).

A woman of great strength and humor  René chose music over her turbulent marriage, self-released her debut Renaissance in 1998 and toured as Ella Fitzgerald in a regional play. She began experiencing a whirlwind of success rarely seen in the jazz world, winning over critics; receiving awards such as the Best International Jazz Vocal CD (besting Cassandra Wilson and Joni Mitchell) by France's Academie Du Jazz; gracing the Billboard charts multiple times; and becoming a headliner at major international festivals. A gifted songwriter, her previous Motéma release, Black Lace Freudian Slip, features blues-heavy originals. Her label debut, Voice of My Beautiful Country, is an ambitious celebration of Americana.
Marie is here to stay with Montuno management, and 2015-16 tour.




Who's Bad?
Michael Jackson launched a new era of creativity in live stage performances that continues to influence today's top artists in hip hop, contemporary R&B, pop, and rock and roll.   Authentic Brands Group, LLC (ABG), owner of a global portfolio of iconic fashion, sports, celebrity, media and entertainment brands, and the Estate of Michael Jackson today announced a strategic partnership to further grow the Michael Jackson™ brand in the areas of endorsements and consumer products. ABG will provide global representation for Michael Jackson™, pursuing new licensing and retail partnerships working with the Estate to broaden the brand's reach across key markets around the world. "We are thrilled to be working with ABG on the continued development of the Michael Jackson™ brand," said John Branca and John McClain, Co-Executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson™. "With a proven track record in transforming icons into global entities, we are confident that ABG will help us take the Michael Jackson™ brand to the next level."   Jackson™ joins ABG's star-studded roster that includes Muhammad Ali™, Elvis Presley™, and Marilyn Monroe™. "We are excited to tap into the essence of this innovator and amplify the DNA of this legendary entertainer," said Jamie Salter, Chairman and CEO, ABG   

Tickets are on sale now to celebrate the King of Pop's birthday at the Michael Jackson ONE Theatre at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas! You can join the Estate of Michael Jackson, Cirque du Soleil and other MJ fans for the third annual celebration, taking place on Saturday, August 29 with MJ ONE performances at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Mandalay Bay also has created an exclusive offer for the birthday weekend - visit  CirqueDuSoleil.com/mjbday to buy tickets and get a special gift bag and access to room rates starting at $72 a night.











RIP Michael Masser
March 24, 1941 - July 9, 2015
American songwriter, composer and producer Michael Masser died at the age of 74 in Rancho Mirage, California. His health was deteriorating since a stroke three years ago, according to his business manager, Kurt Vitolo.  Masser grew up in a Jewish family with parents who wanted him to become a lawyer. He attended the University of Illinois College of Law. He became a stockbroker, but left to pursue his interest in music listening to the advice of his psychiatrist.
Masser recalled in the Chicago Sun-Times. "He listened, took my money and said, 'Here's a note of permission to write music. That's all you need to clear your conscience.' 
So Masser started writing music at age 30. 

Johnny Mercer offered the aspiring songwriter temporary lodging in his guest house in Los Angeles. "The biggest thing I got from Johnny was, 'Don't rush a song,' " Masser recalled in the Palm Springs Desert Sun in 2002.

Masser spent two years working with Ross on "Touch Me in the Morning," which he said was partly inspired by the end of his first marriage.  

Masser was nominated for an Academy Award in 1976 for Best Music, Original Song, for "Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)," which he wrote with Gerry Goffin. Masser was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007. He co-wrote several other hit songs in the 1970s and 1980s, including four made famous by Whitney Houston, "Greatest Love of All", "Didn't We Almost Have It All", "Saving All My Love for You" and "All At Once."   "Houston's legacy ... will always be permanently indebted to Michael," Clive Davis, the singer's longtime mentor, said in a statement.   
He's survived by  wife Ogniana and his three children, daughters Jennifer Convery, Aleksandra Rauschkolb and son Sean Masser. Here's an uncut interview that was never aired.     

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