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Who Says desk jobs are boring? Producer/Composer/Arranger Brent Fischer(r) at Conway Studios during recording of Pacific Jazz due out this Fall.
It's beginning to feel Fall-like! Nevertheless, there's a studio in Hollywood that feels tropical all year round.  There's new music from Black Keys, Prince, Maroon5, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga and more.  Hear why the engineer behind Disney's Planes is raving about his favorite speakers.  Meet a producer who's flying high and two executives who rule the entertainment world. We bring you a rocker's new wine and a keyboardist shows us how to eat and play like you mean it!
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A veteran producer and engineer with 35 years logged in the control room,
Ed Cherney has worked with likes of Iggy Pop, Bob Seger, Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones, to name just a few. The body of his work has earned him three Grammy wins, along with five TEC Award wins. He is a founding member of Producers and Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy and served as the Governor of the L.A.  

Chapter of The Recording Academy. Until last year, Cherney was also an avid, collector of studio reference monitors, learning to work around the faults of each model before relegating it to the closet when a newer model came through the door. That cycle ended with the arrival of a pair of ATC SCM25A 3-way nearfield monitors. Cherney now uses his ATC SCM25As for almost everything he does.

"I am always looking for speakers because they're my eyes in the studio, my window to the world," said Cherney. "...It's crazy that people will spend thousands on microphones and outboard gear without first giving themselves the one tool they need to actually hear what they're doing. It's like an artist buying expensive paints and then turning out the lights," says Cherney. He first

heard a pair of ATC SCM25As at a studio in New York, and shortly thereafter, he was working at a studio in his hometown of Chicago that had no good options for monitors. "I spoke to Brad [Lunde] at TransAudio Group [ATC's U.S. distributor] and he sent out a pair of ATC SCM50ASLs for us to try. They were spectacular! We could turn them up loud, and the low end was defined, the midrange was smooth and silky, and the high end was sweet. The sound was thrilling; it could wash over me and punch me in the chest. These were the first mid-size speakers that could give me the experience of the soffit-mounted loudspeakers that the big studios have."


He continued, "I've been dissatisfied with 2-way speakers in the past. The challenge is always to get the right vocal tone and volume, and it often depends on which side of the crossover the vocal is sitting. Sometimes the same singer can be below the crossover in the verse and above it in the chorus. In the past, I always took my mixes around to different systems - different speakers, my house, my car - to make sure the vocals were sitting in the mix correctly. Now that I have the ATC SCM25As, I rarely have to do that anymore. The vocals sit nicely in the midrange driver, and I'm always within a half dB. Every song. For the first time, I really trust the quality of the mixes in the studio. I don't have to take them out and check them. I nail it and they translate to the rest of the world. That's a huge improvement."

Cherney has already used the ATC SCM25As on a number of projects. He produced, recorded, and mixed the main title for the Disney film Planes called "Nothing Can Stop Me Now," as well as Robben Ford's Bringing It Back Home and Eric Burdon's Till Your River Runs Dry. He mixed Love for Levon on DVD, CD, and broadcast using the SCM25As, and he mixed Road to Forever by Don Felder of the Eagles. Currently, he's working on a debut album from Athena Perez, a rising country artist from Chicago, and a new Bette Midler album. 

In addition to how well his mixes translate on the ATC SCM25As, Cherney is also inspired by their clean, fatigue-free volume. "If I'm recording drums, I like to turn it up!" he said. "If the band's in the control room, I have to turn it up! When I'm doing the final balances, I may be down around 75dB, but getting there, I want to feel it pop, physically! I want to move air in the room! With the 25s, I can. And I can do it all day long and still be as clear-headed and energized at the end of the day as I was at the beginning. My ATC's make recording and mixing music much more fun."

 ATC SCM20PSL Passive 2 Way Monitors in studio G, Brooklyn where Puss N Boots perform "Don't Know What It Means" was recorded live  


For the latest info on ATCs contact  Brad Lunde at  702-365-5155 




Studio Spotlight: Conway

Carly Price


This year marks Conway studios's 38th year in the recording industry. Conway
is meeting this milestone by hosting growing ranks of chart-topping artists, expansion in gear and staffing.  

Recent projects included: Pharrell Williams, Mika, Sia, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Camila, Taylor Swift, Usher, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert, Gavin DeGraw, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and Maroon 5 and  Brent Fischer who was in studio C at Conway with the Clare Fischer Big Band working on new album due out this Fall.  


Maroon 5 recorded their fifth album, fittingly titled "V" (due out September 2nd) at Conway studios.
According to new studio manager Stacey Barnett, Eric Eylands and Eric Weaver both assistant engineered  LA-based Noah "Mailbox" Passovoy who served as producer on five tracks and engineer on all tracks of the band's latest recording. Passovoy also engineered the band's smash hit Moves Like Jagger, an their fourth studio album, Overexposed  


"Maroon 5 and their team are amazing people to work with.  We're very proud to house such caliber of musicianship at Conway," said Barnett.
Maroon5 is expected to go back out on a world wide tour later this year in support of  their new album.

Conway was big band central earlier this year when producer/composer/arranger Brent Fischer gathered some 20 of LA's best players to work on his Fall release 14-time Grammy-winner Rafa Sardina (below) seen in the control room with Fischer.

Conway's new engineering team includes. Eric Eylands, Eric Weaver, Ben Sedano, Josh Smith, John Armstrong, John Cranfield and Chief Tech, Doug Tyo.

Not only has Conway's team expanded, but they have also updated the rooms with Neve 88R Consoles -- Studio A with 80 channels and studio C with 74.





Trans Audio Group 



Producer OD Hunte is practicing aviation training, deciding if to go for a pilot's license. Meantime, he announced the release party for his long awaited e.p. in August. "From Trap music To Afro-beats, this is truly a mixture of different cultures and roots," says Hunte who performed along side other artist's at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club  in London. He also produced the tribute song and video "I can't breath" to raise awareness to combat violence by the police.  "It's in the hope that we can get better training for law enforcement to prevent further deaths and foster accountability. What happened to Eric Garner was pretty awful. Google if you don't know," says Hunte. 



 Trans Audio Group  

 tag crew  


Questions- pricing, availability and dealer locations please email [email protected]

l-r: Richard, Todd, Janis and Brad at Trans Audio Group 

For the latest info contact 
Brad Lunde at  702-365-5155 [email protected] 

TransAudio Group, founded by industry  veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA), ATC Loudspeakers (UK),



      photo by: GS Studios/Francisco Rodriguez  

October 9-12, 2014  
AES137 Int Convention
Los Angeles Convention Center
located in the revitalized L.A. Live entertainment district
For Exhibits-Plus Badge (free) and the All Access Badg Register here

October 19-22
Forbes Under 30 Summit & Music Fest
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia
An extension of Forbes magazine's annual "30 Under 30" list - which features 30 game-changing entrepreneurs under 30, in 15 fields, as judged by some of the greatest minds in each category.
Music Festival curated by Questlove 
Sat. January 24, 2015 1-5 pm  (before Tec Awards)Trans Audio Group & studioexpresso at HotZone, NAMM 2015
Anneheim Convention Center Speakers TBA 





Besides their pure analog signal paths, Bettermaker units have a full digital recall with 399 cells for your own presets, which you can recall with one touch.

You can save your settings in the internal memory of the EQ's as well as in your D.A.W....AND... in your project with your AUTOMATION. More info here  at Trans Audio Group. 






New Execs I Music & TV       


Universal Music Group (UMG)  appointed Jody Gerson (left) as Chairman and CEO of the company's music publishing division, effective January 1, 2015. Gerson, who has served as co-president of Sony/ATV Publishing since 2008, will be based at UMPG's headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif., and will report to UMG Chairman and CEO, Lucian Grainge.  She will succeed Zach Horowitz. Gerson's first signing at Sony/ATV Music Publishing was then-unknown singer-songwriter Lady Gaga. She also played a part in the careers of Enrique Iglesias, Mac Miller, Pitbull, RedOne, Shakira and Pharrell Williams, among others. Gerson's career began at Chappell music (Warner/Chappell's predecessor). After six years at Chappell, Gerson joined EMI as head of the company's east coast publishing division. In 1996, she signed a 15-year-old Alicia Keys, who went on to sell more than 10 million albums nationwide. Gerson signed Norah Jones in 2003. She is currently serving as executive producer for Drumline 2 for VH1.   What is she excited about? Breaking new artists like Mikky Ekko, A$AP RockyAzelea Banks, to name a few.  




Dana and her business partner, Gary Newman
Photo: 20th Century Fox Television
Walden & Newman
Heading Fox TV

Peter Rice, Chairman of Fox Networks Group, announced this month that Dana Walden and Gary Newman will be overseeing Fox operations under a new unit within Fox Networks Group, Fox Television Group.
Fox Television Group will combine both Fox Broadcasting Company as well as 20th Century Fox Television. The exact titles Newman and Walden will assume is Chairmen and CEOs of Fox Television Group, which means they will be responsible for all aspects of Fox broadcast network (programming, digital, marketing, etc.) and will continue to be oversee the parent studio, cable production segments Fox 21 and Fox Television Studios, Fox's consumer licensing division as well as syndication division, Twentieth Television. All together makes up 20th Century Fox Television.
"As we look to the future of the broadcast television business, it is clear that the best path forward is to operate our creative and broadcast divisions under the leadership of a single team, and that Gary and Dana are the perfect executives to take on this new role," said Chase Carey, President and COO of 21st Century Fox.  "While TCFTV and FBC will each continue as an open supplier and an open network, respectively, the closer alignment of these two properties, coupled with a unified vision from Dana and Gary, gives us a clear advantage in creating even more hit content that will benefit both businesses. We are incredibly fortunate to have two such accomplished leaders already under our roof to take on these important new roles."
A little background on the pair that will be heading up the new unit: Walden and Newman were named Presidents of 20th Century Fox Television in 1999, they were later promoted to Chairmen and CEOs. The pair are responsible for some big shows and fan favorites including Bones, Modern Family, New Girl, American Horror Story, and most recently supernatural hit Sleepy Hollow. Also of note, the company is currently producing Sons of Anarchy, Tyrant, and The Americans, all of which are FX properties.
"Over the past 15 years, Dana and Gary have raised the bar for the rest of the industry with respect to creative vision, close-knit relationships with top talent and an unmatched track record of hit programming," said Rice.  "At a time when the demand for content has never been higher, there is no doubt that we strengthen and galvanize our television business - both from a creative and programming standpoint - with Gary and Dana taking on these vital new leadership roles." Walden and Newman report to Chase Carey, president and chief operating officer of 21st Century Fox, while Reilly reported to Fox Networks Group president Peter Rice.

Nominate For Tec Awards at 2015 NAMM Show 

30th NAMM TEC Awards  (Deadline: 9.15.14) 
Saturday, January 24, 2015   
Since 1985, the TEC Awards has recognized and honored the people, companies and products that have attained the highest standards of excellence within the audio and music technology and production industry. As we approach the completion of our third decade, we thank you in advance for lending your knowledge and experience to the selection of the Nominees of the 30th NAMM TEC Awards.

Below is a link to the nomination selection instructions and the nominations ballot. Please read the instructions in their entirety before proceeding to the ballot and making your selections.

Ballots must include the name and email address of each voting Panelist, and may be submitted once per Panelist.
Ballots will not be accepted after the Monday, September 15 deadline. Nomination Instructions and Ballot  here  



Tony & Gaga Are Cheek To Cheek. Lady Gaga joined fifteen-time Grammy winner Tony Bennett for his Grammy Award-winning Duets II album in 2011. Fast forward and the  pair's duets album, Cheek To Cheek, is ready to come out Sept. 23 -- and off to a hot start with the first single, a rendition of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" that topped the Jazz Digital Songs chart -- Bennett  and Gaga envision touring to support the set as well as a follow-up project that's already being discussed.  "Gaga has that audience in the palm of her hand...They (kids) will grow up listening to this music. It's great music, and it's never going to become dated," says Bennett referring to Lady G's audience. Tony & Gaga handpicked each song on Cheek To Cheek, pulling from the Great American Songbook with classics from songwriters like Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, George & Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter and Billy Strayhorn. They are accompanied by Tony's longtime quartet, the NYC jazz quintet led by Brian Newman that Gaga has performed with since her teenage years, and are joined by a big band and a full orchestra on some songs.
During this project Gaga asked Tony to sketch a trumpet for her. He decided to sketch Miles Davis' trumpet. She loved it so much she got a tatoo on her right arm (copy of the image). New York appearances include  Frank Sinatra School of the Arts 


Turner Wines 

Carly Price



Warrant guitarist, Erik Turner, makes more than just music. As a celebrity wine-maker, Turner has created numerous wines that are featured at South Coast Winery Resort and Spa (located in Temecula, CA). Two of the newer merlot wines Turner released are Rocker Red and Punk Rocker Red. A few of Turner's most popular wines include: I Saw Red Cabernet, Epic Day Chardonnay, and Rocker Red Syrah.
One can easily identify the incorporation of Turner's rock-and-roll side in his wine with his edgy, custom-made labels.
Turner expressed the process of creating wine in a recent interview with The Press Enterprise: "Its something new and challenging and a fun experience for me. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, much different for me, even though I get on stage for thousands of people with Warrant, but this is entirely different."

GRAMMY-Winner Was Recognized with an Emmy� Award
The Beatles: The Night That Changed America

The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards� telecast has won an Emmy� Award in the category of Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Series Or Special, and "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America - A GRAMMY� Salute" received an Emmy for Outstanding Music Direction, recognizing three-time GRAMMY winner Don Was. Winners were announced during the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 16, at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE. Emmys in 26 other categories will be presented on the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, which took place at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on Monday, Aug. 25, and was broadcasted on NBC.

In related news, the awards process for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards� is well underway with close to 13,000 submissions received during the first-round entry period, which began July 1 and ended July 23. The second (and final) round is now open to registered media companies and Recording Academy members in good standing, and will close on Wednesday, Aug. 27 at 6 p.m. PT. The music industry's premier event will take place live on Sunday, Feb, 8, 2015, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8 - 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).
The eligibility period for the upcoming 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards is Oct. 1, 2013, through Sept. 30, 2014. Screening Meetings for this year's submissions will take place the last two weeks of September. For more information and an infographic on the GRAMMY Awards voting process, please click here Good Luck!

CeeLo Among Artists To Cancel Tour In War Zone Middle East   

Earlier this month, Megadeth and CeeLo Green pulled out of planned shows in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, respectively, while Lana Del Ray reportedly postponed a Tel Aviv show that had been scheduled for August 20. Those musicians are following performers like the Backstreet Boys, Kansas and Neil Young, who were among the first high-profile acts to cancel or postpone in the past month. 

The nervousness about security has also extended to sporting events. Earlier this month the Association of Tennis Professionals said it was canceling the inaugural Negev Israel Open, which was set to take place in September and would have been the first ATP World Tour tennis tournament held in Israel in almost two decades.



Eat & Play Like You Mean it! 


Most of you know the songs "Eye of The Tiger" and "Vehicle," when you hear them. But, do you know  the band behind those songs?
The Ides of March got a plug from Carl Jr's this month when their song "Vehicle" was used for  The Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich ad featuring Bryan Spangler. "Eat Like You Mean It," features the song  "Vehicle" by The Ides of March
 which was written back in 1970!
Band member Scott May (left) who is also product/artist specialist at Hammond USA tells us he has also released his solo album Outside the Insdie on his 60th Birthday!
Good things take time and last a long time. 
In 1964, a basement in Berwyn, Illinois played host to four schoolboys, guitars, drums, and their dreams. From that meeting sprang platinum hits, Grammy awards, and a common bond that has lasted ever since. Best remembered fo
r their 1970 smash "Vehicle", the IDES (or their lead singer and songwriter Jim Peterik) have had hit records in each of the decades since that humble beginning.
You can also hear "Vehicle" regularly on commercial soundtracks, and it is in regular rotation on the playlists all of the nightly talk shows' house bands. Celebrating their 50th Anniversary, the Ides of March will play on Sat Sept 27, 8pm at Belushi Concert Hall College of Dupage, Glen Ellyn IL.  



American Idol At The Greek

by Carly Price


On Thursday, August 14th American Idol fans of all ages filled Los Angeles' Greek Theater in order to see season 13's top finalists perform a wide variety of covers from "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin to "Happy" by Pharell.

Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson (below) was the featured artist of the night. Throughout the concert, Johnson promoted his new album, Testify.  

Testify on iTune 

The other finalists who performed include: Jena Irene, C.J. Harris, Jessica Meuse, MK Nobilette, Alex Preston, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson and Sam Woolf.

The covers throughout the night showcased the artists' raw talent with their pitch-perfect performances. However, season 13 winner, Johnson and runner-up Irene stole the show with their unique sound and spirited stage presence. The two exemplified their musical talent with their many solo performances as well as their duet of "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones.
A few other notable performances include Preston's original song "Fairytales," Harris' cover of "Gravity" by John Mayer (with Preston on guitar), and a cover of Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man" by Watson (accompanied by herself on the piano).

Overall, the night was very similar to the television show itself minus Ryan Seacrest and the live band. The artists sang alongside a track with a few exceptions of accompaniment on piano and guitar. The nationwide tour is not only a remarkable experience for the top finalists, but also a rewarding experience for fans. American Idol turns everyday musicians into stars, and that is what one can find on the tour this summer.

Fox has announced that current judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. will be returning for Season 14, as will host Ryan Seacrest. Ricky Minor who served as musical director and bandleader of American Idol for Seasons 4 through 9 of the series, before taking a break to lead Jay Leno's Tonight Show band is returning to his Idol duties. "Every day-all day-these kids are learning new songs, going to photo shoots, doing wardrobe. And then the stress of "I'm good, but was I good enough this week?" Because people forget. You could have five great performances in a row, and it doesn't matter. It's like sports: win or go home," says Minor.


Why Songs Are Under 5 Minutes   

It's not easy to create a masterful pop song that will stick in the minds of listeners and repeat over and over again in just three minutes. So many songs are close to three minutes long that that length has become lore. This lore is so popular that the Beastie Boys even wrote a song about it.

It makes sense to assume that since the basis of the three-minute song was the 78 and then 45 rpm single, then songs would become longer as technology evolved. And there have, of course, been bands that wrote songs longer than four minutes even before the music industry switched to CDs. Rush and Jimi Hendrix have both recorded 20-minute-long songs. Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and Bob Dylan all have 10-minute songs. In no way are long songs unheard of in music, but the average song length is still - even as the industry has evolved almost entirely to digital media - under five minutes."What drives what is heard on the radio is an artist's desire to have their music hit the mainstream, and a record label's desire to profit from that," Steve Jones, vice president at the Canadian radio firm Newcap, says. Newcap is a radio firm that recently debuted a Top 40 station that offers "twice the music," which really means it cuts hit songs in half to make them shorter.

Jones is right. The length of a song on an album doesn't matter for anyone except for the artist and fans, but a song that hopes to make money and be played on the radio simply has to be a certain length. Either that, or radio stations will edit the song down 

to the standard, making it three to four minutes, just like the 45.    



Want to turn your live event into a TV show?  Be it concerts, sporting or political events, "Ted" type talks, art gallery openings, auctions, weddings, or memorial services, they all can be streamed or produced by professionals.
This August Absolute Live Productions
(division of Absolute Rentals) in Burbank celebrates their third year of providing  production services, according to owner Dave Rosen who can be contacted for more info at
310-560-2373 including a special offer for non-profit organizations.

Seeing A Better World
World View3: 383 Mile Vision

Most of you use this satelite every day! DigitalGlobe's (DGI) satellites captures the super-realistic images on Google Maps (GOOG) and Bing maps. On Aug. 13, the company plans to launch its sixth satellite: the WorldView-3. Featuring a 12-foot-long telescope and state-of-the-art electronics, it will collect more images at a higher resolution and go beyond the visible spectrum, using infrared technology to see through clouds and smoke up to 383 miles!  
Tribute to Life
Life Fair? It's the age-old question humans ask. 
Many admired Robin Williams and welcomed him in their homes and hearts because of his comical genius. But, none of us were privy to his demons. We all know many among friends and family who put up a fierce fight to LIVE but loose the battle to disease, accident, or aggression of some kind or another. Keeping things in perspective and accepting the human condition without judging boils down to a choice. How we die, is often not a choice. Just respectful and hopeful that there would be more awareness and help for mental health.

A Challenge Gone Viral  Speaking of awareness, ALS got plenty and more...
Between July 29 and Aug. 21, the ALS Association had received $41.8 million in donations, compared to just $2.1 million during the same period last year. Social-media outreach success, and water wasting collide all in the name of good FUN.  Oprah, Justin Beiber, Kermit the frog, Bill Gates, Jeff Greenberg (Village Studios), Placido Domingo, some of my own family members, all have accepted the challenge! 
Some call it "slacktivism" - showing support for a charity to gain personal noise and downplay other important causes.  Did you know May is Mental Awareness month? September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month? Yup, October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.  Paul Bissonnette of California took the challenge by dropping ice from a helicopter (total cost per hour: $400)! Dude donate the helicopter instead!  The band Crush Route even wrote a Song
Our pick. Simpson's  IBC -- watch it here 


Music Lives & Moves...until next month, stay cool and grateful. 

Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Founder I Editor studioexpresso


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 "ATC founder, Billy Woodman, and his team of R&D engineers never tire in the pursuit of perfection, and our request for a smaller monitor has led them to develop the SCM20PSL Pro MkII." The ATC SCM20PSL MkII is based around the ATC 6.5-inch "Super Linear" LF driver with integrated midrange, utilizing the same ATC developed SL technology used in our larger nine-, twelve- and fifteen-inch based monitors.


Turn Blue
Black Keys

Turn Blue is the eighth studio album by American rock duo the Black Keys. It was co-produced by Danger Mouse and the band, and was released on Nonesuch Records on May 12, 2014. The Black Keys recorded the majority of Turn Blue at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, California, from July-August 2013, with additional recording taking place at Key Club in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, in early 2014.
The sessions coincided with Auerbach's divorce from his wife, which inspired much of the album's lyrics. The song "Fever" was released as the lead single in March. Turn Blue has received favorable reviews from critics, many of whom commented on Danger Mouse's growing influence on the band. The album debuted at number one in the United States and Australia, becoming the group's first record to top the charts in either country. In May 2014, they embarked on a world tour in support of the album.
As of June 29, 2014, Turn Blue has sold 328,000 copies in the United States.
Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound recording studio, and Auerbach himself have been handling production duties on mumerous sessions to include: Lana Del Rey's highly-anticipated third (or second, depending on how you're counting) full-length release, Ultraviolence, to premiere with her new short film, Tropico.
Also singer Nikki Lane  teamed up with Auerbach via her  clothing business, High Class Hillbilly, that led to  Dan produced her new album, All or Nothin.

Maroon5 V Recorded at Conway 
pre order here

Co-written and co-produced by GRAMMY winning team The Monsters and the Strangerz (Cher Lloyd, Big Sean, Carly Rae Jepsen), the new single "It Was Always You," incorporating electronic and pop elements with Levin's yearning vocals.  New album features Gwen Stefani  on "My Heart Is Open."  Frontman Levine, 33,  in addition to filming the second season of The Voice, announced the launch of his own fragrance 222 and a record label under the same name.

James Valentine (left) working with Noah "Mailbox" (right) at Conway on Maroon5's new album, V



Roland l Rodgers I Hammond 
keyboard Showroom 

 2295 E Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107 

Prince's Art Official Age.
Pop-icon Prince who is celebrating 30 years of "Purple Rain" has released his new single "Clouds," this month and also revealed that he will be dropping two albums on Sept. 29 through Warner Bros. Records. The first, titled "Art Official Age", will be a solo effort from Prince, and will feature "Clouds" as the lead single from the project. The second is titled "Plectrumelectrum", and will feature Prince's band, 3rd Eye Girl, for the entire project. Both albums are available for pre-order on iTunes. In "Clouds" the futurist Prince is imagining man (calls him Nelson) waking up after 45 years of suspended animation listening to a funky but hypnotic beat of what's a dreamy Prince groove. How would you like to hear this tune when they wake you up in a brand new age?! The lyrics inject warmth and power of love with vivid imagery of "a kiss behind your kneck." Artificial or real, it's Prince's Art Official Age, good for at least, another 30 years!




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Ben Lilly of ATC 

The Tube-Tech Team from Denmark: John Petersen (L) Jesper Bo Nielsen (R)    

Brad Lunde with Dave Hill 


The Hammond  Corner
The Sound . The Soul . The One 

watch here

 Hammond Workshops


Studio microphone genius David Bock has now captured the sound of the vintage Neumann U47 tube microphone in the new Bock 407.
As with Bock's other products, TransAudio Group will distribute the Bock 407 in the United States. Studios and individuals who want the timeless 47 sound will find it in the Bock 407 at half the price of a vintage unit and without the reliability and serviceability issues for which vintage microphones are so horribly notorious

What's a Tune Worth? 
Just Ask Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder's (One Republic) first big opportunity arrived in 2000 at the age of 20, when he entered an MTV TRL competition called "The Free Lance Talent Search," hosted by 'N Sync's Lance Bass. He won with an acoustic, Babyface-ish ballad called "The Look" and was introduced to Justin Timberlake (who remains a close friend and business partner; Tedder is an investor in Timberlake's New York barbecue joint, Southern Hospitality).  

Ryan Tedder's Songwriting Income breakdown in 2013 


U.S. mechanical and radio airplay royalties for 7 songs by OneRepublic, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato and The Fray

Royalties for OneRepublic U.S. sales and digital streaming payments

Producer royalties for U.S. sales of hit singles by OneRepublic, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato and The Fray

TOTAL = $2.5M



"Love Runs Out" is a song recorded from OneRepublic  2014 reissue of their third studio album Native (2013). It was produced by Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote the song with Brent Kutzle, Drew Brown, Zach Filkins, and Eddie Fisher
The song debuted at number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at number 22 on the New Zealand Singles Chart.

The song will be featured in the soundtrack for the video game NBA 2K15.

Enter the SASSY Awards
Sarah Vaughan International jazz Vocal Competition

Victoria Theater - Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014, 3pm  -  $29.00 - $39.00

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Larry Rosen Productions (LRP), and Concord Music Group announce a landmark agreement to provide an exclusive recording contract offer to record and release an album on Concord Records to the winner of the 2014 Sarah Vaughan International jazz Vocal Competition, now known as the SASSY awards.

The Concord arrangement is a three-year commitment by the record label to present an exclusive recording contract offer to the winner of the annual competition. The deal was struck between Concord GM Mark Wexler and the Sarah Vaughan Competition producer, Larry Rosen.   

Competition winner will also receive a $5,000 cash award, airfare to the competition finals event on November 16, 2014 at NJPAC, and the opportunity to perform as part of the JAZZ ROOTS Concert Series.


"It's great to be involved in the process of finding and nurturing new artists, and working together in the development of their careers
," said Mark Wexler, General Manager/Senior Vice President, Concord-Telarc Group.   


The first two years of the competition saw nearly 1,500 total song entries
which music fans shared, listened, voted, commented on, and liked.  Furthermore, the competition website received 2 million hits during last year's competition alone, resulting in nearly one million votes for contestants from fans around the globe, making this the world's most visible jazz vocal competition.  Judges for the competition include Grammy Award-winning bassist Christian McBride, WBGO morning jazz host Gary Walker, multiple Grammy nominee Nnenna Freelon and legendary producer Larry Rosen. 


submissions are due by September 2nd at 5pm.  For contest rules and further information visit .    

Seeking YouTube Awesomeness  


Universal Music Group  has partnered with TV producer Brian Robbins and music entrepreneurs Russell Simmons and Loud Records founder Steve Rifkind to form a new record label focused on acts that have already earned popularity on YouTube.

The label, called Awesomeness Music, already counts artists such as singing sister sextet Cimorelli and singer-songwriter Niykee Heaton (above). Rifkind said Awesomeness is set to sign two new artists in the next two to three weeks.

We're using YouTube as a marketing arm and as an A&R source.

Cimorelli, known for vocal harmonies and covers of popular songs, has amassed 2.75 million subscribers for its YouTube channel, and its most popular videos have generated tens of millions of views. Heaton's video for her song "Bad Intentions" has earned about 1.32 million views.

Robbins is the creator of AwesomenessTV, the YouTube network that was acquired by DreamWorks Animation last year for $33 million in cash. 

Black Violin Signing

Black Violin recently signing with Universal Classics! The dynamic group is gearing up for their orchestral debut with the Imperial Symphony Orchestra this October in Lakeland, FL. 2 parts Classical, 2 parts Pop, with a splash of hip-hop, served chilled-Black Violin is a genre-busting collage of sound. They have also performed on the Queen Latifah Show this Spring in addition to giving a Ted Talk, and performing at SXSW and even at White House!


Young Rising Sons signs with Interscope Records.

Young Rising Sons is an alternative indie rock band from Red Bank, NJ. Although new to the scene, these guys have a top 40 smash ready to conquer the airwaves. The same production team behind American Authors, Dirty Canvas Music (Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta) produced the latest single High. The video for the single has already garnered over 90,000 views.


We Sing Together!

Have you turned down opportunities for big exposure because it didn't sit right with your identity as an artist?

Meet the Shook Twins  


"We feel that music is not meant to be a competition. It's a platform to say something powerful and should be a way of bringing people together, not separating them. We feel that your vision is completely different. We would be going against everything that we stand for by auditioning for American Idol.

... we'll keep doing what we are doing because it sure feels right!


Shook Twins (Identical twin sisters who sing TOGETHER)

Go Shook Sisters! 






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