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September 2015
September is here and many of our patients will be heading back to school in a few short days. If a new backpack is on your shopping list, make sure the one you choose is appropriate for your child. For millions of children, backpacks are a leading cause of back and shoulder pain. The American Chiropractic Association offers some great advice on backpack selection and recommends that your child should not carry more than 10% of his/her body weight.

Good nutrition is key to a child's development, school performance and overall health.  Fuel your child's brain cells for optimal learning with a solid breakfast of whole grains, protein and fruit. Prepping in advance makes the morning rush less hectic. Click here for more healthy eating tips that will help your child start the school day on the right track.

This month we also pay tribute to the hardworking men and women of our nation. Thank you for your dedication to the well-being of our country!

-- Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
Back to School with ADHD

Returning to a rigid schedule after a carefree summer is tough for any child, but for many kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), that transition can be a bit tougher. Organization of course is key; posting the daily routine and maintaining a calendar are all beneficial.  Check out some more tips for helping your child with ADHD succeed from Dr. Chiappino's recent interview in Zliving Magazine.

If ADHD medication side effects are impacting your child's lifestyle, you may be interested in neurofeedback training.  BrainCore neurofeedback is an effective, drug-free alternative that helps correct the abnormal brain waves that underlie ADHD.  Correcting these dysregulated brain waves helps your child overcome his/her ADHD symptoms and avoid a lifetime of intensive psychotherapy or a permanent dependence on potentially harmful prescription pills.  Call us to learn how BrainCore neurofeedback training can help your child achieve his/her optimal learning potential.  


Acupuncture Reduces Shoulder-Hand  
Syndrome Pain  

Many stroke or heart attack patients suffer from Should-Hand Syndrome Pain (SHS), a condition that causes severe pain in the arm and shoulder and limited range of movement. Researchers found that acupuncture combined with infrared laser therapy was 97% effective in reducing pain; control group patients who received physical therapy only achieved an effective rate of 74%. Further research can help determine whether a combination of both therapies will be more effective in reducing SHS pain.
SHS can cause the bones to deteriorate and muscles to atrophy as the disease progresses. If you're suffering with SHS, contact our licensed acupuncturist Lori Fortunato to learn how acupuncture can help reduce the pain and swelling associated with this debilitating disease. 

Weight Loss Counseling with
Dr. Andreas Michaelideses

As we all know, diet and exercise are critical to success of any weight loss plan, however underlying psychological issues often sabotage even the best laid plans.

If you are having trouble getting started on your diet or maintaining the weight you've already lost, Dr. Andreas Michaelides can provide the extra support and skills you need on your journey to a healthier, slimmer you.  Contact the office today to take advantage of Dr. Michaelides special offer this month: an initial 45 minute weight loss coaching session for only $100-- a $50 savings!
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Traumatic Brain Injury Increases Risk of ADHD
A new study has found a "significant association" between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and ADHD  in children.  Researchers found that those with even mild concussion are more prone to lapses in attention as well as anxiety issues and slower processing speed than children who had not experienced a TBI. The results appear to confirm a theory that TBI victims have a type of "secondary" ADHD.  Read more about the recent study here.

A single concussion can cause lasting and debilitating brain damage.  Dr. Brent Reynolds specializes in TBI and advises student athletes to have a baseline concussion assessment conducted prior to the start of their sport.  A neurological assessment  provides critical information on pre-injury brain function to use in rehabilitation planning in the event of TBI. 

Click here to check out Dr. Reynolds' video
to learn more about the assessment process and how it can help your child in the event of injury.  Our office is offering the assessment until September 30th for only $100 (regularly $325). Call for more info: 631.265.1223.

Fish Oil May Block Mental Illness
Schizophrenia is a debilitating psychotic disease which typically emerges during adolescence or early adulthood.  There is no known cure, only symptom treatment.   Recent clinical trials have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish may prevent the onset of psychotic disorders in high-risk young people long after the supplement is consumed. 

Participants completing a 12-week regime of Omega-3 supplements were found roughly 7 years later to have suffered significantly less psychotic episodes as compared to a control group that received placebos.  It is speculated that the Omega-3 supplements boost both brain cell regeneration and key neurotransmitters associated with mental wellness.   Read more here:

We are offering 10% off nutraMetrix Omega-3 supplements this month.  See our special offer at the bottom of this newsletter.

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Dr. Keri Chiappino & Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
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Essential Oil of the Month:
doTERRA InTune for Attention & Focus 

InTune is a proprietary blend of amyris, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang ylang, sandalwood and Roman chamomile essential oils, carefully selected for their ability to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes.

This blend helps those who have difficulty paying attention to stay on task and sustain focus.  Contact us for more information about the benefits of InTune.

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