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December 2014

The holidays are here! How quickly time flies!

Is there someone on your list who's tough to buy for? The gift of health is always the perfect fit! Purchase a massage gift certificate for a loved one -- and get $10 off any massage service for yourself. It's a gift that pays you back!

Looking for other ideas? We're also offering customizable wellness baskets for you to give to your special someone. Choose from our wide range of wellness services -- acupuncture, massage, a chiropractic visit, QEEG brain map or supplements. Create a gift certificate-filled basket of holistic goodness to introduce someone in your life to a natural wellness lifestyle. You'll receive 10% off the services and/or supplements you select and the recipient receives more than just well wishes -- they receive a gift that says you truly care! Call us to place your order and we'll have your basket wrapped and ready to go!

As you shop for your loved ones, remember to ensure your own health and safety. The American Chiropractic Association offers some sound advice to help you survive the holiday shopping season.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy holiday!

Balancing Our Lives to Ensure Well-being
Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

Health and wellness is not only about what you eat, but about the way you live your whole life. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, stress, etc. make up your total health.

As the holiday stress levels begin to rise, it's important to balance ourselves to ensure that we achieve the well-being we desire. It's very easy to get swept away in all of the commercialism of the season. All too often we find ourselves wondering the day after the holidays where the season went. It seems to get lost somewhere between the shopping mall and the bank, and all you have to show for it are aching muscles and credit card receipts.

This year try something different. Give what you can afford and resist the temptation to buy things on credit, for that will only cause unwanted stress when the bills come rolling in.

More holiday stress-beating tips from our Holistic Health Coach Lety Algeri:
Combating Perinatal Depression Through Brain-wave Training

Pregnancy should be a joyful time in a woman's life, but for some expectant moms, hormonal changes, stress and lifestyle alterations can trigger anxiety and/or depression. Symptoms of prenatal and postpartum depression can persist for weeks or months and generally do not resolve themselves. Complicating matters for treatment options is the fact that antidepressants taken during pregnancy have established downsides such as an increased risk of miscarriage, preterm birth and neurobehavioral problems in newborns. In addition, many nursing mothers are reluctant to take antidepressant medications while breastfeeding.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a common therapeutic approach to treating depression, has been shown to be equally as effective as the antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac) but without the associated side effects. Neurofeedback brain-wave training is another viable non-drug alternative that can help reduce or eliminate some or all of prescribed psychotropic medications. Contact us to learn how BrainCore neurofeedback therapy can be an effective part of your preconception planning as well as for your pre and post natal care.

"LI Best Of" Contest 2015
We're in the running -- but time is running out!

We are once again nominated "LI's Best" in several health categories this year, but the contest is ending in a few short weeks and we need your support. You can cast your vote daily by clicking here. Our categories are: Chiropractic, Psychotherapy: New Life Chiropractic
Alternative Medicine: Dr. Keri Chiappino;
Holistic Wellness: Dr. W. Brent Reynolds;
Acupuncture: Lori Fortunato and Ralph Hinkson
Contest ends on December 15. We sure appreciate your vote!

Transition to A New Healthier, Slimmer You in 2015

We are pleased to announce that Transitions Lifestyle System -- now known as TLS Weight Loss Solution-- is back! Make 2015 your year to lose weight and achieve optimum wellness through improved eating, stress reduction and exercise. This multifaceted program will help you learn how to control cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and weight! Our weekly weight loss/wellness meetings will support your efforts every step of the way, making it easier to achieve your health goals. Groups are forming now. Contact the office today about our special preregistration pricing!

Advice to Employers: Invest in Your Employees' Health

A recent Vitality Institute report sheds light on what many of us in the healthcare industry have been saying for years: invest in your employees' health to encourage disease prevention, or pay more in healthcare costs. It's ultimately up to each individual to maintain his or her own health, but employers can encourage this in their workforce.

It is common knowledge that stress has been linked to many diseases, if not causing them then certainly worsening them. A Healthy People 2000 research study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that stress contributes to 50% of all diseases in the U.S. and that 70-80% of all visits to the doctor are stress related. The study reported that "The cost of job stress in the U.S. is estimated at $200 billion annually, including costs of absenteeism, lost productivity and insurance claims."

Click here to read more about employee wellness. Better yet, invite Dr. Reynolds to speak at your company! Dr. Reynolds offers corporate wellness lectures that advocate workplace health promotion strategies to enhance the well-being of employees. Contact the front desk to inquire about scheduling Dr. Reynolds to present an informational lecture at your place of work.

Happy holidays to all our patients, friends and families! Thank you for allowing us to participate in your healthcare.

Yours in health,

Dr. Keri Chiappino & Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
New Life Wellness Center, a BrainCore of NY partner
phone: 631-265-1223
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Supplements: 10% off Prime Feminene (Female Support Formula).

Massage: Discounted holiday massage gift certificates available. Bonus: purchase a gift certificate, receive $10 off a service for yourself!

Health Coaching: 50% off initial consultation special for the month of December with Lety Algeri. Email Lety about this offer at:

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