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July 2013

The lazy, hazy days of summer are especially appreciated this year after a long, harsh winter. With the knee-high snow now a distant memory, we celebrate our nation's birthday this month with barbeques, family gatherings, softball games and other welcome outdoor activities.

Keep in mind this holiday that some simple stretches before heading out can help keep you feeling fit and pain free.

Happy Fourth of July to all our patients and their families, and especially to our veterans and those who are currently serving in all our military branches. Thank you for your service to our country!

-- Dr. Chiappino and Dr. Reynolds

Regular Chiropractic Care Offers Significant Pain Relief Benefits

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work and is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor's office.

If you're one of the 31 million Americans who suffer from back pain, take notice of a study by the Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University: patients with chronic low back pain who received regular chiropractic care after initial intensive manipulative therapy achieved significantly lower pain and disability scores at the end of the study's first one month period.

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Changing Gut Bacteria Through Diet Affects Brain Function

A recent UCLA study on the brain-gut connection found that subjects who regularly consumed beneficial bacteria (probiotics) through yogurt showed altered brain function, indicating that the intestine sends signals to the brain.

Establishing the gut-brain link will likely lead to an expansion of research to find new methods to manipulate intestinal bacteria to prevent or treat digestive, mental and neurological disorders such as Autism, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. Results of the study also raise the question of long-term consequences of repeated courses of antibiotics, which suppress normal intestinal microbiota, on brain development in children.

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Summer Sun Safety
summer sun

The welcoming warm weather gives us the opportunity to spend more time outdoors doing things that we love. Remember that even on those cloudy and hazy days, ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin, so it's important to apply sunscreen before heading outside.

Research by Environmental Working Group (EWG) found only 25% products on the market offer strong UV protection. With so many products to choose from, it's difficult to know which sunscreen is best for your family. Check out EWG's 2013 Guide to Sunscreens to better understand which products provide the most protection from the dangers of sun exposure and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

See EWG's Sunscreen Guide Here:
Second Thoughts On Splenda: It May Not Be So Splendid After All

That little yellow packet may be doing more than sweetening coffee. An Italian laboratory found the artificial sweetener sucralose, sold under the brand name Splenda, caused leukemia in mice.

The non-profit watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest just downgraded its safety rating of sucralose from "safe" to "caution," meaning that it "may pose a risk and needs to be better tested."

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Why One Medicinal Chemist Refuses To Vaccinate
vaccination dangers

Have you scheduled your child's annual physical exam yet? School may have just wrapped up, but the health appraisal forms for fall 2013 are already showing up in mailboxes with a warning on must have immunizations.

NY State is recommending that all 11 year- old-girls and boys receive the Human Papillomavirus vaccine. When it comes to immunizations, it is imperative to do your research and learn the risks.

Check out what one dad/medicinal chemist has to say about vaccinating:
American Medical Association Suggests Chiropractic for Low Back Pain

A new article in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals what we chiropractors have known for years: those suffering from lower back pain ought to try chiropractic care before resorting to surgery.

Commenting on the news, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) reiterated its long standing position that chiropractic and other conservative therapies should be regarded as a first line of defense against back pain, adding "Research confirms that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are not only clinically effective but also cost effective, so taking a more conservative approach at the onset of low back pain can also potentially save both patients and the health care system money down the line."

Read more on ACA's comments:
Stave Off the Summer Slide
Give Your Child A Jump Start on the New School Year with BrainCore Therapy
brain booster

Learning loss is common during summer vacation when children are not engaged in educational activities. Math skills in particular are affected, with students losing an estimated two months of grade level equivalency in math computation abilities during this period.

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, a learning disability or other neurological disorder, neurofeedback therapy can help regulate abnormal brain-wave patterns that underlie these conditions. Our intensive
Summer Brain Booster training program helps improve behavior and attention issues, mental sharpness and concentration. It's an enjoyable, stress-free program that creates healthy new brain-wave patterns, helping students achieve their personal best in academics, sports and in their personal lives.

We're offering 10% off the Summer Brain Booster Program for all who pay in full. Call us to learn how to help your child prepare now for success in the coming school year.

See how BrainCore neurofeedback training helped our ADHD patient improve school performance

Thank you for allowing us to participate in your healthcare.

Yours in health,

Dr. Keri Chiappino & Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
New Life Wellness Center, a BrainCore of NY partner
phone: 631-265-1223
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