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April 2013
Light it Up

April is Autism Awareness Month. The latest report from the CDC place Autism diagnoses of school-aged children at 1 in 50, up from previous estimates of 1 in 88. With the number of children being diagnosed rising at an alarming rate, we've dedicated this month's newsletter to spreading awareness of this growing epidemic.

Recognizing Autism Speaks' campaign to a shine a light on Autism, we are running our "Light It Up Blue With A Free Q" campaign this month at our Long Island office. Simply "Like" our page on Facebook and register for a chance to win a free brain map QEEG ($150 value).

Prenatal Folic Acid Reduces Risk of Autism

A new study supports growing evidence that prenatal folic acid (vitamin B-9) significantly reduces the risk of Autism. The findings reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association support previous research showing lower risk of Autism in children of mothers who take folic acid in the weeks before and after conception.

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Neurofeedback Helps Combat Autism Symptoms
BrainCore mom notes significant improvements in daughter's behavior & cognition
BrainCore Autism Victoria

Children on the spectrum often struggle with a number of neurological and social disorders. In this video, a BrainCore mom tells how neurofeedback therapy has markedly reduced behavior problems in her daughter, as well as increased verbal production, socialization, and sleep patterns.

Click here to view the video to learn more about Mikayla's progress with BrainCore therapy.

A Story of Hope
Breaking down Autism's walls with neurofeedback

This month the story of our BrainCore patient "Hope" is featured on A Piece of the Puzzle, a social community website dedicated to those with special needs and disabilities.

Check out Hope's story and other valuable resources on the site
TACA Urges Awareness + Action
When a child disappears into Autism, sometimes friends and relatives vanish as well
TACA family & friends

Our friends at Talk About Curing Autism Now (TACA) are urging us to not only raise awareness, but to take action this month to help the thousands of families across the U.S. who are affected by Autism. Visit their website to learn about ways you can help "pay it forward," as well as get valuable tips about living on the spectrum.

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New Report: Nonverbal Children with Autism Overcome Severe Language Delays
autism speech development

Hopeful news for families with children on the spectrum: A new study published in Pediatrics counters the belief that nonverbal children won't acquire speech after age 4.

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Dr. Keri Chiappino Hosts BrainCore Webinar on Autism
Join us April 9, 2013 8:30pm EST
April 9 BrainCore teleseminar

Every day that a child does not receive biomedical care to treat physiological issues that underlie disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and Asperger's, he/she falls another day behind in development.

Join us on April 9 at 8:30pm for Dr. Chiappino's webinar on the Perfect Complement to Behavioral Therapy for a Child on the Autistic Spectrum. Learn how neurofeedback brain-wave training can be an effective part of an integrative treatment plan to help your child's brain function more efficiently and overcome symptoms associated with his/her disorder.

Register Now:
See Us At The Following Autism Events:
worldautism awareness

We're out raising awareness this month at the following events:

We're also supporting Zumba for Autism, Ward Melville's fundraiser on April 19. Join our staff members who will be dancing for the cause and be sure to enter the New Life Wellness raffle to win supplements, a free brain map QEEG certificate and other valuable prizes.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in your healthcare.

Yours in health,

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