Weekly Shabbos Newsletter
Parshas Pekudei
 March 1, 2014
  • Candle Lighting at 5:26 PM
  • Mincha 5:36 PM
  • Kabollas Shabbos following Mincha.
  • This Shabbos is
    • Shabbos Mevorchim Hachodesh Adar Bais
    • Shabbos Shekalim
  • The Moled occurs on Shabbos 3:10 (8 Chalakim) PM
  • Rosh Chodesh is Sunday (3/2) and Monday 3/3)
  • Torah reading: The first seven Aliyot are read from Parshas Pekudei. Maftir is read from a second Sefer Torah in Parshas Ki Tisa (30:11-16) (6 p'sukim)
  • Haftorah reading is  from II Kings 11:17-12:17 
  • Daf Yomi 7:30 AM.
  • Shacharis in Beis Medrash 8:00 AM
  • Shacharis in Shul 8:30 AM.
  • Chazzan Benzion Miller and the Aaron Miller Memorial Choir will be leading the tefilos
  • Parsha Shiur by Rabbi Snow 4:25 PM
  • Mincha at 5:10 PM followed by Shalosh Seudos and Gemara Shiur.
  • Shalosh Seudos Sponsored by:
    • Mrs. Rosalyn Levin in memory of Rechel bas Meir Zev A"H
    • Mrs. Sarky Metzger 
  • Maariv at 6:37 PM.

Shabbos Mevorchim Sponsorship  

Mevorchim Chodesh Adar Bais 
Parshas Pekudei,  March 1, 2014 
sponsored by 
Mr. Menachem Yisroel Katz

No doubt that in the merit of supporting this public proclamation of Birchas Hachodesh, the Almighty will bestow upon you, your family, and your loved ones, the monthly recited prayer of renewal -
"Yechadesheihu - for life and peace, for gladness and joy, for salvation and consolation. Amen.
Previous Sponsors
Parsha Message From the Rabbi
Individuality vs Collectivity...
Parshas Pekudei

Yehuda Green 
In Concert 

Motzoi Shabbos March 1, 2014

Doors Open 8:00 PM
Program Starts 8:45 PM

$36 * $50 * $100 * Student Special $15 
(Separate Seating ) 



Will Call Tickets 
You can order your tickets online or by phone, and they can be picked up at the office or at the concert in the Downstairs Bais Medrash (48th side entrance) 
Concert Night Ticket Purchases
Tickets can be purchased at the concert in the Downstairs Shul Office
(48th side entrance). 
Tickets can also be purchased at Eichler's on 13th Avenue in Boro Park.

JM inthe AM's 2104 fundrasing Marathon has begun. It runs thru March 7, 2014. Check out their tchotchkes for 2014.

As Rabbi Moshe Snow mentioned "JM in the AM plays a valuable role for Jewish Radio listeners." Show your support, visit their site at the  Marathon Page

Adar II: Hamentaschen, Coffee & Tea 

Starting Monday, March 3rd and for the entire month of Adar II, we will be serving coffee, tea and hamentaschen to all our mispallilim at our daily weekday Minyanim, Monday thru Friday  7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.
Please join one of our morning Minyanim if you haven't already, and avail yourself of freshly baked hamentaschen and a hot beverage of your choice. 
Women's Leadership Council Event
Please note that the lecture scheduled for Motzei Shabbos, March 8, 2014 has been cancelled.
Guess Who Davened, Again!
Thank you, Chazzan Yaakov Rosenfeld, for davening again last Shabbos.  Great phrasing, great modulation, great everything!

Kol Nediv Libo (Everyone Who is Generous of Heart...)

Help!  The Shul is in dire need to upgrade its office computer & software.  The computer is ancient and soooooo slow.  Slow as molasses as they say! :(  
We desperately need:
        • Late Model Computer (Windows 7)
        • Larger Monitor
        • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
        • QuickBooks

Help Us by Donating Something, Anything!  Thanks!  

Shabbos Kiddush in Adar--Just $200 Needed  
We are very close to reaching our sponsorship goal for the Adar II Kiddush.  Several people have already become sponsors, however we are in need of only a mere $200 more to make this Kiddush happen. Our last Kiddush was a huge success and we would like to continue to host these events on a regular basis.   
Please consider becoming a sponsor, and click here to do so.  Thanks!
Mazel Tov - Mr. Jack Weinstein
We are delighted to extend a warm Mazel Tov to Mr. Jack Weinstein on the engagement of his granddaughter, Aliza Reicher to Dr. Sidney Sternberger of Lawrence, NY.  May he enjoy much nachas from his family in good health for many years to come.
Weekly Schedule -  March 2, 2014  
Daf Yomi Sunday: 
7:30 AM 
Shacharis Sunday: 
8:30 AM
Daf Yomi Monday-Friday:  
6:00 AM 
Shacharis Daily:
7:00 & 8:00 AM 
6:10 PM
Tuesday Night Gemara Shiur by Rabbi Snow:
8:00 PM

Daf Yomi Shabbos: 
 1 hour before Davening 

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