Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park
Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa~~ February 15 2014
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Items of Note
Yehuda Green
Rabbi's Message
Mazel Tov Shai Dov Givon
Guess Who Davened Last Shabbos
Snow Event
Shabbos Kiddush
Women's Leadership Council
Davening Schedule
Shabbos Mevorchim Sponsorship
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Items of Note 

  • Candle Lighting at 5:10 PM.
  • Mincha 5:20 PM.
  • Kabollas Shabbos following Mincha.
  • This Shabbos is Shushan Purim Katan 
  • Daf Yomi 7:30 AM.
  • Shacharis in Beis Medrash 8:00 AM
  • Shacharis in Shul 8:45 AM.
  • Parsha Shiur by Rabbi Snow 4:05 PM
  • Mincha at 4:50 PM followed by Shalosh Seudos and Gemara Shiur.
  • Shalosh Seudos Sponsored by:
    • Steve Rosenkranz  in memory of his father Aharon Moshe ben Shlomo A"H
  • To sponsor a Shalosh Seudos Click Here.  
  • Maariv at 6:21 PM.
Motzoi Shabbos
March 1, 2014
8:00 PM

Yehuda Green
In Concert

Admission: $36 * $50 * $100 * Student Special $15
(Separate Seating & Entrances) 
Message from the Rabbi
You Do Count ...  
Six Minutes with our Rabbi
Rabbi Moshe Snow Ki Sisa
Rabbi Moshe Snow Parshas Ki Sisa

Mazel Tov! Shai Dov Givon Aufruf   
Mazel Tov to Yokhai & Frieda Givon upon the upcoming marriage of their son Shai Dov to Nitzan Cohen!

The Aufruf will IY"H be this Shabbos, Parshas Ki Sisa in main Shul. A Kiddusha Rabba will be served in the social hall after davening.

May the Givon and Cohen families see much Yiddishe Nachas from their Chosson & Kallah and may we always share in each others Simchas!
Guess Who Davened Last Shabbos?    
People often say, "It's a small world."  I don't know... for me, it's an international world filled with of lots of different Yidden.

And international it was last Shabbos when Chazzan Nathan Gluck, Chazzan of The Munk Synagogue, Golders Green, London, took to the bima his British self, davening for Shacharis, Haftorah and Musaf.  


A bit of London in our shul, it was.  A chazzan with a classical, proper nusach, with a rich, full voice that easily resonated to all corners, inspiring our mispalim to join in davening aloud.  And then there was the gentleman in the back, and Eli Miller in the front--inspired to harmonize with Chazzan Gluck.  It was all quite, quite nice, if I may say so myself.   Lots of nice surprises we have at our shul, on our "Off Shabbosim."

Snow Event      
As we prepare for the coming snow we will be presented with challenges (parking, ice, dismissal, cancellations, etc.) that are inherent with storms like this, let's remember to be patient and understanding with each other.

Some drivers will drive or park carelessly, people will be late, tempers will flare, and unfortunately, things can be said and done that are normally unlike us.

Be assured - the snow will melt, our lives will quickly return to normal and this storm will be forgotten.

But a word, action, or even a gesture, will be remembered long after by your friends and neighbors.

Please be patient and understanding and we will get through this together.

Wishing you safety, warmth and continued hatzlocha,
Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation
Shabbos Kiddush in Adar ShabMevorchimSponsorship  
We are looking for sponsors to make this Kiddush a reality. Our last Kiddush was a huge success and we would like to continue to host these events on a regular basis Click Here to Sponsor
Women's Leadership Council Event

Date: Motzei Shabbos, March 8, 2014, 8:30PM
Place: Shul Social Hall
Donation: $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

A dynamic lecture by a frum Black Woman Speaker followed by question and answers.

Light refershments will be served,

Payment can be made either online (click here) or in the shul office prior to the event. We invite all women to come, young and old to this special event. 
Weekly Schedule -  Feb 16, 2014  
Daf Yomi Sunday: 
7:30 AM 
Shacharis Sunday: 
8:30 AM
Daf Yomi Monday-Friday:  
6:00 AM 
Shacharis Daily:
7:00 & 8:00 AM 
5:55 PM
Tuesday Night Gemara Shiur by Rabbi Snow:
8:00 PM

Daf Yomi Shabbos: 
 1 hour before Davening 

Shabbos Mevorchim Sponsorships -- All Are Taken For This YearShabbosMevorchimSponsorship

The Activities Committee in conjunction with our Mispallilim, are much appreciative to all the individuals who have so graciously sponsored Shabbos Mevorchim and Shabbos Rosh Chodesh throughout this year, 5774. 

No doubt, that in the merit of supporting this public proclamation of Birchas Hachodesh, the Almighty will bestow upon you, your family, and your loved ones, the monthly recited prayer of renewal -
"Yechadesheihu - for life and peace, for gladness and joy, for salvation and consolation. Amen.

Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef - Parshas Terumah Feb 1 was sponsored
לעילוי נשמת
אלטר משה מנחם בו זאב יהודה - יאר צייט ט' אדר
   משה מנחם בן זאב יהודה - יאר צייט ט' אדר
רחל בת יעקב
שמואל חיים בן רפאל מנחם

Chodesh Adar Alef - Parshas Mishpatim,  Jan 25 is was sponsored by
Mr. Danny & Dr. Agnes Zucker
in honor of
חנה בת אסיה תחי
שתזכה בקרוב לזרע של קיימא 
Chodesh Shevat - Parshas Va'eira,  Dec 28 was sponsored by 
לעילוי נשמת
מאיר אריה בן חיים שמשון
נפטר כ'ה שבט תשנ'ג
ולעילוי נשמת
סאסא לאה בת יהודה לייב
נהרגה על קידוש השם
כ'ה תמוז תשנ'ז
Chodesh Teves- Parshas Miketz, Nov 30 
was sponsored in memory
לעילו נשמת
ר' חיים בן מנחם מנדל ע"ה 
נפטר כ"ה אייר תשל"ב
מרת הינדא רחל בת משה יהודה ע"ה
נפטרה י"ד תשרי תשנ"ג
Chodesh Kislev - Parshas Toldot, Nov 1 
was sponsored by 
Eli Karp proprietor of 
Hello Living, LLC

Eli Miller
Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park