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September 2016
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Top Ten Reasons to Care for Your Culture
by Donna Brighton for Culture University

Caring for Culture - Caring for your culture is not an annual event or even a monthly event. Just like sleeping and eating, caring for your culture is a daily activity that requires an investment of your time and attention. 

Caring involves Clarity, Accountability, Relationships and Esteem. 
As a leader, when caring for your culture, you must explain and demonstrate the behaviors of the culture you want to create, hold people accountable for adhering to the culture, build relationships with employees and hold them in high esteem. 
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How to Pursue the Long-Term Strategy and
Avoid the Big Short
by Hans Pettit
...It's highly unlikely that we'll ever reach a point of economic, political, or business equilibrium. But significant change points such as we're experiencing now provide a great reminder of how important it is for banks to define and then stay true to their core offerings and values. Chances are, you already know this.
Here are a few ways you can act on that conviction when external factors are pulling you to make decisions that are in direct contrast to your strategic vision.
  • Don't be swayed by competition or what may make you attractive to stakeholders today.
  • Know your identity and true strategic plan. Stay true to that. The banks that survived the financial crisis were the ones that stayed focused on their core strengths. They were able to recover more quickly and it lessened the impact.
  • Filter trends through your strategic vision and plan. Ask how it will enhance the value of the bank and shareholders.
  • Know how a decision fits into your profitability, asset quality, and culture over the long-term.
  • Involve your key stakeholders in making decisions.
Bottom line is that the banks that sustain profitability take a windshield view. They're courageous enough to listen to the right advisors and to consider the ripple effect of every decision. History shows what can happen when we do - and when we don't - stay on course to the future.
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Bankers Title Team Provides
School Supplies to Local Family

It is back to school time!

The Bankers Title team members purchased school supplies for two children in the Chesterfield County area. Lisa Miller reached out to a friend with Chesterfield County Mental Health Support Services and obtained the list of school supplies for a family in need.

We loaded up the kindergartener and 3rd grader to make sure they have a great start to the school year. In total, we purchased the students' supplies, backpacks, the teacher supplies, and even extra supplies to keep at home for homework. This little team tries to make a big difference in the lives of others!

Pictured left to right: (front row) Kay Callis, Vicky Carter, Alinda Keesey, Lacey Kelsey, Jaime Brown (Back row) Heather Bishop and Lisa Miller (not pictured: Cindy Dail and Christy Simmons)
The Key to Success in the Mortgage Business: Making Mentorship Work
by Kortney Rollinger

Most of us work our entire careers with little recognition for the work we do. That's alright because those of us who achieve some measure of success in our vocation tend to be in it for the work itself and not the recognition.

Few of us end up where we thought when we were younger. This is especially true in our industry, where the paths that have led many of us to our current positions have been long and winding. After some consideration, I found that my success had less to do with the path I had taken and much more to do with the mentors I found along the way. Read on ...

Lenders Win When Originators Attend the Closing
by Brian Honea

According to a recent analysis, originators should attend the closing if for no other reason than potential sales and marketing benefits that come from meeting the realtor and buyer. But for the originator, there is also the benefit of potential contact with the seller. Learn more...
How Community Banks Can Win Treasury Management Business
by Chris Nichols for CenterState

If you have to battle the large national or regional banks for treasury management business, then you are in luck because competition is easy. Of course, many community banks don't feel that way, but often that is because they have the wrong approach. At a recent conference, we gathered a group of banks to distill best practices to help banks better compete. This post highlights the 6 things you need to do to help your bank win over the most valuable product in banking - treasury management. Click HERE to learn more.

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Creating a Great Customer Experience

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5 Ways Your Community Bank is Giving Up
from SCMG Blog

Community Banks Are Giving Away Their Competitive Advantage. As dumb as it sounds, many community banks are voluntarily giving their primary competitive advantages over to their larger bank competitors. The big banks have the big money behind them and with that they can out advertise you, out tech you, out staff you, and out spend you in every way imaginable. So what do you have left? This isn't rocket science, we all know the answer. It's the relationship. It's great service. It's the customer experience whether in the branch, the drive-thru, or on the phone. A community bank, can and should easily outperform the big banks in customer service and flexibility to the customer's needs. Here are five simple ways to know if you're giving away your advantage. Learn more...

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3 Tax Deductions All Agents Should Utilize Immediately
by Aaron Lesher
  • Missing eligible deductions can mean you pay thousands extra in taxes -- your accountant can only file with the information you provide.
  • Commissions paid can be the biggest write-off agents take during the year, significantly reducing taxable income.
  • True profit is what agents have left over after paying expenses and taxes.
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**Remember to offer your borrowers Owner's Coverage on their most valuable investment. It's a one time premium with a lifetime of security. In addition, they will receive a reduced premium rate when they obtain it simultaneously with your Lender's Coverage.**

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