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Issue: # 29      
March 2014  
Transforming your favorite foods into tasty yet healthy alternatives that also save you time & money is what "Julification" is all about!  I have already shared 3 TIPS with you in previous installments of New Vitality News
, and today I have one of my favorite tricks to share with you:  making turkey sausage that tastes just like OINK!

Several years ago, we completely cut pork out of our diet, and since then there is not much that I miss about it except sausage.... let me count the ways that I LOVE sausage.... spicy Italian sausage, tangy Mexican chorizo, savory breakfast sausage.... and the list goes on.  While we miss the taste, we DON'T miss the health risks, fat, and general blessings associated with cutting this "meat" out of our diet.

TIP #4:
Ground beef also works for switching from pork, but my family enjoys ground turkey much more.  It has a similar texture and "packing" quality to pork. 

So, if you have been thinking about cutting pork from your diet too, CLICK HERE to download a copy of "Julie's Favorite Sausage Seasoning Recipes."  And if you enjoy these ideas, check out The Lazy Housewife Cookbook to discover more "Julified" recipes!

Continuing on with my blog series, "The Devil's Advocate on Antioxidants," learn more about how to discern fact from fiction in scientific studies.  This week I discuss the first of two main categories of
Human Studies: READ MY BLOG and get the information you need to make informed decisions for you and your family!

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