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September 2013 

The Thalamus & Limbic System

Just as an automobile may have multiple microprocessors to control different areas of the car, our nervous system can be divided into various regions as well. An incredibly fascinating branch of the nervous system is the limbic system, "which is chiefly concerned with memory, learning and emotions." (2) The limbic system is often referred to as our "primitive brain," and sometimes our "smelling brain." The connection between emotions, memories, and learning are mysteriously tied together by our Creator with our sense of smell. Have you ever smelled a familiar scent and been taken back to your childhood, feeling like you are right there living a memory all over again?   


2 Know Your Body: The Atlas of Anatomy, Introduced by Emmett B. Keefe, M.D., Stanford University Medical Center, Ulysses Press: 1999. 


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Julie Formby

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Healing the Mind


Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

-Romans 12:2

Biblical truth and herbal medicine work together to heal the mind,
verified by  modern science!
Contrary to what we have been told, the brain CAN re-generate after injury.  Dr. Paul Hegstrom of Life Skills International is living proof.  After triple-bypass surgery, he lost 40% of his memory, but over time, he has regained that lost function. And in learning how the brain can recover from injury, he has discovered the science behind the biblical principle of "renewing the mind." 

Just as the brain is able to re-wire itself to restore brain function, it is also able to re-wire itself to create new habits and patterns of thinking.  But an act of our will is necessary in order for this to happen.  In fact, we must take advantage of the power of the SPOKEN word for renewal of the mind to take place.  

The next several blogs will focus on the process of renewing the mind, including the tools that G-d has created to assist this process. 

Stay tuned to learn how you can overcome negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits! 

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Remaining sessions will cover:

09.17.13 Session 7: Fasting

There are many more references to fasting in the Bible than today's popular Daniel fast.  Learn about a variety and how you can utilize fasting to supercharge your spiritual and physical health today!


09.24.13 Session 8: Training the Inclination

Neurological pathways are burned into our brains through our life experiences and how we respond. These brain pathways are what causes habitual thinking and actions-- learn how re-train your mind and break undesirable habits of the "flesh."


10.01.13 Session 9: Living Water 

Learn about the life-giving importance of water and its significance in the Bible, including the spiritual symbolism of Living Water. 


10.08.13 Session 10: The Chemistry of Spiritual Fruit

Whether we choose to manifest the fruit of the flesh or the fruit of the Spirit, both have an impact spiritually as well as physically.


TIME:   6-8pm


LOCATION: Loveland Vineyard Community

900 Josephine Court 

Loveland, CO 80537


COST:$5 each per session  

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