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Issue: # 8 
April 2013 

The Right Amount of H2O 


Did you know that a baby is 95% water at birth and that at the end of life we are composed of only 50% water?  What does that tell you about aging?  That wrinkled, prune-like appearance as we age can be minimized, and even reversed with regular, adequate daily water intake.  So, what is the right amount of water to consume on a daily basis?  Check out my latest blog:

 Staying Youthful Longer-- Part VA: The Chemistry of Nutrition

Pure Water



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Julie Formby

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Package Deals & New Pricing
I am partnering with Holistic Health Coach Mollie Freeman of LifeSong Nutrition to offer two amazing package deals at two price points.  

SavingsHolistic healthcare is often paid out-of-pocket and not covered by insurance. In order to make my services more affordable and less prohibitive for those who could really benefit from my training and expertise, I have recently decreased my price structure, and I will work with you to create a payment plan that is feasible for your budget.

CLICK HERE to view package deals & new pricing.
  Upcoming Events
April FREE Seminar Series in Fort Collins: 

The 5 Keys to Health & Youth 
The keys to health are the same keys to staying youthful longer!  Learn how to take avoid preventable diseases, improve your health immediately, and secure wellness and vitality for the long-term!

Health & Youth Seminar

1) Tuesday, April 30@11AM-12PM

Spotlight Music

SW Corner of College & Harmony

4606 S. Mason St.

Fort Collins, CO 80525



2) Tuesday, April 30@6:30-7:30PM 

Mugs Coffee Lounge
261 S. College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

  Sugar Addiction
Sugar Blues: Kick Your Sugar Habit for Good  
Offered in partnership with Holistic Health Coach Mollie Freeman.

Learn why sugar is so addictive and how you can conquer the cravings! 


TIMES & LOCATIONS in Fort Collins: TBD in May

medicinal herbs

Herb Walk@The Denver Botanical Gardens 
Join me to learn about medicinal herbs,including those native to Colorado.


Space is limited for all of these events,
and they fill up quickly! 
or call Julie at 970-203-9540
Easy Thai-Style Baked Fish

Thai Fish

Lay out fish of any kind in a 9X13" baking dish (I love this with salmon!)


Mix and pour over the top:

1 can coconut milk (add more if you want it to be like a soup)

3-4 pieces of galangal root

3-4 kaffir lime leaves

juice from one lime 

2-3 pieces of cut lemon grass (if you don't have fresh or frozen on hand, then King Soopers sells it in a tube in the herbs section of the produce aisle)

1-3 T. fish sauce

Diced jalapenos to taste


*NOTE:  All of the Asian ingredients should be available fresh or frozen at your local Asian food store for cheap!  East-West Imports in Fort Collins is awesome!


Bake at 375 degrees until bubbling and fish is done, about 1 hour if fish is frozen.  Spoon out the leaves and grasses, then serve over your choice of rice, steamed vegetables, a bed of spinach, quinoa, etc.  Delicious!



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