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Chiropractor Dr. Lance and I are working on a Bloodwork Analysis seminar, including A1C markers.

Many who attended
Sugar Blues: Kick Your Sugar Habit for Good voiced a desire for a follow-up session that would provide more in-depth information on the chemistry of sugar in the body, including the addictive aspect of sugar.

Holistic Health Coach Mollie Walker Freeman and I are working on a series of Corporate Wellness Seminars to be offered over the lunch hour  to local businesses.

 If you missed the FREE March Seminars and would like to attend one in the future, then contact me or stay tuned for details.
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Staying Youthful Longer: A Holistic Approach
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Part IV: The Chemistry of Digestion

Internal View of Digestion

Included: link to one of several articles by Dr. Mercola  about Prilosec.

This past week I met with a woman who feels that her health has fallen apart over the last few years.  She started to tell me about the issues that she has spent thousands of dollars to address with little to no resolution.  Then she stopped herself and told me that she was torn about telling too much because she feels like other practitioners hone in on one thing and neglect other important issues.  So, I told her, then don't tell me what is going on...let me see if I can tell you through observation techniques that I learned through Chinese Face, Tongue & Nail Analysis.  I was a little nervous about this offer but also confident because I have been able to accurately assess others.  I am happy to report that I passed "the test!"  This lady said that she wanted to cry because I had identified everything that she struggles with on a physical level.  She feels encouraged about getting started on her journey toward more vibrant health and vitality!

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Issue: # 6 
March 2013 
  Tummy Trouble
Digestive Ruminations
Julie Formby
Nearly every client I see needs some type of digestive support.  Being breastfed as a baby... frequent use of antibiotics.... a highly processed diet.... chronic ingestion of fructose.... these factors all affect digestive health.  Most Americans suffer from some sort of digestive disorder, as evidenced by an exponential increase in the use of antacids.

So, I begin with most clients by improving their digestion through making nutritional changes and the use of herbs and supplements, especially colostrum and probiotics.  One dietary technique that I am experimenting with is fermented vegetables, which are RICH in nutrients and help to restore a proper balance of beneficial intestinal bacteria through their natural probiotic content.  My friend Mollie Walker Freeman just gave me a crash course on how to make my own fermented vegetables.  I went to our local discount grocery store called Esh's, and picked up some sweet deals on organics including: daikon, beets, cabbage, Anaheim peppers, carrots, yellow squash, chayote, blueberries, and blackberries-- yes!  you CAN ferment fruits too....they are soooo good-- like homemade preserves.  I sweetened mine with glycerine to reduce the sugar content.

Fermented Veggies
If you want to learn more about how to make your own probiotics  and get a jumpstart on improving your digestion naturally and inexpensively, visit one of these links:

Also, if you are interested in learning how to make your own coconut kefir, contact me and request COCONUT KEFIR in the subject line.

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your health concerns or to schedule an assessment and positively impact your health by learning how to improve your health immediately while securing long-term vitality! 


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L'chaim-- To Life!


Julie Formby
New Vitality, LLC

Master Herbalist,
Nutritional Consultant,
Biological Terrain Technician
March Promotions
I am pairing up with Holistic Health Coach Mollie Freeman to offer two amazing package deals at two price points

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Introductory Holistic Health Package Deal

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  • 2 visits each with Mollie & Julie

Premier Holistic Health Package Deal

(6 month program-- $1175 -OR- Save 15% and pay only $995 if paid in full at first FREE consultation)


  • 8 visits with Mollie
  • 4 visits with Julie

Holistic Health Coaching with Mollie:

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.  Go to to learn about all that is included in Mollie's health coaching program.


Holistic Health Assessment with Julie:
A combination of techniques from eastern and western holistic medicine are used to assess the body, then to address the root issues of health concerns. You will learn how to improve your immediate health and secure long-term vitality!  Go to to learn all that is included in Julie's holistic health assessment.


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