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November 26, 2013

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Rob Sequin | Havana Journal


I read well over a dozen Cuba related news articles and blog posts every day.

Here are some recent Cuba articles that I think you will enjoy.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our US readers.

Sit and enjoy friends, family, food and a good Cuba newsletter! 



Cuban Interests Section stops passport and visa services. gets Cuban birth certificates Cuba's mission to the United States said it has been forced to halt nearly all consular services effective Tuesday because the bank that handled its accounts was severing the relationship, and diplomats...

Real Cuban cigars for sale.  Black Friday Cigar Sale - All Week Long

Interesting article on current and potential US / Miami / Cuba business.  One Step Forward, One Step Back For Cuba's Market Reforms - There are myriad ways for Florida's best and brightest legal and business minds to lend a hand while Cuba updates its economic model, Akerman's Pedro A. Freyre and Matthew D. Aho write.

Russia to restart oil exploration off Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba next year. 

Cuba News and Cuba Standard websites to merge. Larry #Luxner leaves, Johannes Werner becomes new editor. Fernado #Donayre and Tony Zamora owners. Congrats to all and we wish them all a bright future. 

Cuba to order 10 more jets from Russia. Let me guess... on "credit"  Cuba Standard

Good seminar on Cuba's Industrial Future but only one speaker mentions Mariel. #ICCAS offers nothing new as usual. 

Joaquin Perez uses Havana Journal photos for #Cuba presentation without asking. Good thing I watermarked my photos.  He apologized and changed the photos in his presentation.

More on Cuban state run businesses being able to sell excess inventory. January will be a BIG month for Cuban economy  Cuba reduces obstacles in its business system - Progreso Weekly

BIG NEWS: state-owned Cuban companies will be allowed to sell surplus to open market. BIG changes coming in January 

Plan A #Cuba Embargo failure... "Diplomacy Derailed" and "Failure Compounded," two short films by Tracey Eaton  Diplomacy Derailed" and "Failure Compounded," two short films by investigative journalist Tracey Eaton

Cuba goes live with website to promote Mariel Special Development Zone - Cuba goes live with website to promote Mariel Special Development Zone  The Cuban government has recently been promoting the new "special development" business and trade zone at the port of Mariel, just west of Havana.

Havana Journal Inc owns and we have short term plans to start a new website about this new Special Development Zone in Mariel.

Richard #Feinberg offers analysis on Obama and Kerry US Cuba comments and he is the one to listen to about this.  Deciphering diplo-speak on Cuba - Other Views - Miami Herald - Diplomats often speak with purposeful ambiguity, to please multiple audiences and to not give away their hand prematurely. But a careful parsing of diplo-speak can offer valuable clues in anticipating...

Cuban entrepreneurs and customers want their movies and retail clothing stores back. Unrest in #Cuba?  FEATURE-Cuban entrepreneurs reeling over crackdown on 3D movie theaters - Cubans want 3D theaters re-opened* Closing of clothing shops unpopular* Communist Party recognizes discontent By Rosa Tania Valdes - Cubans are upset over decrees by the communist...

If Silvio Canto, Jr. has bought any merchandise from China, he is a hypocrite.  Blog: Think of Cuba's political prisoners before you spend your dollars there. Cuba desperately wants your dollars, euros, pesos or whatever you want to spend in the island. It needs tourism very badly.

More wrongheaded and selfish pro-Embargo anti-American propaganda by Jaime #Suchlicki  Why Sanctions on Cuba Must Remain in Place - If the travel ban and the embargo are ended unilaterally now by the U.S., what negotiating tool to encourage change in Cuba will the U.S. government have with a future regime? By Jaime Suchlicki.

Excellent conversation with Tampa rep Kathy Castor about her Cuba trip and pressing Obama to ease up on Cuba.  

There must be serious talk about new US Cuba policy. US travel and trade freedom hater Jaime #Suchlicki is worried.  If the travel ban and the embargo are ended unilaterally now by the U.S., what negotiating tool to encourage change in Cuba will the U.S. government have with a future regime? By Jaime Suchlicki.

Circumnavigate Cuba with upcoming Cuba cruise. 

Not your average Cuban music documentary - Kickstarter page  Hard Rock Havana - A documentary film introducing communist Cuba's legendary heavy metal band-the most popular rock stars you've never heard of.

Cuban delegation from Interests Section in Washington DC visits Tampa and gets Jose Marti tour. RARE visit.  Cuba delegation tours Ybor of revolutionary Martí - TAMPA - Tampa has long shared cultural bonds with Cuba, from the mid-1800s when immigrants flocked here for work in the cigar industry to the food, music and traditions of today.

Seven steps President Obama can take to promote change in Cuba AND give Americans' freedom by adapting the Embargo  Seven Steps the U.S. President Can Take to Promote Change in Cuba by Adapting the Embargo - A Cuba Working Group report shows how the Obama administration can encourage private organizations and individuals to support economic change in Cuba.

Obama to loosen financial restrictions on Americans? US credit cards good in Cuba? and more analysis and options. 

Stop #USAID to Cuba. Imagine if Iran was funding dissent in the US? There would be arrests in the US.  Information on pro-democracy groups may have been intercepted by Cuba. Documents mistakenly sent to U.S. diplomats in Havana on an unsecured line may have provided Cuba with information about dissident groups there, officials say.

Still want to invest in #Cuba? You will invest time and money and loose both. Hopefully not spending time in jail too 

Havana Cuba cruise on schedule to depart in December.  Cuba Cruise is to complete safety inspections and upgrade several areas on board Louis Cristal before she crosses the Atlantic to start her inaugural season circumnavigating Cuba.

Like a good Communist, Elian Gonzalez blames US for his mother's death at sea leaving Cuba. Not Fidel? Nope.  Elian Gonzalez blames US law for childhood ordeal. Elian Gonzalez, who at age six sparked an international custody battle that ended in his dramatic return to Cuba, blamed a US law for his mother's death in an interview posted Monday. In November 1999,...

National Geographic now offers #Cuba trips to Santiago de Cuba for ALL Americans. 


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