Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Charlotte, Atlanta, Richmond and Jacksonville Churches Generate Excitement and Action
 at PHEN's Prostate Health Education Symposiums!

Bensalem, PA Symposium, Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church 
June 11, 2016
Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Grammy award winning gospel artist and Sr. Pastor, Love Fellowship Tabernacle is joined by Dr. Artie Shelton, PHEN Survivor Network and Dr. Michael Metro, Temple University. 

PHEN continued its successful "4th Annual Prostate Health Educational Symposium" series at Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church, in Bensalem, PA; Ben Hill United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA; The Saint Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA; Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, and Greater Grant Memorial AME Church in Jacksonville, FL.

These events bring prostate cancer education and awareness to churches within the black community. Black men are at the highest risk for prostate cancer with one in five being diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime, and more than twice as likely to die from the disease than white men
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC 
June 11, 2016
          Melvin Riddick, the Brotherhood Ministry, and Walter Burke, PHEN Survivor
 Network Member, accept an award from PHEN president and founder, Thomas A. Farrington. 
Right-Rev. Paul Revere, Morrow's Chapel United Methodist Church. 
Dr. Robert Waterhouse, Carolina Urology addresses the audience. 
Right- prostate cancer survivors and wives speak out. 

Attendees at the Town Hall meeting. Right- Dr. Richard Natalle II, Carolina Urology
Dr. Robert Waterhouse; and Prof. Sonja Wilson, NC A&T University speak at the Town Hall meeting.   

"We could not be more proud of our church partners and how they have stepped up to educate their congregations and communities about prostate cancer," said Thomas A. Farrington, president and founder, the Prostate Health Education Network. "We have seen the churches come together in remarkable ways that includes panels of caregivers and prostate cancer survivors sharing their personal stories, political officials pledging their support, moving musical performances, prayers and tributes to prostate cancer survivors and loved ones, as well as men lining up to get tested and learn their prostate cancer risk."

The St. Paul's Baptist Church, Richmond, VA 
June 11, 2016

Mark Kennedy, Director of Outreach, PHEN; Rev. Jamie Duncan, and 
Robbie Cunningham, the St. Paul's Baptist Church. Right- DJ Brad "Elbravador"Johnson
 speaks about being a prostate cancer survivor. 

Performance by The St. Paul's Baptist Church Men's Choir

These events are part of a nationwide series of 18 PHEN prostate health symposia taking place in additional cities including: Boston, MA; Birmingham, AL; Brooklyn and Queens, NY; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Raleigh Durham, NC and Nashville, TN.  They are open for men and women, and structured for healthy men at high risk for prostate cancer, prostate cancer survivors, caregivers, and family members. Each symposium is FREE and open to the public, includes breakfast or lunch, and some provide free prostate cancer screening. 

Ben Hill United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA 
June 4, 2016
John Cutter, PHEN Survivor Network Member and Georgia Representative Virgil Fludd, 
Chair, House Democratic Caucus. Right- A packed audience looks on, at Ben Hill UMC.  
Juanita Jackson, Chair of the Ben Hill UMC Care Committee and members, accept 
an award from PHEN founder, Thomas A. Farrington. Right- Survivors and caregivers, 
Sydney Stinson Ferguson and Chatman and Audrey Carruthers.

Dr. Millard Collier, Atlanta West Primary Care Associates. 
Right- Dr. James B. Benton, Vantage Oncology. 

Greater Grant Memorial AME Church, Jacksonville, FL
June 11, 2016

Pastor Tan Moss, Greater Grant Memorial. 
Right- Attendees at luncheon
and Networking Session.


Happy Father's Day!

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