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Dear PHEN Survivor Network Members and Supporters,

The U. S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) WILL assess the benefits and harms of PSA early detection screening for African American men during the research for its new PSA screening recommendation, This approach was not taken in 2012 when the USPSTF recommended against PSA screening for all men regardless of their risk-level. In addition, the draft research plan for developing the new recommendation, published by the USPSTF in October, 2015, did not include this approach. However, we raised our collective voices through comments to the USPSTF on its draft research plan and they were heard!

This is a major victory in PHEN's ongoing efforts since 2011 to make certain that the formulation of PSA screening guidelines fairly assess, and address, the needs of African American men and other populations at high risk for prostate cancer.

You can review PHEN's November 20, 2015 news release here, outlining our comments to the USPSTF. This is a link to the final research plan; note the "Key questions to be systematically reviewed." 

This progress demonstrates the impact that we can have on policy decisions when we raise our voices together.

I want to thank each of you for your support of this effort. However, I want to clearly emphasize that the USPSTF is at the beginning stages of its research and analyses for issuing a new PSA screening recommendation. PHEN will follow this process closely and keep you informed. I do anticipate that we may have to raise our voices again at some point during the process - stay tuned.  
Thank you again for your support.

Thomas A. Farrington
PHEN President and Founder

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