February 19, 2015

       Let's Get Loud!
PHEN is excited to launch PHEN Walk 2015 to increase prostate cancer awareness and advocacy nationwide. This online virtual walk will outreach broadly to educate and increase awareness about pressing prostate cancer issues of today that impact on early detection, patient care, research and education. Please join the walk to raise your voice.

PHEN Walk 2015 is a fun and exciting competition like other prostate cancer walks. Our competition is online and allows for everyone to join - there is no entry fee. There will be recognition and prizes throughout the duration of this seven month-long walk.

The walk is also a fundraiser in support of this effort and PHEN's other education and awareness initiatives, and we will appreciate your contribution.

Please explore PHEN Walk 2015 online and join today.

Let's get loud!

Thomas A. Farrington
President and Founder 

Introducing the PHEN Virtual Walk to Raise Prostate Cancer Awareness 



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