Survivor Network in Action
PHEN's national education and awareness outreach is supported through its PHEN Survivor Network. Prostate cancer survivors willing to volunteer their time and expertise to support PHEN's mission provide important leadership for PHEN's efforts. Each Father's Day Educational Symposium was moderated and/or led by a prostate cancer survivor. PHEN extends its sincere appreciation for their outstanding support. 

All survivors and others wishing to support PHEN efforts are invited to join the PHEN survivor network.
Thank You Educational Partners

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 Thank You Church Partners! 

Through our joint Father's Day Rally and Educational Symposiums, we are succeeding in raising the level of prostate health knowledge and awareness as never before done within our communities. We are at the beginning of a national grassroots movement that will change the course of Black America's devastating prostate cancer crisis.   


Prostate cancer is now discussed more openly by survivors as they reach out to help others face the disease; men are standing and joining hands before their congregations as churches take an active role in educating and supporting their members, and men and their family members are attending and participating in our educational symposiums. These positive actions are a result of our combined efforts and represent significant progress in the fight against prostate cancer within our communities.


While there is much left to be done, I am truly excited about our work together and the future success that I know we will have. Through prayer all things are possible.


Please provide us with your feedback on the Fathers Day Rally by completing this brief survey.


Thank You,


Thomas A. Farrington

PHEN President and Founder

The Saint Paul's Baptist Church in Action

The Saint Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA (Dr. Lance Watson, Senior Pastor) hosted an educational symposium on Saturday and conducted Father's Day Rallies during its services on Sunday for its 15,000 member congregation. This is an example of the type of impactful activities that took place around the country. 


Please view this video shown during the Sunday services.


(Pictures and videos from activities around the country will be posted on PHEN's website)

Prostate Cancer Medical Specialists Participation 

Prostate cancer medical specialists were featured presenters at each educational symposium. Their presentations focused on: early detection, types of treatments, whether to treat or not, managing survivorship and other areas. PHEN extends its sincere appreciation to all the medical specialists who volunteered their time and expertise.  


This is a listing of the medical specialists participating in the symposiums.   

Join PHEN Monthly Webcasts for Continuing Prostate Health Education

PHEN invites all its church partners to provide continuing prostate health education to its members and communities by broadcasting the PHEN monthly webcasts at their churches. These webcasts are broadcast live from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6 pm to 7 pm. 
For information on coordinating these webcasts for your church please email: [email protected]
You can view recorded webcasts at:

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