"Joining Hands in Prayer and Action to Save Lives"

PHEN is partnering with churches in 16 cities to host prostate health symposiums to address the need for increased knowledge and awareness. 
Symposium Cities and Churches:

2. Birmingham, AL; Sixth Avenue Baptist Church
3. Boston, MA; Twelfth Baptist Church
6. Durham, NC; Union Baptist Church
7.Glenn Dale, MD; Reid Temple AME Church
8. Jacksonville, FL; Greater Grant Memorial Church
*9. Jamaica, NY; Greater Allen Cathedral AME Church (July 12th) 
10. Los Angeles, CA; Bethel AME Church of Los Angeles
11. Philadelphia, PA; First AME District Headquarters
12. Newport News, VA; Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church 
*13. Oakland, CA; Acts Full Gospel Church (June 21st)


Our Partners


Millennium Takeda
Churches Making Last Push for Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer
The "Sixth Annual Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer" is only twelve days away. Churches throughout the nation are finalizing their special Father's Day plans. 
Father's Day Rally materials are being shipped out to each registered church now. 

Working together we will save lives and defeat the leading cause of cancer in Black America. 


Announce Your Church's Participation to Your Congregation
Download and place the image above on your website. Then, link it to the Rally announcement below.  

Download and print this announcement for distribution.


C. Church Bulletins 

Include information in your bulletin about the Rally.

Order Blue Ribbon Pins for the Rally
Churches can order Blue ribbon pins here: Blue Ribbons

On Father's Day, you can send pictures of your blue threads and ribbons to [email protected] or upload them to PHEN's social media.    


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See the Father's Day Rally in Action 


Glenn Dale, MD
Ft. Washington, MD

Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, Pastor (2013)
Bishop Adam Jefferson Richardson (2011)

Grace Baptist Church

Mt. Vernon, NY 


Rev. William M. Mizell, 

Presiding (2010)

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