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"Continuing prostate health education for our church partners"

We greatly appreciate your partnership in our annual "Father's Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer." Together we have increased knowledge and awareness about a deadly disease that can be life saving. We now plan to launch an ongoing effort with our church partners to support the needs of their members towards our ultimate goal of eliminating the prostate cancer crisis from our communities.


Invitation for Our Church Partners to Join Us by Hosting "Monthly Webcast Fellowships"

PHEN currently broadcasts monthly webcasts which are available to the public. We are inviting our church partners to actively join in these monthly webcasts by hosting "webcast fellowships" for their members. These fellowships are to bring together prostate cancer survivors, newly diagnosed men, their family members and others. The webcasts will significantly increase knowledge and support for those in need.  


Each month PHEN features a guest speaker to present on an important prostate cancer topic. Those participating in the fellowships will be able to actively join in the webcasts by viewing the presentations and asking questions of the guest speakers via email, Facebook and Twitter during the webcasts.


Launch of the Webcast Fellowships

PHEN will launch the webcasts with its church partners on September 11, 2013. 

It is understood and anticipated that the initial fellowship audiences for each church could be small. However, this core group can lead and promote the fellowship within their churches. Those church partners hosting fellowships will be recognized at the beginning of webcasts.

Responsibilities for PHEN and Church Partners

The monthly webcasts are held on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 

6 pm ET. Churches hosting fellowships will need access to the internet, a projector and screen. Each church should identify their PHEN liaison and webcast fellowship coordinator. PHEN will provide information on each featured speaker and the topic three weeks prior to the webcast to allow churches to post this information in their bulletins and on websites. PHEN will provide online forms for churches to provide their evaluations, feedback and suggestions for each session. 

Join PHEN and Other Churches Nationwide in This Exciting Effort 
to Educate and Save Lives

Click the button below and provide the required information to join 

the Prostate Health Webcast Fellowship.

Coming: September 11th Webcast 

Prostate Cancer and Sex: 

The Rarely Discussed Facts 


The Guest Speaker

Nelson E. Benett, MD

Senior Staff Physician

Lahey Institute of Oncology

Assistant Professor of Urology 

Tufts University, Boston, MA

Dr. Philip Saylor



The Guest Speaker

Philip J. Saylor, MD 

Medical Oncologist 

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, MA 


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