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National Campaigns to Reduce Readmissions: What Have We Learned?
By: Elizabeth H. Bradley, Amanda Brewster and Leslie Curry, October 2015
Nearly 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries experience an unplanned hospital readmission, with an estimated cost to the American public of about $26 billion per year. Avoiding or at least reducing unplanned readmissions is a national priority; however, readmissions is a complicated process and not easy to predict or prevent. A research team at the Yale School of Public Health undertook a study between 2010 and 2015 to understand how this might be accomplished.
Neighborhood Leaders in Change
Colorado Daylight Partnership
By: Stephanie Spriggs
Grant Writer and Report Specialist, CIVHC
Roughly 26.9 million Americans over the age of 18 report trouble hearing while 42.5 million adults across the nation have some form of mental illness. For those that fall into both categories, it can be challenging to find treatment simply due to communication barriers. 
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Discharge Phone Calls: A Technique to Improve Patient Care During the Transition From Hospital to Home
Hospitals Cut Readmissions in Half with Help from College Students
By Jennifer Thew, RN, HealthLeaders Media, September 2015
An Ohio hospital trains liberal arts college students as community health workers. After the first year, patients enrolled in the Community Care Network program had a 26% reduction of ED use and 51% reduction in hospital readmissions.
Retail Clinics, Apps Change Doctor-Patient Relationship
By Tom Murphy, Associated Press, September 2015
When The Hospital Is Boss, That's Where Doctors' Patients Go
By Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News
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Healthy Transitions Colorado is a collaborative effort, focused on aligning and accelerating existing efforts to improve transitions of care for Coloradans. Our guiding principles are simple - by working together to break down the silos of health care, we can foster true community care coordination across facilities, specialties, and practices.