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sunny-beach-girl.jpg We're Finally Talking about Behavioral Health
By Frank Cornelia, MS, LPC, Associate Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council

Lately, it seems like everywhere you turn in health care people are talking about the importance of behavioral health. "We need to connect the head to the body", goes the oft repeated phrase. But it wasn't so long ago that conversations about behavioral health occurred separately from the rest of health care. Behavioral health and physical health professionals rarely interacted and delivery systems were fragmented. Payment was siloed and oversight occurred in separate government departments. In fact, about the only constant in all this was the patient, who was required to navigate these complex systems without much assistance or care coordination. 

Neighborhood Leaders in Change

A Port in the Storm: The Aging Center's Aging Families and Caregiver Program

By: Stephanie Spriggs
Grant Writer and Report Specialist, CIVHC

In 2011, the first wave of the Baby Boom generation turned 65. By 2056, the population over 65 will outnumber those under 18. As parents, wives, husbands, and siblings move inexorably toward end-of-life care, the Aging Families and Caregiver Program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs' Aging Center is providing much-needed support and counseling to those sitting at the bedsides of loved ones.

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How to Improve the Health of Patients with Complex Care Needs
Sepsis, Major Driver of Readmissions, Mortality and Costs
By David Ferguson, July 2015
Sepsis, a leading cause of hospital readmissions and deaths, is difficult and expensive to treat. However unlike other leading causes of 30-day readmissions and patient deaths, the medical condition has not been singled out for special attention under provisions of the Affordable Care Act. A UCLA study has found that the condition costs hospitals more than heart attacks and heart failure combined.

Medicare Proposal to Pay for Advance Care Planning 

By Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, July 2015


New Medicare Proposal for Hip and Knee Replacements

By Dori Zweig, July 2015

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Healthy Transitions Colorado is a collaborative effort, focused on aligning and accelerating existing efforts to improve transitions of care for Coloradans. Our guiding principles are simple - by working together to break down the silos of health care, we can foster true community care coordination across facilities, specialties, and practices.