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SGR Repeal and the End of Fee for Service Payments: A New Era for Forward Thinking Physician Groups

Bob Kershner

CIVHC Director of Stakeholder Relations
Previously featured in April's Voices on Value.
The perennial "Doc Fix" debate is nearing an end. On April 14th, the Senate voted overwhelmingly (92-8) to repeal the sustainable growth rate (SGR) and implement a new payment model for physicians participating in Medicare. The House approved the bill last month with an unusually high degree of bipartisanship. President Obama has said he would sign the legislation.  
Neighborhood Leaders in Change
A Perfect Homecoming: Lutheran Medical Center & Seniors' Resource Center
By: Stephanie Spriggs
Grant Writer and Report Specialist, CIVHC
Hospital discharge is a vulnerable time for all patients, but even more so for those without transportation or a support network.
Lutheran Medical Center (LMC) and the Seniors Resource Center (SRC) are working together to ensure that these frequently overlooked individuals make it home safely, securely, and compassionately.
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Health Care Systems Try to Cut Costs by Aiding the Poor and Troubled

A number of experiments across the country are trying to better manage super-utilizers who are seeking out medical care for avoidable reasons such as poverty, homelessness, mental illness and trauma. What should the role of health care be in addressing these issues?

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Rethinking the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
From the American Hospital Association, 3. 2015

There are many factors that impact a hospital's readmission rate, including socio-demographic issues that are outside the hospital's control. Current CMS risk adjustment doesn't account for these factors and may be setting unreasonable readmission reduction goals for hospitals in high-poverty areas. 

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Maryland Hospitals Reduced Readmissions in First Year of New Waiver

By Tina Reed

More than 30 hospitals across Maryland reduced their patient readmission rates by 4 percent last year - avoiding 5,000 potential readmissions - in the first year of Maryland's new Medicare payment waiver that allows the state to set its own rates.

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Mobile Platform Acts as 'Coach' for COPD Patients

LifeMap Solutions has teamed up with experts from the Mount Sinai-National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute to develop a navigator app for COPD patients with the goal of improving their self-management of COPD.

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Healthy Transitions Colorado is a collaborative effort, focused on aligning and accelerating existing efforts to improve transitions of care for Coloradans. Our guiding principles are simple - by working together to break down the silos of health care, we can foster true community care coordination across facilities, specialties, and practices.