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Readmission Penalties Give Hospitals a Reason to Spend Money on the Right Things
SIM. What's All the Excitement About?
Spotlight on Innovation:Taking Collaboration to the Next Level: TCHF's BC3 Initiative
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Readmission Penalties Give Hospitals a Reason to Spend Money on the Right Things
By Jay Want, MD, CIVHC Chief Medical Officer
Jay Want

There was a story in the Denver Post recently about Medicare's penalty for readmissions being charged to 27 Colorado hospitals that participate with Medicare. On average, these hospitals were penalized 1/3 of one percent of their total Medicare reimbursement. In the case of one large hospital system, this amounted to about $300,000 out of a total revenue stream of $2.7 billion, or about 1/100 of one percent. At this level, one might wonder if it's worth the trouble to administer, or if anyone is really paying attention.

SIM. What's All the Excitement About?
By Kristin Paulson, CIVHC Senior Manager of Policy and Initiatives

On December 16, 2014, the staff at CIVHC spontaneously started yelling and dancing. No, we were not celebrating the upcoming holidays with synchronized glee, nor were we working on "Colorado APCD: The Musical". We were throwing a party because the long awaited Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation State Innovation Model Round 2 funding awards were released and two long years of work were being rewarded. Colorado was awarded $65 million dollars to implement the Colorado state innovation model and was one of only 11 states awarded dollars to fund implementation of a statewide plan. While we here at CIVHC have been living and breathing SIM for the past two years, it might not be as familiar to all of you. Let me give you a brief history of the work that has been put into SIM and hopefully you'll see why we're so excited.

Spotlight on Innovation: Taking Collaboration to the Next Level: TCHF's BC3 Initiative
By Stephanie Spriggs, CIVHC Program Assistant

Colorado has long been known for its collaborative health care landscape and the willingness of the participants to work together for the common good. The Colorado Health Foundation has harnessed this co-operative spirit with a new funding strategy that aims to accelerate the important work already underway in transforming the way health care is delivered and paid for in Colorado.

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The Center for Improving Value in Health Care is a non-profit, collaborative organization supporting the Triple Aim for health care in Colorado: better health, better care, and lower costs. We would like to thank The Colorado Trust, the Colorado Health Foundation, Rose Community Foundation and Caring for Colorado for providing funding to support our organization and focus areas.