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August 27, 2014
From Our Experts
We Have Money for You (Seriously)
By: Matt Thompson, CIVHC APCD Account Manager

Originally featured in the July Community Connections Blog from The Colorado Trust.

 In six years of college, I never heard the phrase, "we have a scholarship for you." No, it didn't take me six years to finish a college degree; that was my little brother, who ironically enough was actually offered a scholarship. In my six years between undergraduate and graduate school, the phrase "we have a bill for you" was the one I heard. Back then I never would have anticipated that one day I would help run a program to provide scholarship money to organizations in pursuit of improving health care.

In The News
Reducing Readmissions: The Hospital-Community Connection
From American Pharmacists Association, June 2014 

Community pharmacists play an important role in helping hospitals reduce readmissions. More than 60% of adverse events post-discharge are medication related. Pharmacist interventions improve medication adherence and reduce hospital admissions and ED visits. Hospitals, pharmacies, and payers are using community pharmacists to improve care transitions. 

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Medicare Rule Change Raises Stakes for Hospital Discharge Planning

By: Larry Beresford
From The Hospitalist, July 2014

The rule change, effective July 2013, requires hospitals to have a discharge planning process that applies to all patients-not just Medicare beneficiaries. Not every patient needs to have a written discharge plan, but all patients should be screened and evaluated early in their hospitalization for risk of adverse post-discharge outcomes.

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Reducing Hospital Readmissions: It Takes a Village

From MyHHQIBlog, June 2014

The Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care built a community of hospitals, home health agencies and other civic and community organizations to address high rates of readmissions among dual-eligible individuals.  

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Optimizing Transitions of Care to Reduce Rehospitalizations
From Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, May 2014

Programs that enhance collaboration across care settings improve outcomes, including reducing hospital readmission rates. Successful programs use multiple interventions, including improved communication among health care providers, better patient and caregiver education, and coordination of social and health care services.

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Tools and Resources

Aiming Higher: Results from a Scorecard on State Health Performance, 2014

The Commonwealth Fund's Scorecard on State Health System Performance, 2014, assesses states on 42 indicators of health care access, quality, costs, and outcomes over the 2007-2012 period, which includes the Great Recession and precedes the major coverage expansions of the Affordable Care Act.This interactive map from the Commonwealth Fund allows you to compare and contrast regional and state-level health scores.

New Website for "Aging in Place"

The Community Innovations for Aging in Place (CIAIP) was authorized by Congress as part of the Older Americans Act.  It provided 14 grantee organizations an opportunity to test strategies to facilitate aging in place for older adults in their communities.  The new CIAIP website contains valuable information for funders and community-based organizations developing initiatives to ensure that older adults in their communities have access to the programs and services they need to successfully age in place.  

Healthy Transitions Webinars Available 

Recordings and slides of our monthly webinars are located on the Webinar Archive page of the Healthy Transitions Colorado Website. 

Healthy Transitions Colorado Webinar Archive Page 

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Upcoming Events
New Addition to HTC Website

We've developed a timeline of major events relating to care transitions both nationally and here at home. We've added markers for many of the local efforts here in Colorado, but we'd love to have the timeline reflect the efforts of our community partners as well. Click here

to check it out and then email dates and descriptions of your events and milestones to and we'll add them to the timeline! 

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