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Refreshing Thinking on the ACA
Risk Adjustment and Burden of Illness in Colorado
Food, Nutrition, and Reducing Readmissions
Spotlight on Innovation: Investing in the Future: C-PACK and Colorado's Kids
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Refreshing Thinking on the ACA

By Edie Sonn, CIVHC Interim CEO and VP of Strategic Initiatives
Edie Sonn


At the risk of sounding like a heretic and being forced to revoke my lifetime membership in the Health Policy Wonk Association, I confess that I'm tired of reading about Obamacare.


Don't get me wrong. I still support the law and believe it's the right approach, while acknowledging that the political compromises built into it and its somewhat ham-handed implementation have curtailed its effectiveness. But I believe those glitches will be worked out in time.  That's the way both laws and markets work - they find their equilibrium over time.

Risk Adjustment and Burden of Illness in Colorado: Total Cost of Care Compared to Expected Reports

By Jonathan Mathieu, CIVHC Director of Data and Research
Part II: Understanding health care claims data available on  www.cohealthdata.org! 
Jonathan Mathieu

Last month, in the first installment in this series, I explained risk adjustment and burden of illness concepts in more or less plain English to give readers and my fellow health data policy wonks (there's that word again!) a better sense of what these concepts mean in practice.  In this second installment, I will demonstrate how these concepts apply to the Total Cost of Care Compared to Expected (C2E) reports available on www.cohealthdata.org.

Food, Nutrition, and Reducing Readmissions

By Kristin Paulson, CIVHC Senior Manager of Policy and Initiatives

Efforts to reduce readmissions have targeted virtually every element of the patient experience from in-hospital communication to discharge services, records transmission to long-term care and skilled nursing facilities, and in-home support for medication adherence and care coordination. Recently, there's been increasing focus on the non-medical drivers of readmissions - social determinants that effect day-to-day health and may prove to be significant drivers of hospital readmissions. 

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Spotlight on Innovation: Investing in the Future: C-PACK and Colorado's Kids

 By Stephanie Spriggs, CIVHC Program Assistant


Between 177,000 and 273,000 children in Colorado are estimated to have a mental health disorder. These numbers translate to between thirteen and twenty percent of the younger population and within that segment, over 80,000 of those affected could have a serious emotional concern. There is a national shortage of behavioral health care providers trained to treated children and adolescents and Colorado is no exception. 

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