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Protecting Colorado Health Data While Making Costs Transparent
New CO APCD Release Available - Register for Webinar July 24
Spotlight on Innovation: Pueblo Triple Aim Coalition
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One Year Milestone Celebrations
By Phil Kalin, CIVHC President and CEO

Theo turns one

These past couple months have been full of milestones both personally and for CIVHC. As I get older I'm more cognizant of both the passing of time and what I make of it. I'm trying to be more attentive to key milestones and take every opportunity to celebrate them. As I prepared to write about a couple of key one year milestones for CIVHC, I couldn't help but think about the one year milestone (6/22) of having become a first-time grandfather to Theo (pictured left). I am incorrigible about showing pictures of him and am certain that all of our health care readers will be equally as interested in seeing documentation of how far Theo has come as he hits his first year milestone.  


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Specialist Health Reform Survival Tips
By Bob Kershner, Director of Health System Payment Strategies

I was asked by a good friend who is an orthopedic surgeon to put together a list of action items that a forward-thinking orthopedic surgery group should be considering during these dynamic health care times. From my former experience running a successful orthopedic practice and my current work with CIVHC focusing on health care reform specific to paying for high-value health care, I have assembled a list of suggested "to-dos" that specialists should consider to remain vital in the upcoming years. 

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By Tracey D. Campbell , Director of All Payer Claims Database
The news is riddled with stories of frustrations over the cost of health care and the lack of transparent information available to patients and employer purchasers. Look at the responses to the recent Time magazine article about bloated hospital costs, and the release of Medicare information about the wide variations in hospital pricing: consumers are aghast at high and wildly varying prices, especially in light of little information about quality.

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New CO APCD Release Available: Register for Webinar July 24

Huerfano County Utilization C2E Graph
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For the first time, counties across Colorado can evaluate their health care costs compared to "expected costs" based on the overall health status of the patients from their county.  Colorado's All Payer Claims Database (APCD) now includes severity of illness adjustments that measure patient health status, an important tool to understand variations in cost and utilization. Additional reports also released this month include costs to provide care to asthma and diabetic patients, and a breakdown of health care spending categorized by overall patient health status. 

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Join our webinar July 24th 11-12MT to learn more about the new reports available with the latest CO APCD release. 

Spotlight on Innovation: Pueblo Triple Aim Coalition

Triple Aim Bullseye

Since 2010, a multi-organizational coalition in Pueblo County has been working to develop a strategy to address rising health care costs, poor population health and quality of care concerns, otherwise known as the Triple Aim. The Pueblo Triple Aim Coalition (PTAC) identified the county's major health care challenges during the initial discovery phase of their work which was funded by Kaiser Health Foundation to support implementing the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim model. PTAC's steering committee members coined the three highest areas of concern as "Pueblo's Health Crisis": 1) health insurance premiums that have increased three times as fast as wages, 2) health care spending per year of nearly one billion dollars for the county, and 3) low rankings on both health outcomes and healthy behaviors. 

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Pledge Your Support to Reduce Readmissions Today

healthy trans. Stacked RBG

Thousands of Colorado patients will benefit from an unprecedented collaboration launched earlier this week that coordinates providers, patients and communities around the state in a joint effort to keep patients healthy once they leave the hospital. The two-year initiative, Healthy Transitions Colorado (HTC), aims to eliminate 8,700 hospital readmissions across the state, save Coloradans $80 million in health care dollars, and collectively help patients avoid an extra 34,000 days in the hospital. Organizations and individuals committed to improving care transitions in their community are encouraged to sign the community pledge available at www.healthytransitionscolorado.org


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Pledge Your Support

Spreading the Triple Aim Message

Below are just a few examples of upcoming external stakeholder meetings where CIVHC is promoting better health, better care and lower costs.

  • CO Health Care Association Symposium  - July 9 
  • Colorado Health Symposium - Aug 7-9
  • Colorado Defense Lawyers Association - Aug 8

Contact us if you would like us to present at your upcoming event! 

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The Center for Improving Value in Health Care is a non-profit, collaborative organization supporting the Triple Aim for health care in Colorado: better health, better care, and lower costs. We would like to thank The Colorado Trust, the Colorado Health Foundation, Rose Community Foundation and Caring for Colorado for providing funding to support our organization and focus areas.