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Crunch Time in Health Care
Colorado's Journey Towards Payment Reform
Colorado's HIEs and APCD: Two Important Triple Aim Data Sources
Engaged Benefit Design Puts the Patient and Clinician in the Drivers Seat
Accessing the Power of Colorado's APCD
CIVHC Connect Meeting Jan. 24
CIVHC Career Opportunities
Spreading the Triple Aim Message
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Health Information Exchange vs. All Payer Claims Database Issue Brief


Better, If Not Cheaper, Care

Emerging Field of Patient Navigation 


The Cost of Health Care: 1958 vs. 2012


What is Driving U.S. Health Care Spending

Crunch Time in Health Care
By Phil Kalin, CIVHC President & CEO
Phil Kalin

This time of year is sports fan's heaven but unfortunately I seem to have been born without the "sports fan gene". Family, friends and colleagues exchange sad, knowing glances at my pathetic mixed sports metaphors and attempts to engage in post-weekend sports banter.  Despite that, as I write this first health care blog of 2013, all I have are sports metaphors floating in my head.  I apologize ahead of time to all sports fans out there.


Having crossed into 2013, the trigger date of 2014 for implementing the biggest elements of the health care law seems imminent. Preparing for 2014 seems like building towards winning the Super Bowl or World Series for health care.

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Colorado's Journey Towards Payment Reform
By Edie Sonn, CIVHC VP of Strategic Planning
Edie SonnJanuary is a time for stock-taking, for rear view mirror- and crystal ball-gazing. Often, that turns into a kind of "Look, Ma, no hands!" punditry that's fun to write but doesn't really advance the conversation.


So, having now set myself up for anyone to shoot down (my New Year's gift to readers), I'd like to opine on something CIVHC learned over this last year and consider its implications for our work-and that of our partners-in the coming months.

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Colorado's HIEs and APCD: Two Important Data Sources for Triple Aim Advancement
By Tracey Campbell, CIVHC Director of All Payer Claims Database
Tracey LinkedINColorado's bipartisan Blue Ribbon Commission for Healthcare Reform and other national health care leaders recognize the power of data to support improving health care. The Colorado All Payer Claims Database (APCD) and statewide Health Information Exchanges (HIE) were both identified by the Commission in 2008 as critical sources of data to enhance efforts towards the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs. Colorado's APCD and HIEs both serve a distinct and essential purpose for health care transformation as outlined in a new issue brief CIVHC developed in partnership with Quality Health Network (QHN) and the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO).

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Engaged Benefit Design Puts the Patient and Clinician in the Drivers Seat

engaged benefit design logo Financial incentives and consumer empowerment is at the heart of a health care transformation pilot project taking place in Colorado's San Luis Valley. The project, Engaged Benefit Design, aims at combining the clinical knowledge of providers with the goals and desires of fully informed patients. The premise is simple. When patients and providers are incentivized to make decisions based on medical evidence and patient values, outcomes will improve and cost savings may be realized.

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Accessing the Power of Colorado's All Payer Claims Database
By Jonathan Mathieu, CIVHC Director of Data and Research
Jonathan Mathieu

A recent Denver Post article highlighted findings from a Dartmouth Institute study that found significant variation in the percent of Medicare patients undergoing costly invasive treatments versus non-invasive lower cost procedures for similar diagnoses. Those that received costly surgical and invasive procedures for the same diagnosis didn't necessarily have the best health outcomes. In many cases, the evidence suggests that patients can realize better outcomes from less intensive treatments including rest, physical therapy and other alternatives. This study provides a great example of the type of analysis that is possible using Colorado's All Payer Claims Database (APCD) and highlights just a few of many possible examples. 

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CIVHC Connect Meeting January 24th, 10:30-12:00pm

CIVHC Connect meetingLocation: COPIC Founders Board Room, or via Webinar
Details: CIVHC holds quarterly CIVHC Connect meetings to update and engage interested parties about the status of statewide health care reform progress. The next CIVHC Connect meeting will inform participants of the Colorado All Payer Claims Database launch results and future milestones, and will detail efforts to develop a statewide umbrella campaign to promote appropriate Care Transitions across care settings.


Ample time will be provided for questions and discussion among participants. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and share what's happening across Colorado to reach the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs.


Space is limited, so Register Today!

CIVHC Career Opportunities
CIVHC logo Interested in joining CIVHC's team? We currently have several opportunities available and welcome qualified candidates to apply.   

- Program Assistant 
- Director of Health System Payment Strategies
- Data Analyst
- Policy Coordinator
- Business Analyst

Spreading the Triple Aim Message

Health Symposium picBelow are just a few examples of external stakeholder meetings where CIVHC is promoting improving health, enhancing quality and containing costs.

  • South Denver Care Continuum - Jan. 9
  • Colorado Health Care Association - Jan. 9
  • Colorado Radiological Society - Jan. 14
  • Denver Medical Society Board Meeting - Jan. 15
  • American College of Surgeons - Jan. 15
  • Physician Practice Evolution, Colorado Medical Society - Jan. 22 
  • Colorado MGMA Legislative Dinner - Jan. 22

 Contact us if you would like us to present at your upcoming event! 

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