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Obamacare: Hope, Fear and Misinformation
Clinical Integration vs. Market Consolidation: An Important Distinction
Common Post-Launch APCD Questions
New Statewide Care Transitions Campaign to Launch in 2013
University to Pilot Medicare Bundled Payments for Heart Failure
The Predictive Power of APCDs
CIVHC Career Opportunities
Spreading the Triple Aim Message
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Ten Barriers to Payment Reform

A Health Insurance Detective Story

Hospitals Offer Wide Array of Services to Address Readmissions
fiscallyresponsibleObamacare: Hope, Fear and Misinformation
By Phil Kalin, CIVHC President & CEO
Phil Kalin

Recently I spoke about Obamacare to two different community groups. My expectations of each group were different given their locale - one was in well-to-do neighborhood that trends quite red at the voting booth (I was braced for anything up to and including a death panel discussion) and the other was in central Denver which I guessed would be more progressive in tenor. It turns out that the conversations were nearly identical and characterized by a striking polarity in which nearly everyone simultaneously viewed Obamacare with hope and fear... 

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ClinicalIntegrationClinical Integration vs. Market Consolidation: An Important Distinction
By Edie Sonn, CIVHC VP of Strategic Planning
Edie SonnWhat do we mean when we use the term "integrated care"?

This question struck me as I read about a health plan's recent purchase of a network of providers in another state. The plan CEO and the reporter both used the phrase "integration" to describe the company's strategy. But the vision of integration that emerged was less about clinical care and more about business share-a vision that differs markedly from that of CIVHC and many other stakeholders. And it's important to understand that distinction...

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ClinicalIntegrationCommon Post-Launch All Payer Claims Database Questions
By Jonathan Mathieu, CIVHC Director of Data and Research
Jonathan Mathieu As many of you are aware, Colorado's All Payer Claims Database went live on November 1st at www.cohealthdata.org. The initial response has been very positive and the APCD has enjoyed extensive press coverage both locally and nationally. Along with the initial flurry of website activity and news coverage we've received some common questions which are answered below.

Question: When will it be possible to see more detailed data and reports like cost and quality reporting at the medical group, clinic or physician level?

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CIVHCConnectNew Statewide Care Transitions Campaign to Launch in 2013 


For more than a year, CIVHC has convened focused care transitions workgroups aimed at advancing the integration of patient and family-centered approaches across Colorado's health care delivery system. The workgroups helped CIVHC develop important resources including an inventory of projects across Colorado, an issue brief defining care transitions and national models, and a workforce report identifying clinical roles and responsibilities in care transitions models. With the foundational work complete, the workgroups are joining together in 2013 to develop a statewide care transitions campaign that will unify, support and advance current care transitions programs in Colorado communities and will provide resources and tools to launch new initiatives in areas of need.

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Nurse Patient Three University of Colorado health care partners - University Physicians, Inc., University of Colorado Hospital, and the University of Colorado School of Medicine - are working with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to launch a congestive heart failure (CHF) bundled payment pilot. The three-year program incentivizes low cost, high quality care by issuing a one-time, all-inclusive payment for Medicare heart failure patients.

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CIVHCConnectThe Potential Predictive Power of All Payer Claims Databases
Krisa Tailor, SAS
Krisa Tailor, SAS Healthcare Specialist
Colorado's All Payer Claims Database was the tenth APCD to launch in the U.S., with six more states in the implementation phase, according to the All-Payer Claims Database Council. The data itself is exciting when you consider that prior to APCDs, there was no ability to look at a particular state's health care experience with a critical comprehensive eye to identify potential improvement areas. In a recent State and Local Connection blog, APCDs receive recognition for their ability to impact the four P's of quality care - predictive, proactive, preventive and personalized. According to author Krisa Tailor, the predictive analysis power of APCDs has the most potential to positively impact patients and the quality of care they receive.

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CIVHCConnectCIVHC Career Opportunities
CIVHC logo Interested in joining CIVHC's team? We currently have several opportunities available and welcome qualified candidates to apply.   

- Program Assistant 
- Director of Health System Payment Strategies
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BundledPaymentSpreading the Triple Aim Message

Health Symposium picBelow are just a few examples of external stakeholder meetings where CIVHC is promoting improving health, enhancing quality and containing costs.

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The Center for Improving Value in Health Care is a non-profit, collaborative organization supporting the Triple Aim for health care: improving health, increasing quality and containing costs. We would like to thank The Colorado Trust, the Colorado Health Foundation, Rose Community Foundation and Caring for Colorado for providing funding to support our organization and focus areas.