September 8, 2016

Molly, who we are affectionately calling Grandma Molly, is an elderly spider monkey who arrived at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary on September 5, 2016. Molly lived in Colorado with a human family for 27 years. She was allowed to play in the trees in the back yard, until she decided to visit the neighbors, yikes. Molly wore diapers around the house, until she made it clear with an attack to her guardian that she wasn't going to wear diapers any longer, ouch. It was with much sadness that Molly's human family realized she needed to move to a home better suited for monkeys...the answer was Jungle Friends.

In Grandma Molly's Photo Album you will see the photo story of Molly's journey and her adventures!

April Truitt, Founder of Primate Rescue Center, was in charge of Molly's travel arrangements. Molly traveled first class in a private plane to Gainesville, Florida. But wait there's more...April offered matching funds up to $5,000 for Molly's new habitat and sanctuary care! Please donate toward our Molly Match in her honor!

Molly was released from her travel crate into an indoor enclosure with access to a large runway leading to a spacious habitat. Molly quickly investigated the runway leading outside and seemed to really appreciate the fresh air, the sun and even all of the humans welcoming her to her new home. Molly was not shy about checking out her new digs, she is quite the explorer. She climbed up to the very top of her 15' high habitat and then grabbed a rope to swing on. She was even using the trapeze, with the greatest of ease! Molly's bravery has amazed all of us at the sanctuary!

Molly investigated every inch of her spacious habitat, climbing into the barrel, walking on the rope ladder and having a great time on the Jungle Gyms! It was wonderful to see how outgoing and courageous she was, and to hear the happy, happy sounds inherent with spider monkeys -- Molly has a beautiful voice! 

Please make a one-time donation in honor of Molly, right now your donation will be doubled up to $5,000!

Watch her videos below to hear her happy, contented vocalizations!

Watch Molly Swing on the rope!
Watch Molly swing on the rope, she is very brave!

Molly uses the trapeze with the greatest of ease!
Molly uses the trapeze with the greatest of ease!

Molly is a smart monkey!
Molly is so smart, already using her Lixit!

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director
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