July 30, 2016

Golden Child and Catman Playing!
Golden Child and Catman Playing!

Last January the final 8 capuchin monkeys were retired from iron-toxicity studies, dubbed "The Ironmen", here is a video of the boys when they arrived. And last April we released the boys into their brand new spacious outdoor habitats! Each of these boys has adapted amazingly well to their new lives in the Florida sunshine. New homes, new toys and even new tans -- many of them have made new friends too! All of the new Ironmen live in "The Land of Oz". So far five of the eigjht boys have found monkey friends! The remaining 3 will be introduced to monkey friends very soon, Veronika, Monkey Matchmaker, has big plans for every boy in The Land of Oz! 

One of our most unexpected new relationships is between Booger (whom we lovingly call Boo) and Bocefus! These two are the largest capuchins in Oz (indeed in the whole sanctuary!) and are the two alpha males in the new Ironmen group. Although unlikely, these two gentle giants have a very strong bond and have been a model couple!

Another surprising and exciting new match is between Link and Leo. Even though both boys are retired from research, they came from different labs: Link is one of the new Ironmen and Leo is one of the UGA Boys retired to Jungle Friends in 2014 from University of Georgia. Despite their different backgrounds, these boys love to spend time hanging out together and grooming each other.

Many of you have been following Nick on Facebook. Nick is one of the UGA Boys who also lives in the Land of OZ. And we are pleased to report that Nick's tumor was benign, has been removed and he is on the road to recovery. Nick is out of our Bob Barker Medical Clinic and back in his outdoor habitat with his monkey friends! Please make a one-time donation to our Monkey Medical Fund to help us provide the best possible veterinary care for the monkeys!

Monkeys are very social and thrive in the company of other monkeys. All of the Ironmen were kept in small metal cages all alone. At Jungle Friends our top priority is to find the perfect monkey match for each of our single monkeys. Each socialization is a little different: some monkeys become fast friends while others are more cautious about their new monkey pal. Each introduction requires at least two caregivers to observe them throughout the day. By volunteering your time at Jungle Friends and helping us with daily chores, our trained caregivers are freed up to socialize monkeys. Please sign up to volunteer, you can come for a day, a week or a lifetime.

Thank you for your continued support, by donating your time and money, we are able to provide life long care for the Ironmen and other retired research monkeys. 


Megan Stark, Sanctuary Manager
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

P.S. Thank you to EVERYONE who attended our screening of Vegan Everyday Stories and brought a dish to share! Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming screening of "The Elephant in the Living Room"!

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