Today I remember my mom and co-founder. This day is always sad for me, because my mom is no longer with me, but it is also a day when I remember all of the great times we had together, my mother was my best friend!

All of her life my mom was there for me. I was so fortunate to have such a profound relationship with my mother. My mom gave me the courage to stand up for what I believed in and the confidence to accept the challenges that life will bring. I will miss my mom on this special day. 
Honoring Special Monkeys on Mother's Day!
 Cuddly had a rough start -- stolen from her wild home and smuggled into America where her babies were stolen from her loving arms -- year after year. Thankfully, Cuddly was rescued and now lives the good life here at the sanctuary. She is enjoying her beautiful Mother's Day bouquet!
Dylan and Monkers hug
Dylan was confiscated and fortunate to meet Monkers when he was just a few weeks old here at Jungle Friends. Five years later Dylan has matured into a fun-loving, playful monkey. He lives with his surrogate monkey mom, Monkers, and two other monkeys Monkers raised, Zumie and Mochi.
Rachel and baby
Michelle lived in a zoo where she was bred only to have her babies torn away from her to be sold. The facility closed and Michelle joined the Jungle Friends family. A few months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Cindy, this baby has never left her side. Cindy lives with her mother and Aunt Nell
Please sponsor a special monkey for Mother's Day.
Kari Bagnall

P.S. If you would like to help us stop the cruel practice of stealing baby monkeys from their mothers, please email me and I will send information about the Captive Primate Safety Act!

P.P.S. Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary was featured in an article in Our Town magazine called Monkeying Around in Gainesville.
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