On March 28 Tessa will be
12 years old.
March 19, 2016

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends, 

Here at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary we believe in miracles and Tessa is one of our special Monkey Miracles!
Tessa was near death when Jungle Friends was contacted. Her glucose was 1120; she had lost nearly half of her body weight and was difficult to wake. She was too ill to travel, and it was a race to get her diabetes under control in time to save her.

Thankfully, Tessa's guardian listened to my advice and we were able to get her insulin regulated and glucose under control. It was time to relocate Tessa to Jungle Friends. We asked Tessa's guardian to accompany her to the sanctuary to keep her stress levels down and settle her into her new sanctuary home. At the same time the folks from National Geographic's Wild Chronicles contacted us and were interested in telling her story.

National Geographic's Wild Chronicles tells Tessa's Story
National Geographic's Wild Chronicles  tells Tessa's Amazing Story 
Tessa was responding so well, we thought it would be clear sailing to get this young monkey restored to health and settled in her new home. But Tessa was in for another huge setback -- her guardian left after only three days!

Tessa was devastated. Fortunately for Tessa, Jungle Friends has a dedicated and compassionate carestaff who watched over her night and day. Tessa was weaned off insulin, weaned off humans and playing with the other monkeys! Her sunken eyes now shine bright.

Tessa and Mario's Romance was Caught on Video!
Tessa and Mario's Romance was 
Caught on Video!

We introduced Tessa to a couple of our single boys, and as cute as Chucky is, she chose Mario -- he made his intentions very clear to Tessa, as you can see in the video.

When Tessa met Mario, her whole world changed. Finally someone who understood her, someone she could play and wrestle with -- another wild and crazy monkey, just about her own age and just as sweet as she was!

Tessa meets Mario and Chucky
Tessa meets Mario and Chucky

Tessa is one among many of our Monkey Miracles. We are so fortunate to have witnessed so many recoveries. Monkeys who have been given up on, yet, we see monkeys heal against all odds!

Monkey arrive on death's door and then they heal, make friends and enjoy an amazing monkey life here at Jungle Friends! Help us continue our mission of helping these special monkeys by making a donation to our Monkey Medical Fund. 
Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director 

P.S. Please don't forget to join us next Saturday evening, March 26 at 8 pm for the Screening of Project Nim and meet Bob Ingersoll! Just RSVP@JungleFriends.org. Hope to see you soon!

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