February 24, 2016
Udi 2006


Here at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary we believe in MIRACLES! And every month in the Year of the Monkey, we will tell you the story of one of our Miracle Monkeys. This month, we are featuring Udi, an endangered Peruvian spider monkey!

The Peruvian spider monkey is under serious threat from hunting for food, as well as habitat loss as forests are cleared for agriculture, cattle ranching and mining. The Transoceanic highway brings the threat of increased hunting and deforestation throughout the southern part of the species' range. Its dependence on mature, undisturbed forest makes the Peruvian spider monkey particularly vulnerable to habitat loss and degradation, while its slow reproductive rate means that populations take a long time to recover from any losses.

Udi came to
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Jungle Friends when he was just 14 months old. Udi was discovered in a cold New York City basement, where he was found alone, hungry and helpless. Udi was suffering from severe metabolic bone disease.

When Udi arrived at Jungle Friends, he could not stand or walk. He weighed only 4 pounds, and his legs were badly bowed. He had disease in his joints, malformed wrists, and a terrible overbite. Udi's stunted growth and bone disease resulted from a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D due to poor diet and no sun.

Udi took his first steps soon after his arrival. Before long he was swinging from the trees. When Udi's bones grew stronger, he was introduced to other spider monkeys.

Udi was first introduced to Lizzy, a black-handed spider monkey about the same age. Once these two bonded, they were introduced to Goldie Hawn and Clydette. Now Udi
Meet some of Udi's monkey friends!
is living large with three lovely ladies and is having the time of his life! Just watching their rough and tumble play will wear you out!

Please make a donation today to our Monkey Medical Fund to help other monkeys like Udi with medical issues. This Fund allows us to provide life-saving surgeries, as well as daily medications for the monkeys who call Jungle Friends home!
Kari Bagnall
  Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director 
  Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 

P.S. Today is my birthday...Please help me celebrate by making a donation toward our $25,000 matching gift to our Monkey Medical Fund!

P.P.S. Robert Ingersol will be here at the sanctuary on Saturday March 26th to screen Project Nim. Be on the look out for your invitation, seating will be limited.
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