February 20, 2016

Another drum roll please...
Einstein thinks it is a wise move to plan ahead for future medical needs!

We did it
the last three Ironmen have been sponsored! Thank you so much Cynthiafor sponsoring sweet Booger, and hats off to you Claudia for Chewy, and now Catman has two sponsors -- thanks to Krystal and Ron. But wait, there's more...most of you met Veronika through the videos about the Ironmen, well, Veronika takes care of the boys every day and she also sponsored an Ironman. She chose her dear friend, Chewy!

My birthday wish has been fulfilled, all of the Ironmen have sponsors, thanks to YOU!

And since we still have 4 more days until my birthday, I have another favor to ask...as most of you know, we have a $25,000 matching gift toward our Monkey Medical Fund.

What many of you may not know is that we offered a home to exactly 100 monkeys in 2015 -- that is a 45% growth, yikes! Last year we spent over $40,000 in medical costs, if we can match the $25,000 grant, that would mean $50,000 in the Monkey Medical Fund, not only for daily medications like Lantus and Fluoxetine, but could also cover life-saving surgeries!

Udi 2014
Udi was found in a cold dark basement in New York without food or water. He could not stand or walk -- you would never know it to see him now in all his glory.
Bongo spent many years in
research, then he suffered a ruptured disc -- we were told he would never walk again. several months later, Bongo was walking!
Jersey wide shot
Jersey was self-attacking so severely, his right leg and part of his left foot were amputated. This little fighter recuperated like a champ and overcame his disability.
Kari Bagnall
  Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director 
  Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 

P.S. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for more up-to-date 'Monkey Business' -- Ellen DeGeneres promotes pet monkeys on her show, two capuchins were confiscated from a private home and Justin Bieber says he wants another monkey, jeez!  
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