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February 13, 2016

Guess what time of year it is...Yes, it's the Year of the Monkey, but it's also my birthday on February 24th! The last quarter of my life has been filled with monkeys -- over 300 monkeys!

Time to don my tiara and ask my wonderful supporters to give generously to a cause that I know is very dear to all of our hearts...Monkey Sponsorships! And you can probably guess who I want you to sponsor -- our newest arrivals, the Ironmen, of course!

I would like to have every Ironman sponsored by by birthday, that means in just 11 days every one of the boys pictured above need sponsors! So far, Einstein is the only Ironman who has a sponsor -- thank you Valerie!!  For those of you who missed their arrival, here is the link to the photos of the lab workers offloading them off of the truck and into our Bob Barker Medical Clinic!    
The arrival of the Ironmen!
Chewey gets a Boost!
Bocefus is the alpha and the largest monkey in the group, with a personality as big as his belly! Link is the youngest of the group and the most cautious. Booger can be very dominant, but he is the most gentle when receiving special treats from his caregivers. Catman is the oldest and has a calming presence on the group and he enjoys chatting with his neighbor, Golden Child.

  Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director 
  Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 

P.S. Please don't forget to Celebrate the Year of the Monkey by making a donation toward our $25,000 matching gift to our Monkey Medical Fund! We were even on the local TV 20 News for the Year of the Monkey and our matching gift! 
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