December 8, 2015


Happy Holidays for 8 lucky monkeys retiring from research!

Goober, an Ironman, retired
in 2005 & met Fiona, his soulmate, at the sanctuary.

In a week, December 15th, Jungle Friends will receive the last 8 of 20 monkeys released from iron-toxicity studies. We call them the "Ironmen". The 12 monkeys who retired to the sanctuary from this study in the past, are all doing great, meeting other monkeys, and doing monkey things!

We will be documenting the arrival of the last of the Ironmen with photos, videos and live tweets as these brave souls arrive at Jungle Friends to spend their golden years in sanctuary. Be sure to 'like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

We have 3 weeks to make our $50,000 Match for the Ironmen! 

Bongo, another retired Ironman, met KC & now his life is complete.
Your gift in any amount makes a difference and is doubled! Life in captivity can never match life in the wild. But we provide monkeys a safe, forever home that is as close to the wild as possible. Your investment ensures that the monkeys retired from research live an "Almost Wild" life, in peace at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

In 1999 we moved to Gainesville with 13 monkeys.Thanks to your generous support we are now home to 13 different species of monkeys -- 298 individuals! We couldn't have done it without you.

   Thank you for your loyalty and compassionate support!

Kari Bagnall

P.S. Please be sure to Make a Donation before the end of the year -- your gift will be doubled dollar-for-dollar! Please make your gift in honor of the Ironmen.
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