November 18, 2015



Meet our newest arrival, BoBo the marmoset!
Watch BoBo's story here!
BoBo arrived yesterday after a 14-hour car ride from Pennsylvania with his humans. He was purchased as a "pet" and lived with his human family for nearly a year before realizing monkeys were not legal in their state.
They had to find a home for him fast or else risk confiscation by authorities.
Because BoBo is still very young (he just celebrated his first birthday on Nov.9th) his humans knew they needed to find a home for him where he could live out the rest of his life with other monkeys. So, off to Jungle Friends they went.
BoBo has a long life ahead of him here at Jungle Friends. The average lifespan of a marmoset is 14 years. You can help ensure BoBo has everything he needs--food, shelter, loving care, enrichment, and routine medical treatments--by becoming his Monkey Sponsor.
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Bella, Bryce and Mary Beth

with BoBo

BoBo was a valued member of our family and we are happy to know that he has a forever home at Jungle Friends. We are grateful for your support in providing BoBo with an "almost wild" habitat and help with lifetime care--things we would never have been able to give him on our own. You are all angels in our hearts. It is because of your generosity that Jungle Friends exists and is able to take monkeys in need to help families, like us, do the right thing. Thank you!
BoBo's Humans
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