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November 14, 2015

null Imagine watching the only "family" you'd ever known pack their bags and leave you behind in a dark, empty apartment. No food, no water, no hope of seeing your "family" return. You can't open the doors or windows and your cries for help go unanswered.

Life as you know it is over.

This scenario was all too real for Kiefer, a pet marmoset who was abandoned in a Florida apartment earlier this year. The cleaning crew who found him estimated that he was alone without food or water for at least three days. His future was uncertain until a caring individual called Jungle Friends for assistance. Because of generous supporters like YOU, Kiefer's future suddenly became very clear--Jungle Friends would be his forever home.


Today, Kiefer is thriving at the sanctuary. He can be seen climbing in the trees and playing in the Florida sun, no longer an isolated pet, but part of a community. Kiefer has a new, larger life at Jungle Friends.


You see, it is your generosity that enables Jungle Friends to continue its mission of saving monkeys like Kiefer. Your gifts provide food, shelter and compassionate care to these monkeys day after day, month after month, and year after year.


We honestly cannot do what we do, without you. THANK YOU!!


In 2015 you've helped provide sanctuary to 96 new monkey arrivals. Because of your support we are now providing sanctuary to 298 monkeys, making Jungle Friends the largest New World primate sanctuary in the United States. Jungle Friends began with our two founding capuchins, Samantha and Charlotte, and has continued to grow over the years--together we will rescue even more monkeys in 2016.


And 2015 isn't over yet. Please send your year-end gift today!

Last year we asked for your help to retire nine capuchin monkeys in iron-toxicity studies. As you know, out of the nine retirees, only Ricky was released. However, last week Jungle Friends received confirmation that the eight remaining capuchin monkeys in these studies are finally being retired. 2016 is already looking like a year where we, in partnership, will make big changes in the lives of these monkeys.
Jungle Friends is passionate about providing a lifetime home to as many monkeys as we can afford. It's not an easy job, but it is one we're committed to, and because we have caring individuals like you, we will rescue many more. We have a lean staff complemented by dedicated volunteers. Our work is often supplemented by generous donations of products, supplies and in-kind help. We are deeply proud that 78% of every dollar we raise goes to direct monkey care! We are a leader among sanctuaries and we know you demand this of us!
Your gift in any amount makes a difference. Life in captivity can never match life in the wild, but we provide monkeys a safe, forever home that is as natural as possible. Your contribution ensures that former pets like Kiefer, research retirees like Ricky, and other monkeys in need, live an "Almost Wild" life, in peace at Jungle Friends.
It's what we all want isn't it?
Thank you so much for your support and generosity in 2015 and in the year to come! 
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