Dexter's surprise arrival! 

Due to a bad storm, a power outage and the surprise arrival of Dexter, we were not able to get our email out to wish you a 'Happy Independence Day' on the fourth of July or make one last attempt to match $20,000!   



to our favorite people,  

our supporters! 


The good news is, we were given until midnight tonight to make our match -- we only need another $1,045.00!! So, please make a donation before midnight tonight and double your gift!   


Angie, a loyal volunteer, just sponsored Buddha.

Independence Day often brings friends and families together outdoors to celebrate -- that is exactly what 57 squirrel monkeys are doing right now! 


Last Wednesday Jungle Friends became the retirement home to 57 squirrel monkeys. These monkeys are seeing the outside world for the first time and we are all celebrating their larger, new life! The transformation monkeys make when gaining their independence is absolutely amazing. At Jungle Friends monkeys have the freedom to run & play, socialize & groom and make new friends -- every day. 


If you haven't been watching our progress on Emerald City, go to the Photo Album and see it from start to finish. And in this Photo Album you will see their remarkable arrival!  



So, let's take a count, Penny, a sweet little marmoset, arrived unexpectedly last week, then our 57 squirrel monkey retirees arrived on July 1st, and yesterday Dexter arrived without notice -- that brings our monkey count to a grand total of 300 monkeys, yikes!  


Help us build a habitat for 2-year-old Dexter -- Send Money!! 

Kari Bagnall

P.S. Please to everyone you know, thanks!
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