In about an hour I will be heading to Bend, Oregon for the American Society of Primatologists conference. I am speaking in the symposium entitled: The Advancement of the Modern Primate Sanctuary and the Growth of Collaborative Opportunities.

My session will be on Research Retirement: Bridging the Gap between Research and Sanctuary and directly after my presentation will be Dr. Dorothy Fragaszy from University of Georgia speaking on What Enables a University to Work Effectively with a Private Sanctuary to Retire Nonhuman Primates. Dr. Fragaszy retired her capuchins to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary last year, the UGA Boys.

Also speaking on collaboration between primate sanctuaries and  universities is J.B. Mulcahy from Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and Dr. Bezner from Save the Chimps will talk about veterinary care. Our own Erika Fleury with North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, NAPSA, will be speaking on The Evolution of Primate Sanctuaries in the United States. Watch Erika's interview on CNN U.S. lists captive chimps as endangered species.

Kari Bagnall

P.S. PLEASE, don't forget about our $20,000 Independence Day Match to build more habitats
for the monkeys retiring from research who are on our waiting list, the match ends July 4th!
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