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Happy Easter & Passover from the monkeys!
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Amy's Memorial
Amy's Easter Egg
Amy's Memorial Page is now up on the website with a sweet tribute from her humans.
We're so glad the Easter Bunny visited Amy on the Sunday before she passed away. She was so excited about her treat-filled egg! Rest in peace, precious Amy.
Welcome to the newest Jungle Friends monkey
Joe Henry Eddito
Kiefer, named by his first sponsor Rachaelle, was abandoned in an apartment without food or water for several days! Fortunately, a kind cleaning lady found him and brought him to Jungle Friends yesterday. He's already making friends with Arie!
Kiefer's Photo Album.
Sponsor Safari April 18!
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2016 Monkey Cruise
Mark Your Calendars!Jungle Friends will Set Sail for the Monkeys on February 18, 2016 to the Bahamas!
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April 5, 2015

Happy Easter and Passover! The monkeys have been enjoying donated treats all weekend, and are thankful to all the humans spending their own holiday weekends taking good care of them!

Jungle Friends monkeys 2015 Easter Egg Hunt
Check out the monkeys' Easter album.

Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth, and Passover is a celebration of liberation and freedom. So if the Jungle Friends monkeys could pick a holiday for themselves, I think Easter and Passover combined would be it. They get to experience a new freedom here -- friends of their own species, sunshine, trees, rain and everything wild animals need to have for good lives, if they must be in captivity.

This Easter/Passover, please remember we can't provide for the monkeys without you, our supporters. With so many monkeys needing forever homes, every day can be a financial struggle.

I know everyone's budgets are limited these days, but what if all 6,772 people who receive Jungle News donated just $10? We could raise more than $67,000! We could make a difference for so many monkeys in need.

We're all in this together, and we appreciate every single one of you and everything you do for the monkeys! Please make a donation today!
Kari Bagnall

P.S. Don't forget, YOU could Win A Trip For Two aboard our FUNdraising cruise! Everyone who has sponsored a monkey will have their name automatically entered into a drawing for the Monkey Cruise to be held at Sponsor Safari on April 18.

Sponsor Safari is only two weeks away!

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We can't wait to see YOU at Sponsor Safari on April 18!!   

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